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Connect and manage your data in one place


Unite marketing at the data level. Get the blueprint for a marketing and advertising ecosystem that’s connected at the data layer.

The Definitive Guide to Open Gardens. How to Grow an Open Garden. Chances are, you've heard the buzz about the Open Garden movement.

Now find out how you can go about designing your own Open Garden and uniting your fragmented marketing ecosystem.

Don't worry — it's actually pretty easy. And once you've grasped what it's all about, there'll be no turning back.

The Definitive Guide to Open Gardens eBook will:

  • Demonstrate the importance of integrating your marketing at the data layer (rather than the application layer)
  • Show you how to retain the existing pieces of your current marketing machine – and bring them into an integrated ecosystem
  • Explain what you can expect from an Open Garden
The Open Garden eBook is an easy read (we promise).

Connect and manage your data.

Your people-based data is scattered across anywhere from a dozen to a hundred different channels, silos, applications and product teams.

Compounded by demands of consumer privacy and data protection, you’re walking on a tightrope in trying to manage all of this.

Take better control of your entire marketing ecosystem by harnessing and managing your data, using it to drive better-informed analysis and more meaningful and relevant interactions in every channel.

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