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Mockana Trading gets its 'Creative Streak' with PocketMedia®

11 Feb 2013

Mockana Trading, the manufacturer and importer of a wide range of exclusive and high quality gifts for the local and export markets, is enjoying increased awareness and sales due to its square-shaped, concertina-style, PocketMedia® marketing application which was designed by Creative Streak.
Creative Streak Design was approached by Mockana Trading to design a small, concise, concertina-style pamphlet that would effectively portray its Capri range of stainless steel tableware that was awarded the prestigious IF Design Award in Germany in 2010.
“Client was looking for something classy that would reflect the nature of its brand and business,” says Louise Raubenheimer, Creative Streak Design’s owner and graphic designer.
The card also incorporates some of Mockana Trading’s Milano, Turino and Venezia product ranges. “In an age of mass production and uniformity, we aim to supply items of uncompromising flair and quality for corporate and individual clients, so that they can express their individuality and style,” says Mockana Trading’s owner, Maureen Mock.
Once designed, Raubenheimer had to find a printing company that would be able to meet specific printing requirements. “I remembered PocketMedia® Solutions’ Z-CARD®s from Markex and contacted the company to print the catalogue. The printing was done perfectly and the quality is outstanding. As the response has been so good, we will be designing more of these in the near future,” she says.
Mockana Trading’s tableware range includes aluminium bowls, stainless steel cutlery and accessories; whilst its wooden products, made from African hardwoods, include antiques, cheeseboards, artefacts and other items of unique artistry and elegance. Its pottery range is designed and handcrafted by various local artists.
“We have a cutting-edge interest in design trends and respect for the beauties of tradition. Our product range thus reflects both traditional and modern styles,” says Mock.
The company also supplies a diverse range of locally manufactured and imported Jewellery, including sterling silver, pearls and semi-precious stones; and has a range of leather products and a range of pewter products as well.
The cards are added to all of Mockana Trading’s gifts, to provide consumers with information about its products. “We selected the application as it’s concise, but still shows a large selection of our products. We have been getting an amazing response in terms of driving sales,” says Mock.
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