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71% expect online data co-ops to boost revenue


Leverage a data cooperative for deeper customer insights and better business outcomes.

In January 2015, Adroit Digital commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate trends around and sentiment toward data sharing and online data co-ops. To further explore this trend, Forrester tested a two-part hypothesis: 1) that most digital marketers are not leveraging an online data co-op and 2) that doing so would deliver better business outcomes, including improved ROI.

In conducting in-depth surveys with 103 customer insights professionals and 100 digital marketers from US enterprises, Forrester found that:

  • 42% of those using a data co-op believe co-ops drive better marketing ROI
  • 40% of those using a data co-op say co-ops provide better access to customers across channels
  • 65% cite shared data from partners as being critical to overall marketing strategy; 88% say it’s an important part of marketing efforts
  • 46% of those using a data co-op think co-ops lead to better customer experience
To download the full study showcasing the survey results, enter your details in the contact form.

Learn about Adroit Digital’s Shopper Cooperative
Adroit Digital’s online Shopper Cooperative includes more than 250 global agencies and brands that anonymously contribute their first-party commerce data to drive advertising scale that takes them beyond their current customer base.

Our clients have access to insights gained from real, in-market shoppers—500 million non-personally identifiable shopper profiles from 160 million unique non-personally identifiable shoppers collected monthly that produce over $1MM dollars of hourly purchase data.  Get in touch with us at to learn more about how we can help your brand find new customers and boost the loyalty of current customers.

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