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20 Predictions for Native Advertising in 2016

Research - Trends and Insights

Want to be one step ahead of your competitors? What you need to know about 2016.

Welcome to the first ever edition of our new annual e-book: 20 predictions about native advertising. We have sought out 20 outstanding experts in the field of native advertising to help us understand the ramifications of the year 2016.

They forecast a 12 month stretch in which native advertising will make significant strides to reach its full potential, but also face some serious challenges. Sounds dramatic? Well, it kind of is. If you want to know why just keep reading.

We hope that these 20 predictions will help you navigate the upcoming year to the best of your abilities.

Best wishes, And happy reading.
Anders Vinderslev - Editor, Native Advertising Institute

We have asked 20 of native advertising’s brightest to predict the most important developments of the upcoming year. Their insights on content, ground-breaking software, ad blockers and much more will keep you ahead of the curve for the next 12 months.

Contributors include:

  • Rebecca Lieb
  • Chad Pollitt
  • Sam Rosen
  • Stephanie Losee
  • Melanie Deizel
  • And many more
This ebook will prepare you for a new year in native advertising, and you can download it right here.

Download your copy free right here.

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Native Advertising Institute is an independent institution on a mission to help publishers, brands and agencies become successful with native advertising. We publish a blog, conduct research and host the biggest native advertising conference in the world called Native Advertising Days.

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