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How to get maximum ROI of your Email Marketing Strategies?


Even today, sending email is very much in trend amongst marketing strategists. By building strong email list and maintaining its hygiene, one can say it still rules the marketing as one of the most optimum medium as compared to other marketing channels.

Well, with an excellent email marketing strategies we can see growth in generating leads and business revenues. Following are six tips to maximize ROI of Your Email Campaigns.

1. Good Email Data = Good Results

Sending email messages to opt-ins or users who haven’t yet opted-in can affect your email sender reputation, as senders has can easily mark your email spam or block IPs. Try to build your email list strong organically, make your sign-up process hassle free, create an engaging social media content you may also ask for signups through social media channels, and thus it will further help you to maintain strong relationship with customer and prospects and also enables you to build a strong email lists.

2. Enhance Your Email Strategies With SMS

Despite latest short messages applications like We Chat, WatsApp, Face book messenger, and others, SMS is still considered the quickest instant message to send reminders, offers, flash sale, loyalty points, order confirmation, sale coupons to the customers and prospects. It has been learned that most of the sms content is read within 15-20 mins of its deliverability. So, it’s an excellent approach towards email marketing if you compliment it with sms marketing too.

3. Send Email with Mobile Optimization too
We see massive amount of consumers’ time spent on mobile devices, so doing a mobile optimization for email templates and marketing messages has become inevitable now. Stay ahead of your competitors; send mobile-friendly email messages with custom-made content.

Also make sure you do not ignore your desktop email users too, as that’s where actual transaction happens. Therefore ensure that your emails are mobile as well as desktop technology friendly. One can increase the readability, and opens of email messages on mobile by making the template 350-450px wide, large text size, readable and clear fonts like Ariel, calibre and images with smaller resolutions. Also if you have a good amount of email marketing budget you can optimise mobile email campaigns by creating attractive, eye-catchy, and responsive design templates.

4. Set Clear and Achievable Marketing Goals!
Success of any email marketing campaigns depends how well you achieved your overall marketing goals. It’s always good to set your marketing goals before kick starting any medium of marketing at a large. Make sure you set clear and achievable both short term and long term email marketing goals. This will help you to measure success and analyse the email marketing strategies overall. You may set short term goals like how many clicks, open rates, and how much of conversions and so on. And long term goals for email marketing are how much referral you’ve earned, forwards you have got and virility of your email campaigns too.

5. Unification On-line & Off-line Marketing Channels
Make sure you optimise your email marketing by merging on-line and off-line marketing mediums. Both compliments each other and hence helps you to row your market and customer reach. Please note that while unifying the marketing channels the treatment of the marketing content for the offline and online campaigns should be as per mediums requirement and type of media used.

6. Integrate Social Media Platforms with Email Marketing
To integrate email marketing with social media platforms is growing its popularity and surprisingly giving excellent results. Get social media integrated with your email marketing message, be little creative, rather than just adding social media buttons. This will encourage the recipients to share the content in the preferred social media platform hassle free, thus, helps you to get your email viral too. By adding a catchy abstract along with other social engagement strategies will not only increase the popularity of your email content but also will make the recipients glued into your social media channels.

Author Bio:
Jain is a Creative writer who focused on small business solutions. His recent article is about email marketing strategy which helps entrepreneurs to manage their sales and marketing. He recently writes more about data hygiene software.

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