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The Team was founded in 1998 by Winnifred Knight and Luisa Mazinter.

Winnifred and Luisa, who between them have over 60 years experience in most of the marketing disciplines, also own CUBE [ON THE SQUARE], a Marketing and Business Strategy consultancy, specialising in integrated, multichannel strategies which combine accountable direct, digital and social marketing communications.

Winnifred Knight

Luisa Mazinter

They are well-respected and credible speakers and industry educators on various marketing and business topics. As consultants they have over the years, developed and implemented many successful integrated and interactive marketing strategies, web portals and campaigns for a large number of companies across most of the vertical industries.

They are committed to sharing their combined knowledge and expertise through their consultancy, their training and their marketing portal 

Winnifred and Luisa are both Advisory Board Members of the Direct Marketing Association India (DMAi) where they also participate in most aspects of the Association's Conventions, Master Classes and Awards programs. In 2013, Winnifred was inducted into the DMAi Hall of Fame.

You can contact with Winnifred or Luisa at any time on and (TMS) is an online marketing and communications knowledge hub. It covers a wide range of business and marketing topics including basic principles, the latest industry news and trends, research and statistics, case studies, opinion pieces, and thought leadership articles.

Our objective is to be a central information-hub for marketers worldwide providing access to global resources including research reports, statistics, white papers, case studies, publications, books, education resources, directories and press rooms.

In addition to informational resources, we will also provide unique opportunities for marketers, marketing service providers and agencies worldwide to network, establish contacts and gain the benefits of international peer-to-peer communication.

Our commitment is to build and retain a community of users, maintain and update content, and continually source added value benefits for our users. Our aim is to engage our users in the co-creation of this portal, and we encourage you to suggest relevant new directions and offerings. This is an organic service that will continue to adapt with the changing needs and demands of the business and marketing industry.

Our focus is on sharing knowledge and experiences, giving each other advice and guidance, and opening doors to new ideas and technology, so that we can stimulate not only one another, but the industry as a whole.

TheMarketingSite's goals are to:

  • Be a global resource

  • Inform, provide knowledge, share experiences and assist businesses in all forms of marketing and business communications and to encourage an integrated and measurable approach to business and marketing

  • Assist individuals to enhance their careers.  Assist with recruitment, career guidance, and mentoring programs for a range of people, from students and newcomers through to advanced or specialist practitioners and academics

  • Create awareness for various marketing service providers that contribute towards the industry, by providing exposure for sound and cost effective products and services

  • Assist with research projects, promote industry events and host regular surveys on TheMarketingSite portal

  • Form strategic alliances and joint venture relationships with various companies and associations around the world, to provide content and services that meet the needs of our portal's user base, and

  • Supply this information free of charge to the industry

The Knowledge Library

TheMarketingSite's Knowledge Library is a treasure trove of value for students of marketing, industry practitioners and business people all over the world. Many local and international Associations, Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutions use it to supply their members and students with information 

Our main objectives are to inform, provide knowledge, share experiences, and assist businesses in all forms of marketing and business communications, and also to assist individuals to enhance their careers.

We publish marketing, advertising, communication, sales and media related Research Studies; White Papers and Thought Leadership Articles; Opinion Pieces and Discussion articles; Trend Analysis and Insight Reports; Book Reviews; Case Studies and Presentations; Educational Resources (such as online courses and e-learning); all of which impart knowledge and are of benefit as resources to the communication industry.

You will find a comprehensive list of topics under our Knowledge Section on the portal.

We also cover a certain amount of relevant industry news.

We have over many years collected a vast amount of valuable information in the form of articles, case studies, checklists, research and much more. Wherever possible, we have given credit to the original writers and / or publishers of this content. However, for some of our articles, the original source is unknown to us. If you find an article that hasn't been correctly credited and you know where it originated, please contact us so that we can give credit where it is due.

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