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Overcoming Human Inertia is the Key!
Bonita Boezeman

Bonita Boezeman, (Director of Time Life Books in the South Pacific) believes that direct response TV is one of the most dynamic and egalitarian forms of advertising.

Though it is more far-reaching and more expensive than other forms of advertising, the return on investment is usually good. The reason for this is that consumer reaction can be easily monitored, and because direct response is a measurable medium that deals in hard, cold sales, if the commercial is not appealing, it is taken off the air.

Boezeman stated that in our business we are accountable for every order that comes in from a commercial. Other products, like Bacardi Rum are primarily accountable for image and penetration only. She indicated that in direct response, however, TV is also a perfect medium for displaying our image.

It is an important aspect of Boezeman's philosophy that direct response advertising is there to help, not overwhelm the consumer. And this is true for direct response TV as well as the other forms of direct marketing. She pointed out that the industry would prefer not to spend their money bothering people.

Direct response is, she believes, a very clean and efficient medium. And now that it is an accepted form of purchasing, and growing so quickly, it is important that we try to sell the products that people want to buy, in the best way possible.

In developing a direct response TV campaign, she indicated a number of important steps she believes must be adhered to:
1. Ask yourself prior to developing the campaign:

  • Does the product have a record of success in both mail and print?
  • Does the products have mass appeal?
  • Is the product priced for the mass market?
It is important to realise that in all her TV campaigns she is primarily concerned with selling products direct to the consumer.

2. There are a number of important creative aspects, which must be taken into account :
  • As far as the offer is concerned, sufficient information must be supplied in order to allow the audience to make a purchase decision.
Once again, she is talking about selling direct to the consumer.
  • Always provide a guarantee with any product sold through TV advertising.
  • Use direct response 'buzz words' in support of your message. Words like 'new', 'amazing', 'incredible' and 'revolutionary' have a positive effect in converting interest to actual purchase.
  • The close is important. Spend at least 15/20 seconds to repeat the telephone number, address and so on.
Finally she said, "Remember the adage: 'tease/please/seize'. This is very applicable to direct response TV."
    TEASE: Entice the audience "Can you do...?"
    PLEASE: Dramatise and interest the audience.
    SEIZE: Provide the offer/premium and ordering instructions.
But remember: Keep it simple, clear and concise.

Although she talked about the value of the image component in the examples presented, this aspect was certainly not clear. The message was a straightforward 'sell or else' message.

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