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Thoughtful China 155 - Cross-border Commerce: Winning Strategies for China

Thoughtful China

Why Alibaba’s Tmall Global Is Not the Fast Track Into China Desired by Western Retailers, This Week on ‘Thoughtful China’

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The truths about creating an exceptional customer experience

Customer Service

There is universal agreement that an exceptional customer experience is the most important focus for differentiation and brand building. According to the latest trends from digital research company, e-consultancy, customer experience is priority Number 1 for 2015, and the five years beyond.

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When To Use ‘That’ And When To Use ‘Which’

Creative Design and Copy

Knowing when to use ‘that’ and when to use ‘which’ is a tricky business. Use this helpful rule to find your way.

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How AV solutions can help enrich the education experience

Leadership Articles

Technology is playing a leading role in the classroom today, with schools, colleges and universities embracing multimedia and interactive technologies as a means of improving academic achievement.

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How Small Businesses can use SMS Marketing Effectively

Small Business (SME)

According to Text Marketer’s top ten mobile marketing stats 2015, 76% of people report that they will check their SMS/Text before an email; 70% of users feel brands can get their attention faster via SMS/Text and 64% of customers feel that brands must connect with them through SMS/Text.

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Branding in the Sharing Economy: Collaborate or Alienate?

Brand Marketing

Within the context of the contemporary marketplace, traditional notions of ownership are rapidly changing. On the one hand, today’s consumers (and especially the youth) are increasingly becoming more interested inexperiences, rather than owning possessions, as social currency.

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10 Effective Ways To Improve Your Freelance Writing Skills

Creative Design and Copy

The good news is that businesses are always looking for writers to work on their website copy, media releases, annual reports or special projects. Even better news is that the skills you have as a writer and a storyteller are easily transferred to the business environment.

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Five benefits a HR solution offers to a mid-market enterprise

Internal Communication

South African organisations face enormous challenges in improving efficiencies and cost control in their HR departments. One common problem is that HR departments spend too much time on administrative tasks and managing compliance at the expense of supporting managers in developing employee potential.

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Say Big Data ONE more time…

Data Intelligence

At South Africa’s leading marketing analytical data solutions provider, Effective Intelligence, we know you have a substantial customer database. We know you rejoice in its depth of information and the significant effort made to collect the data. We salute you!

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Industry Updates

An enterprise driven Omni-channel strategy must empower the mobile workforce | 22 May 2015

More and more South African companies across industries are talking about building Omni-channel strategies and infrastructures to give customers a consistent experience at every brand touch point. more

Revolutionising the Cloud for ERP Users | 22 May 2015

One Channel and Acumatica take the message on the road showcasing the power of a true Cloud platform which leverages scalability and mobility – enabling integration between financial and sales processes, business intelligence and productivity for revenue gains to companies across all sizes in South Africa. more

Ads24’s mass market reach is more than just a number | 22 May 2015

The mass market accounts for two out of three consumers or 64% of the population and is significant because of its sheer size. The mass market offers opportunities to marketers, because the ‘ownership’ levels are not yet not saturated, in other words this market offers scope in which to grow. more

Laser-focused sales as easy as lead generation | 22 May 2015

Sales is the heart of any successful business. However, in many industries, technical expertise forms the basis of the company, leaving sales lagging. This is particularly true in the IT space, where techies speak in feeds and speeds and sales leads are rarely found. more

Embrace ICT to improve productivity through engagement | 22 May 2015

With World Telecommunications and Information Society Day placing the focus on ICT, Gys Kappers, CEO of Wyzetalk, examines how ICT in the connected age has become less about technology and more about creating an engaged workforce and collaborative environment driving greater productivity. more

Empowering Women One Brand at a Time | 22 May 2015

And everywhere we look, women are a topic of conversation. Michelle Obama’s outfit choices on a recent tour of Japan are proclaimed to break down female stereotypes. Sweaty, jiggling and fabulous women exercising on our screens chant ‘This girl can’. more

Burson-Marsteller Africa named 2015 African Consultancy of the Year | 22 May 2015

Burson-Marsteller Africa, a leading public relations and communications firm, was named “2015 African Consultancy of the Year” by the prestigious Holmes Report, the most highly ranked awards organisation for the PR industry globally. more

What Drives Athletic Footwear Sales | 22 May 2015

True, consumer expectations (+15% for the category in 2014) rise faster than actual sales levels (+5%), but that’s they way it is with expectations. Sure, there are some cyclical bumps for athletic footwear (back-to-school, when “official” sports seasons kick-off, when a brand signs a new celebrity), but growth in the category has been fairly consistent over the past decade. more

Teach your Kids Rands and Sense | 20 May 2015

According to the 2015 Fidelity Investments Money FIT Women Study, 82% of the women surveyed indicated that they are responsible for teaching their kids to be money savvy. more

Daily Maverick’s 4th edition of The Gathering | 20 May 2015

Daily Maverick are set to host the 4th edition of The Gathering, on 11th June 2015 at Vodaworld. This edition, themed Game Changers, will bring together some of South Africa's top influencers and put them under the spotlight of the Daily Maverick experienced team of journalists. more

