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Thoughtful China 111 - Marketing Through Sports

Thoughtful China

Marketing Through Sports, This Week on ‘Thoughtful China’

China has produced some great athletes like Yao Ming, Liu Xiang and Li Na, but its sports industry is still state-run and less friendly to marketers compared to the West’s brand-savvy teams, leagues and players.
That’s changing as athletes like Li Na forge their own path outside the state system and the sports followed and played by Chinese expands. International sports leagues and associations are beginning to make inroads into China, too.

Rob Mills
Catherine Talpey
Andrew Collins

Jen Loong
Trevor Lai

This week on “Thoughtful China,” host Trevor Lai and our guests will help you understand where China’s sports industry offers opportunities to grow your brands.

This episode features three first-time guests on our show, Gemba Group’s Rob Mills, Lululemon’s Jen Loong and TBWA’s Catherine Talpey alongside two regular guests, China Youthology’s Kevin Lee and Mailman’s Andrew Collins.

These experts answer questions such as:
  • Do you think the opportunities for brands to get involved with sports is on the same level of sophistication in China as in other countries and compared to other marketing investments?
  • How is the Chinese market evolving in terms of which sports and teams people follow and support?
  • What issues are still holding back the development of China’s sports sponsorship industry?
  • How can brands connect with Chinese athletes and sports to build their business in China?
Find out the answers to these questions and more in this week’s episode of “Thoughtful China”

Executive Producer:
Normandy Madden - SVP, Content Development, Asia-Pacific, Thoughtful Media Group

Trevor Lai - CEO, Up Studios

Featured Guest:
Rob Mills - Director & CEO, Gemba Group

Jen Loong - International Showroom Manager, Shanghai, Lululemon athletica

Andrew Collins - Chief of Staff, Mailman
Kevin Lee - Chief Operating Officer, China Youthology
Catherine Talpey - Business Director, TBWA, Shanghai

Episode Summary:
Agency-client relationships face many challenges in China, from lack of transparency, the talent shortage and the importance of personal friendships over corporate relations. Find out how to overcome these issues from Royce Yuen, Chairman, Greater China at Aprais and ex-P&G China head of media, Pon de Dios, this week on “Thoughtful China.”

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