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Call centres changing the marketing landscape

Call Centres and Telemarketing

With the effects of the recession being felt across the marketing industry, many companies have begun to look towards call centres as a way to reduce capital expenditure and maximise profits.

"In the current economic climate no company can afford to waste money. Call centre marketing provides a cost effective, interactive service which helps foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, says Robert Joubert, CEO of Boomerang Marketing.

As a result of these and various other benefits, a number of businesses have started looking at new marketing solutions, combining traditional campaigns with new and innovative call centre based offerings.

Joubert says the nature of the industry is changing and as a result, it is imperative to look at ways to combine technology with traditional marketing solutions. "If you don't perform you shouldn't get paid. It may seem like an extreme strategy, but if you want to convince business to invest in you during a recession, you need to be willing to share the risk."

One sector which has already started to see the benefits of call centre marketing is the hospitality industry, with membership and loyalty programmes showing impressive levels of growth.

"During these times of global market turbulence the membership programme has been instrumental in the Three Cities marketing strategy, helping increase revenue, occupancies and most importantly retaining our most valued guests," says Three Cities CFO Murray Jacklin.

With the World Cup less than a year away interest in South Africa as a tourist destination is at an all-time high, with numerous potential opportunities being created for local business.

"In order to maximise this once in a lifetime opportunity, we need to ensure that we use every possible marketing solution available to us, we need to embrace technology and look at how best to reach the massive influx of tourists," says Sipho Zungu, CEO of CallingtheCape.

Zungu believes that value and innovation will be the key differentiating factors during the recession. Companies who are willing to embrace the benefits that new marketing innovations bring to their business will benefit, while those that refuse to change will invariably suffer.

About CallingtheCape
CallingtheCape is a Section 21 company that promotes Cape Town and its surrounding areas as destinations for national and international investment in contact centres and business process outsourcing. Formed in 2001, CallingtheCape is funded by member contributions as well as by local and provincial governments.

Sipho Zungu
Cell: 082 494 8447
Tel: 021 4190033

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