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Ndalo Media launches book division The Brand Intelligent Way

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“The ability to gain wealth from being a brand is secondary. By far the most important reason to measure and know your PBQ (Personal Brand Intelligence) is to understand your relationship to your personal influence.” Timothy Maurice

Ndalo Media is proud to officially announce the launch of its book division, Ndalo Media Books, the fifth addition to the group’s existing business units of print publishing, digital publishing, content marketing and events. The group unveiled the Ndalo Media Books division with the launch of Personal Brand Intelligence (PBQ) – An inspiring and holistic look at how your brand can evolve intelligently to influence society by bestselling author, DESTINY columnist, renowned public speaker and personal branding guru, Timothy Maurice Webster.

Timothy Maurice launched the book at the Ndalo Media offices where he did a book-signing and shared insights that revealed the essence of #PBQ and what inspired him to compile the book that is the thinking person’s guide to positioning themselves and growing their influence. Look out for this engaging video on soon.

Targeted at millennials and older, upwardly-mobile individuals with the millennial mindset, #PBQ is in its essence your quintessential guide to unlocking the power of your brand influence and will enable you to understand how to use this this power to influence your career, business and personal life. The book is available online from and will be available at selected Exclusive Books and CNA stores from 1 July 2016. The book can also be ordered by sending an email to:

Ndalo Media was founded by businesswoman Khanyi Dhlomo in 2007 with the vision of providing useful, inspiring, compelling and engaging content that enables people to fulfill their destinies in a powerful way.  Over the past nine years the group has managed to achieve this and continues to do so with Ndalo Media Books, which aims to:
  • Become a leading proudly African publisher of books and educational tools which have global appeal and positive impact

  • Enable curious and engaged audiences to empower, entertain and up-skill themselves through an array of books and educational tools which cover business, lifestyle, career, entertainment, personal finance, personal development and spiritual content

  • Provide books and educational tools for corporates, schools, educational instituitons and government to empower their workforce, stakeholders and students

  • Provide a platform for African writers and bloggers to submit transcripts fit for publishing and aligned with the Ndalo Media Books ethos of producing compelling content that positively impacts lives.

Get your copy of #PBQ today by visiting or by contacting

Join the #PBQ conversation via @DestinyConnect in the coming weeks!
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Instagram: destinyconnect ,, instatimothy, khanyidhlomo

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Agile for agencies, is there such a thing?

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