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Useful and Beautiful
, a mobile product strategy and development company launched last year, with the aim to provide premier and bespoke solutions that deliver the best user experience on all mobile devices placing the user at the core. A mobile strategy is no longer a nice-to-have it’s a definite must have especially with the growing mobile landscape.

Lynette Hundermark founder, mobile enthusiast and leading expert had this to say; "Your mobile strategy should integrate into your overall digital strategy which in turn needs to compliment your business and customer goals."

The objective of any business is to ensure the mobile strategy they decide to implement will have elements that consumers will find useful. Beyond having a nice look and feel, we expect mobile apps to be intuitive, available on their preferred choice of mobile platform, and provide the appropriate content. With many tech trends being talked about globally mobility is morphing with other tech megatrends.

The convergence of mobility, cloud, the Internet of Things, and big data is happening across industries. Over the past few years and through advances and development in technology mobile has taken the position of being a first screen. With 23.6 million smart phones as reported by Mobile Consumer in SA 2015, World Wide Worx, businesses have the opportunity to use this platform and create useful and beautiful mobile solutions to further engage key audiences.

Go beyond “mobile first”, it’s time for a “mobile-plus” strategy. It’s time to develop a mobile strategy that brings together enterprise mobility, cloud, and the Internet of Things. Today the smartphone is our phone, computer, camera, entertainment center, map, personal trainer, shopping guide, and more. If you are without your smartphone, you notice within minutes.

Many studies have been conducted to better understand how consumers interact with their mobile phones.  Further studies have been done to understand how businesses allocate spend for mobile to realize whether they are leveraging the existing opportunity.

A 2014 Gartner survey asked what share of software development budget was spent on mobile apps — and the response was about 12 percent of budget. As this figure indicates, application development for mobile is still in its early phases, with "not a whole lot of investment" in mobility. However, about 80 percent of these same respondents planned to increase their spending on mobile app development by an average of 40 percent.

In addition to mobile spend  another important aspect of building successful mobile applications is to put emphasis on building apps that focus on seamless and simple user experiences.

"The mobile user experience is not a shrunk down web experience, it has to present core functionality on that limited real-estate that is context aware, that is presented in a user friendly format".

Hundermark continues, "People will not always remember the information they were presented with, but they will remember how they felt using your product, and positive experiences will always reign supreme."

Mobile Consumer in SA 2015, World Wide Worx
"Building a mobile solution is just the mechanics of execution, understanding how mobile fits into the full ecosystem with a long term product strategy based on experience, and understanding the target market is key," concluded Hundermark.

Lynette Hundermark is currently the managing director of Useful & Beautiful
With over 15 years of experience in the tech, digital marketing and mobile solutions space, Hundermark co-founded specialist mobile solutions consultancy Useful & Beautiful. With a passion for developing mobile products that are aligned to business goals, Hundermark’s appetite for keeping abreast of the latest industry trends is fast establishing her as an expert tech commentator and opinion leader in South Africa.  

Former apps business director and head of product strategy at Prezence Digital, Hundermark developed some of the most successful mobile web and apps solutions in the country, such as the popular Ster-Kinekor booking app.

She was the mobile product manager for and earlier in her career she served as an enterprise programmer analyst for 8 years the UK. Hundermark’s experience spans the retail, financial and entertainment sectors, where she has developed a myriad of different mobile solutions for the likes of bidorbuy, Hollard, Old Mutual and EyeWitness News, to name a few. She speaks regularly at a variety of local tech and mobile conferences and is frequently quoted in South African media.

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