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Building Strategic Customer Relations with Clients in BPm Industry

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A strategic customer-relationship plan in BPM will require different tools in the tool kit, especially with a fast-evolving customer base. Check these thoughts that have helped most BPMs. Mixed with some superb practices, the ideas in this post have helped BPMs create various thriving mergers with customers.

Build a partnership that's true

You need to ease up on that strict client-vendor relationship. Try building a real partnership with the parties. While making decisions, bring them together and do challenge what seems wrong. Evaluate customer opinions before building your strategies.

Trust your customers and listen to the complaints they have about your services and products. Empower frontline employees for making the right decisions. It may include asking for changes in the corporate strategies that will meet customer strategies.

Analyze Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Use some tested corporate strategies and NPS for improving services and products for end customers. An increasing NPS implies that more and more clients are giving consent. It's more like building on revenue growth and true partnership.

Use innovation and social media in customer service

Using online tools, you will not just benefit your interaction, but get to understand the customer pulse better. Use of social media and intranets within the BPM might help. Use client-customer portals and forums to provide the clients with value-added services.

You may create innovation departments for generating fresh ideas that will ultimately improve metrics, prepare loyalty programs, and generate revenue for clients. There should be brainstorming sessions at consistent intervals.

To look for ways to improve constantly, implement pilots as proof of concept. This can be done whenever there are new suggestions and concepts for establishing processes. It may also be policies hindering customer satisfaction and resolution.

Make in-house forms

Make online forms which can be tailored before sharing with clients. These could be simple Google Docs or the ones made by your developers. They can be used for sharing data socially to monitor everyday work.

Develop peer coaching

Make collaboration models and encourage peer coaching. Your quality analysts can teach calling agents the ways of communicating with each other. This will help identify their peers and their own prospective areas to come up with actions plans on improvement.

Know what Gen Y wants and needs

The prevailing situation in the BPm industry demands an understanding of the needs and demands of Gen Y, so that engagement, retention and metrics are found out. There are different tried and tested strategies that can be used for different BPm challenges. The most important thing is cultural alignment to get the best out of one outsourcing relationship.

With the BPm industry ever evolving and the possibilities of client acquisition growing, these tried techniques can work, successfully creating positive customer relations.

Author Bio:
Abhishek Jain, a veteran industry expert working with a prestigious outsourcing contact center, has been writing about industry technologies and their positive effects on organizations. Abhishek started out his career as a customer support executive, marking his entry in the customer service industry. He has a rewarding experience of working in various BPO industry processes for more than 10 years.  Abhishek's unique passion for providing useful tips and information for customer engagement and customer experience reflects in his articles.

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