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Why the On Demand economy makes PR ripe for disruption

PR and Communications

By Andre Fourie, MD of marcusbrewster
The on-demand economy has broadly disrupted traditional, established industries in ways not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Global companies such as Uber and Airbnb are generating huge revenues within only a few years of launching, beating more established competitors by offering convenience and accessibility while maintaining optimal cost efficiency.   Now is the perfect time to disrupt the PR industry  says Andre Fourie, managing director at marcusbrewster, on the introduction this month of South Africa's first on-demand public relations service.
Current economic uncertainty and budget pressures means corporates and brands are wary of long-term retainer commitments and are looking for new ways to optimise their marketing and communications spend.  On Demand allows a client’s publicity needs to be matched to a results-oriented approach and adding a layer of convenience via an on-demand service model, measurable results can be linked directly to PR investment."

marcusbrewster, South Africa's most awarded PR firm, had previously pioneered a new way of PR service delivery with its outputs-based PR Index model. "Clients welcome a results-focused approach that prioritises achieving tangible outputs over outdated time-based billing models.  The introduction of on-demand PR is a natural development.   This is a global wave that clients and agencies need to catch."
A beta version of the service is available to brands, businesses and individuals through a microsite which can be found at According to Fourie, this is only a first step in what signals a much larger transformation of the PR industry. "In South Africa, on-demand services - with the possible exception of Uber - have not yet gained the adoption they enjoy in more developed markets. As businesses and brands become more accustomed to the value and convenience of the on-demand economy, the ondemand platform will house an exciting suite of modern communication tools that anyone can access with a few clicks of a button. We believe it will bring significant disruption to the local PR industry, driving competition and strengthening the sector.”
"To thrive in the strategic communications industry of the future, agencies will have to champion innovation, pioneer new models of PR service delivery and raise the bar in terms of agility. Tomorrow is here - it's a great time to be in PR."
Earlier this year, marcusbrewster was named Most Innovative PR Firm : Africa at the annual M&A Awards in London.
A beta site for On-Demand PR can be accessed at For more information about marcusbrewster, please visit

About The Author

Andre Fourie is the Managing Director of marcusbrewster. He has worked in public relations, advertising and marketing agencies for the past 10 years, applying his strategic leadership skills to campaigns for fast-paced tech startups, tourism destinations, business organisations, large-scale sport events and national political parties. Andre is responsible for driving the agency’s long-term vision and profitability, and specialises in strategy, content development and feature writing, issues management and top-level client service and strategic counsel.

About marcusbrewster
With more than 25 years of experience in the industry and established media relationships throughout Africa and globally, marcusbrewster is South Africa’s leading public relations agency. As the most awarded PR firm in the country, we create effective, outcomes-focused campaigns that deliver professional acumen and deep insights across a range of Business and Consumer industry sectors. Established in 1991, the agency has a level 2 BEE rating and is head quartered in 77 Hout Street, Cape Town. For more information, please visit

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