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The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide


It's not a new craze sweeping the nation – it's just a rock-solid, time-tested method to keep your customers hooked and coming back for more. With the help of this epic infographic, you are about to witness how effective email marketing statistics can truly change your business.

So, stick around and grab some snacks, because this is a big one. If you want to try any of our spam filtering products just click the live chat button on the right.

This illustrated Giant Infographic covers the following information:

  • Slightly Higher Brand Connection Than Social Media
  • Still Too Much Spam
  • Battle of the Sexes
  • Unsubscribing and Deleting
  • Automation Software
  • Revenue
  • Actions Taken
  • Improving CTR
  • Email Marketing Conversion Rate
  • Return On Investment
  • Email on Mobile Devices
  • Subject Lines
  • Best Time To Send Emails
Download the Giant Infographic here

That brings us to the end of this email marketing statistics 2016 guide. Hopefully you learned at least a few new tips and tricks for your next campaign.

It's important to remember though, your own trial and error can be some of the most valuable research of all. Keep track of every change you make, and keep striving for that perfect message.

Maria Boulgakova
Community Manager | Internet marketing Geek

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