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DirectTalk with Winnifred

These days, the best investment may be in you.

DirectTalk Workshops are developed and presented by Winnifred Knight and Luisa Mazinter –

“We develop people to deliver performance.”

Our workshops are interactive and practical. It will expand your knowledge and improve your interactive marketing business expertise and develop your career.

It provides newcomers and working professionals with the tools, support and information that can mean the difference between profit and loss for your company.

Your world of interactive marketing is expanding, changing – and getting more competitive every day.

How do you keep good marketers in this changing market?

Knowledgeable direct and interactive marketers are scare and demand has never been greater for experienced candidates than now. Professionals who are skilled and can deliver enhanced customer management and profitability are in the highest demand.

For this reason we have developed a range of direct marketing training modules and topics under our brand – DirectTalk Workshops – to broaden and update you and your team’s knowledge in this field.

Our aim is to deliver solutions that can be built into real-life business plans. We make your investment in people pay off immediately – and build competitive advantage in the longer term through superior performance.

Who should attend?

Our workshops are designed for those who are currently working in or responsible for marketing, advertising, sales and communications including all digital marketing related activities as well as those who want to enter the field of direct marketing.

How will you benefit?

Candidates come from all types of companies across all industries, B2B, B2C, Associations, Governments and niche markets.

Our workshops are designed to help newcomers, middle management and more experienced professionals, who want to gain knowledge of innovative approaches to direct and interactive marketing in order to compete more effectively using today's changing tools, techniques and integrated business and marketing strategies.

Workshop Information

Our workshops consist of several topics of cutting-edge and practical learning experience.

It is important to note that we update all our workshop material on a regular basis to ensure that we stay in touch with what is current. We transfer this up to date knowledge and insights to you, as and when you attend our workshops.

Our sessions will consist of a main lecture, invited guest speaker(s) for certain topics, workshop notes and additional reading material.

A further support tool is our marketing portal - Knowledge Centre – where you will find additional articles, whitepapers and links that will assist you in your studies and your workplace.

DirectTalk Workshop Content Outline

The program consists of several main modules each with its own set of topics and outcomes.

Due to the nature of the topics, there may be an overlap and some topics may be covered during and within different modules.

The workshops will cover the following modules:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Direct, Data, Digital Interactive Marketing – including Trends, Insights and Global Perspective

Module 2: Database Marketing, Mining and Management: Profiling, Segmentation and Testing – including Statistics and Modeling: Data Hygiene

Module 3:
Strategy and Intelligence: Customer Insights

Module 4:
The Integrated Approach and Multi-Channel Marketing and Management

Module 5:
CRM / Technology: 3R’s, 3P’s and Loyalty Marketing and Management

Module 6:
Budgeting (Investments): Maths and Finance

Module 7:
Digital Marketing: Online and Mobile

Module 8:
Creative (including branding), Copy and Design / Processes and Applications

Module 9:
Planning, Production and Fulfillment – including Legal Issues: Legislation, Best Practices and The Green Economy

Modue 10:
Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumers Plus (C-2-C and C-2-B), Vertical Industries and Niche Markets

(*All workshop material has copyright and is the property of Winnifred Knight / Luisa Mazinter at TheMarketingSite (Pty) Limited / CUBE [ON THE SQUARE] Pty Limited and DirectTalk or as indicated on material.)

Participation and Interactivity

We are in the business of conversation marketing and communications and it is highly recommended that all delegates participate actively throughout the workshop.

There will be ample opportunity for discussion, questions and answers. Personal experience can be used to add value to our interactions.

Discussions and Evaluation

This is not an accredited workshop. It is in-line with local and international training. It is up to date, practical and hands-on.


In order to facilitate open discussion, it is understood that all information shared and discussed by delegates and the facilitator are confidential. This confidentiality also applies to all workshop material.

More information

If you are interested contact me directly at:

Winnifred Knight
Director and Owner -
Mobile: 082 575 9922

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