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Sport Spectators Expect Freebies and Sports Stars from Advertisers

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Free gifts and seeing favorite sports icons on advertising among a list of things that sports spectators in South Africa see as "great value", during major international sporting seasons

Effective Measure, the leading provider of digital media planning solutions in the emerging markets, today reported new poll figures on media consumption habits and consumer sentiment of sport spectators in South Africa, with a significant 45 percent of respondents indicating free giveaways by advertisers or sponsors as the greatest benefit in providing "value" to them during major international sporting seasons., This is followed by local engagement and seeing a favourite sports star in advertising campaigns. This data is based on a FlashPoll conducted in the first week of May 2012.

Key findings:

  • Free giveaways by advertisers and sponsors extremely popular with sport spectators
    Sport spectators in South Africa were partial to major event-related free gifts and prizes sponsored by advertisers, with 45 percent of respondents indicating it provided "great value", followed by a further 35 percent that indicated it provided "fair value" - more so than other countries surveyed such as UAE, where eight percent less of respondents regarded free giveaways as important. Other highly regarded benefits providing great value were advertisers engaging with local sports groups to promote sportsmanship (36 percent) and seeing a favorite sports icon featured in event-related advertising campaigns (32 percent). Over half of respondents found "fair value" in product trials, while nearly half felt the same about advertised products that clearly show sport or health-related benefits.

  • Over 10% use social media to access sport infotainment news
    Intended use of social media was comparatively high, with 14 percent of respondents crediting it as the best Internet channel to access infotainment news on upcoming major international sporting events - when compared to another country with a strong sports following such as Australia, with its eight percent share. News websites and official sports event sites were the preferred channels of 24 percent and 17 percent of respondents respectively.

  • Growth potential for digital TV
    There is much room for growth in digital TV, with 75 percent of respondents crediting digital and analog TV as the main source for live and repeated coverage of sporting events and 40 percent of respondents crediting digital TV and radio as the best Internet channel for providing sports infotainment news - reflecting the on-going national migration from analog to digital. Notably, radio was ahead of print, with six percent of respondents crediting radio as a main source of sports coverage - up one percent from print.

FlashPoll for 'Sport Spectators in South Africa
Data for 'Sport Spectators in South Africa' was extracted from a FlashPoll on sport viewership, media consumption and consumer sentiment. Responses were received from Internet users in South Africa over three days in the first week of May 2012.

About Effective Measure

Effective Measure is the leading provider of digital media planning solutions in the emerging markets, bringing best practice online measurement data to premium publishers, platforms, agencies and advertisers. Our products and services offer media planners invested in Oceania, South East Asia, Middle East North Africa and South Africa, a clear insight into the state of the Internet and the ever-growing digital population. 

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