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Delete Three Unwanted Elements From Your 'Direct Mail'

Direct Mail

As marketing professionals we regularly keep check on things to be included in your direct mail content. Apparently by doing this make sure you don’t overdo it or putting element which is not required and unnecessarily using up your space in your postcard.

These unwanted elements in your postcard not only annoys your target audience but also distracts as it looks cluttered without conveying any important or informative message. It’s a known fact that a direct mail requires more leisure time than an email. When a direct mail is sent in a form of a flier, postcard, and catalogue or so, your customer literally takes special time out, hence you should respect that and give more information than just advertorial content.

Are you one of those marketers who thinks that direct mail provides you larger room, and so it’s a must do to stuff it with all marketing content? If yes, then you should rethink on your direct mail marketing strategies.

The main objective to send a direct mail is to connect directly with your customers or prospects and not to mess the mail you send, thus in order to do so you should ensure that you give as much as information as possible to them.

Below are top six elements that every direct mail marketer must avoid or remove from your direct mail message.

1. Confused Content & Concepts
While writing an attractive copy for your direct mail content, you might end up confusing your readers with content and concept. Hit the right nail with right content and apt concept for your customers and prospects.

Make sure your captions and content in the mail is crisp, clear, grammatically correct and conveying the right message to the readers or prospects. Your copy of direct mail should reflect clearly about what you are offering, it should be easy for them to understand.

Putting too many offers like sale, seasonal sale, discounts, first buy discounts or loyal customers, is sure to annoy your customers. Make sure the offer you display in direct mail is targeted right type of customers. For instance adding too many offers will not only be confusing built also offended as you won’t like to receive a marketing mail offering you ‘First buy discount’ when you are already an existing customer, isn’t it?

When writing or conceptualizing for direct mail content one should focus on how to convey and convince readers in less span of time and thus your customers and prospects should effortlessly understand about what are your products and what are offering, they likely to buy it soon.

2. Don’t Add Too Much Of Content
The biggest mistake any direct mail marketer will do is to flood their recipients with too much of content or graphics on it. Make sure your direct mail copy is readable, looks neat and attractive. Follow the basic thumb rule of copywriting i.e headline hierarchy: A bold headline, sub headlines, abstracts, bullets, and paragraphs.

People wants to hear direct especially I direct mail, running around the bush will not work, write to the point without too much of display content. Your customers and prospects are not interested to read an elaborated list of your awards and achievements, your company history and key members of the organization. They want clear, crisp, and direct messages in both content and graphic forms.

3. Bad Images and Unwanted Graphics
The quality of good images plays an important role in all mediums of marketing. Apparently for direct mail marketing, images, graphics and other visual elements plays an important role. Make sure you use clean, untampered and high resolution images in your direct mail marketing materials. The images should not be of low quality like blurred or pixalated, it should be clear, and of high quality resolution.

By using bad quality images and content, it will eventually affect your company’s credibility and brand image. Your existing customers and prospect may assume that even the products and services of your company are at par of bad quality. Placing an unwanted graphic can be hazardous too, as it consumes space in your mal that too not all conveying effectively, thus a big turn off for customers.

About the Author
Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides. He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

For more information contact: Michael Lundberg
Contact Number: 1844 289 3513

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