Trends and a Rare Single Cask Whisky to celebrate World Whisky Day | 20 May 2015

World Whisky Day, celebrated on the 16th of May, was truly a global celebration of whisky which saw hundreds of thousands of people across seven continents and 40 countries raise a glass to this distinctive dram. more

Smartphones are converging on all LSMs | 20 May 2015

Cheap smartphones are reshaping consumer behaviour in South Africa faster than many marketers realise, writes Andre Steenekamp, CEO of 25AM. Here’s how to position your brand at the forefront of the trend and create effective platforms for engaging with mobile customers. more

The Times Creative Ad Challenge Ruffles Feathers | 20 May 2015

The Times Creative Ad Challenge has sparked some heavy debate for companies, Drizit Environmental and Dial Direct, who‟ve come under fire for their daring, tongue-in-cheek ads. more

Download The Heavy Chef Quarterly Magazine | 20 May 2015

The Heavy Chef Strategy Event, headlined by Arthur Goldstuck and Chris Rawlinson coincided with the launch of the Heavy Chef Quarterly Review – an online magazine featuring exclusive content authored by some of the country’s most prominent authorities on digital. more

Associated Media’s Digital Strategy Produces Results | 20 May 2015

Following the recent release of the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) report for the first quarter of 2015, the Associated Media Publishing (AMP) results across both print and digital showed tremendous growth. more

AMPLIFI-ing Opportunities | 20 May 2015

The Dentsu Aegis Network’s vision is “Innovating the way brands are built’. In order to do this, we need to be different and better than the competition in a market defined by Globalisation and Convergence. AMPLIFI has been designed to deliver on these challenges. more

SouthernX demographic and user intent targeting | 20 May 2015

SouthernX have added a technology layer to their tech stack to provide a cutting-edge solution for advertisers to be able target specific users rather than simply buying impressions from publishers. more

Brands & Branding online | 20 May 2015

Brands & Branding online, an invaluable resource for colleges and universities across the country. The introduction of local online brand case study tutorials for tertiary education from Brands & Branding has been welcomed by colleges and universities across South Africa. more

Absence of backup, recovery equals disaster | 20 May 2015

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, if you store your data, and your customers’ data, you need a safe and secure way to back up and store that data. more

The truth behind ‘the human truth’ when extending brand identity | 20 May 2015

“We need to be understood. We want to belong. We long to feel special. We crave more control over our lives. We dream of reaching our potential.” says Marthinus van Loggerenberg. more

China enacts its first major changes to its advertising laws in twenty years | 20 May 2015

Responding to changes in the marketplace and the increasing importance of the internet to advertisers, China recently enacted its first major changes to its advertising laws in twenty years. more

Understanding a Consumer’s Engagement Preferences | 20 May 2015

Technology has undoubtedly invaded the way people communicate, conduct businesses, transact, and even relate. When looking at what consumers want - bearing in mind that today’s consumers have more control over the buying process than the marketer more

Training helps bring ISO22301 BCM standard to life | 20 May 2015

ISO22301 for business continuity provides an international standard against which businesses can now be audited and awarded a certification of compliance. more

FCB Cape Town & Engen Celebrate ‘Award-ing’ Week | 20 May 2015

Engen and its marketing communication partner, FCB Cape Town, are celebrating an ‘award-ing’ week with two accolades bestowed by that most important critic – the consumer – in less than five working days. more

The changing face of the pitch process | 19 May 2015

The new business pitch is the way agencies win most of their business, and it is the job of a selection company to help reduce long lead times, long pitch lists, layers of consensus needed to select a partner, requests for spec work, lack of access to decision makers and cost pressure from procurement departments. more

Brand Building Buzzwords | 19 May 2015

It has been said that the marketing industry could not operate without buzzwords; that they are the literary shortcuts that drive out good ideas. Think of words like “Impactful”, “Synergy”, “Disruption”, “Ideation”, and phrases such as “Think outside the box”. more

Youth Marketing brought to life at Marketing Conference | 19 May 2015

“The youth of today are fearless, fickle, discerning, brand-aware, connected, conflicted and influential and the best way to connect with them is to make them feel like a VIP,” said Jason Levin more

SA grocery shoppers ripe for the picking across array of digital channels | 19 May 2015

South Africa’s burgeoning connected commerce era means that consumers are no longer shopping entirely online or offline but rather taking a blended approach, using whatever channel best suits their needs. more

Post amplifies their reach with Tuluntulu | 19 May 2015

Africa’s leading business audio stream platform has teamed up with Tuluntulu - an application designed to stream video and now audio on low-bandwidth connections in developing markets. more

Opportunity matching apps could become a game changer | 19 May 2015

Improved access to smartphones has put the power of change into the hands of many, and in a labour surplus economy like South Africa’s, where there is an overflow of low skilled and unemployed workers, mobile technology is a key tool for improving communication between potential employers and employees. more

Mobile Technology: Bridging the African Digital Divide | 19 May 2015

Handicapped by economic constraints, millions of unprivileged people in the developing world continue to be deprived of sufficient access to communication technology, creating strata of information haves and haves-not that widens the digital divide and knowledge gap in today’s tech-centered world. more

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