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Investing in HR will give your business an edge

Internal Communication

There is no better way to ensure that your business is competitive and sustainable than investing in your human resources (HR) in a targeted and strategic manner.

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To Create more Shareholder Wealth, would you Focus on the Short Term?

Customer Value Management

The CEO has to think whether Value Creation is a flawed concept, particularly as it places the customer and employees ahead of the shareholder.

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Whom do I work for?

Customer Value Management

If you work for a company, whom do you really work for? Or whom should you really work for? Ask an executive this question and the answer will be for the company or the boss.

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Thoughtful China 130 - Five Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media

Thoughtful China

Five Major Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media in China, This Week on ‘Thoughtful China’

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Mobile apps: driving adoption and benchmarking success


With more and more South Africans getting their hands on smartphones every day, local brands should be looking at a mobile-first strategy for digital engagement.

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Design, programming for a multi-device future

Creative Design and Copy

Developers already have a difficult time with device manufacturers pushing their own development environments to reach consumers. Do developers specialise in one or two, or should they work across all of them?

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How email impacts your brand in the workplace


Email is like any other form of communication – there are acceptable norms and also types of behaviour deemed as inappropriate. For example, I often have business executives asking me for advice on how to help their colleagues or employees to understand and abide by email etiquette.

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The Economics of Branding: Positioning for maximum value

Brand Marketing

The law of supply and demand has been understood since the fourteenth-century, when Mamluk scholar Ibn Taymiyyah wrote: "If desire for goods increases while its availability decreases, its price rises. On the other hand, if availability of the good increases and the desire for it decreases, the price comes down."

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Mobility holds key to realising business benefits of modern technology

Data Intelligence

Nobody can doubt that technology has become the platform on which business runs, and thus that business executives are watching technology trends with increasing attention.

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Industry Updates

Henley Business School Offers A Family-Friendly MBA | 21 October 2014

Recognising the significant sacrifices its Master of Business Administration (MBA) students have to make throughout their study programmes, the African campus of the world-renowned Henley Business School is increasingly working with their partners to create a modern and responsible MBA. more

5 Ways To Win With Generation Z | 21 October 2014

Although they are adjacent generations, Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z have a number of major differences. Gen Z is a more tech-innate, connected generation - which heavily affects their communication style. more

Cash is still king, says Nomanini CEO and AfricaCom speaker Vahid Monadjem | 21 October 2014

“Mobile money, while undoubtedly achieving impressive growth across Africa, is really still in its infancy,” says Vahid Monadjem, co-founder and CEO of cash-based POS platform provider Nomanini. more

Hyper-targeting delivers more personalised message and improve ROI | 21 October 2014

London School of Marketing (LSM), a leading institution offering accredited marketing and business qualifications in the heart of London, has released its latest white-paper titled, The Concept of Hyper-targeting. more

Ireland/Davenport launches new content division - VIRUS | 21 October 2014

Through the line advertising agency Ireland/Davenport have bolstered their offering with a new content division aptly named VIRUS. Co-developed with Nevo Hadas of &Innovation and staffed with industry stalwart, the division will add significantly to the agency’s offering mix. more

New App to hit the streets | 21 October 2014

A new App is being launched just in time for the summer festivities, offering a real-time guide to popular gigs. Trender will be launched so that partygoers can see what places are Trending right now and also where their friends are going. more

Santam launches interactive video guide to managing risks in the home | 21 October 2014

Leading short-term insurer Santam today launched an innovative interactive video guide sharing some of South Africa's top home risks and how to prevent them. more

How & Where iPhone Is Made | 21 October 2014

Comparison of Apple’s Manufacturing Process. We call it the iPhone Saga, how Apple has perfected the art of juggling the global supply chain, its nose locked on where on earth to get suppliers that can offer the most efficient and best value parts under Apple’s strict quality benchmark. more

LSM helps students turn procrastination into a useful study aid | 21 October 2014

London School of Marketing, a leading institution offering accredited marketing and business qualifications in the heart of London, has released an article to help students turn procrastination into a useful, rather than destructive, study aid. more

7th Times Sowetan Retail Survey Reveals Consumer Trends for 2014 | 21 October 2014

The seventh Times Sowetan Retail Awards survey has announced the country’s favourite stores and outlets again, providing fresh insight into what shapes South African consumer behaviour, brand loyalty and shopping habits. more

IFEA 2014 provides gateway to regional market for global food industry | 21 October 2014

South Africa, and through it the rest of southern Africa, is ideally positioned for an international food and drink event such as IFEA as the world clamours for ready access to the southern African market, according to Chris McCuin, Business Development Director for Montgomery, organisers of IFEA in Africa. more

Mobile, Digital and Social Brands Continue Loyalty Supremacy | 21 October 2014

Apple, Amazon, What's App, Google, YouTube and Kindle top Brand Keys 2014 Loyalty Leaders List, the annual survey conducted by Brand Keys [], the New York-based brand and customer loyalty and engagement research consultancy. more

The 2014 Assegai Awards enjoys exceptional sponsorship support | 21 October 2014

The DMASA’s Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards have been a part of the direct marketing landscape since 1998, and this year the Assegai Awards have garnered exceptional sponsorship support from the marketing sector. more

Planning for an evolving audience | 21 October 2014

SABC Radio is undergoing a number of exciting improvements to remain relevant to a changing audience and offer a more realistic value proposition to advertisers. more

Vrouekeur Magazine: 373 000 readers per week say yes! | 21 October 2014

Vrouekeur is one of the oldest magazine titles in the Caxton Magazine portfolio, changing names and ownership several times before being re-launched as Vrouekeur in October 1999. more

Nedbank deploys Gemalto’s plug-and-play solution | 21 October 2014

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces that Nedbank Ltd, a leading commercial bank in South Africa, is deploying its Ezio eBanking solution to provide their wholesale customers with unmatched online transaction security and superior convenience more

New dimension to content enjoyment | 21 October 2014

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets with SlimPort give a whole new dimension to content enjoyment. Consumers can now mirror their Kindle display and share Movies, TV shows, Videos, Games, Apps and photos on the Big Screen. more

Partnerships in Action | 21 October 2014

If business is not assertive about what it needs from government to achieve inclusive growth, we are unlikely to achieve it. Business should secure a better understanding with government and also understand it better. more

Equity Bank issues mobile banking smart SIM | 21 October 2014

Equity Bank issues mobile banking smart SIM powered by Taisys Technologies to provide mobile banking and mobile communication services. Equity Bank is determined to challenge the M-Pesa’s monopoly in this area. more

Johannesburg Stock Exchange launches new range of African currency futures | 20 October 2014

Currency futures allow investors as well as importers and exporters to protect themselves against the currency movement in the foreign country. more

Leading financial firms invest in New Communication and Workflow Platform | 20 October 2014

Symphony Communication Services Holdings LLC, a secure communication and workflow technology company, announced its formation through a $66 million investment from a group of the world’s leading financial institutions. more

SkyVision VPN solution chosen by Unity Bank | 20 October 2014

SkyVision VPN solution chosen by Unity Bank, one of Nigeria’s largest retail financial institutions to ensure seamless connectivity between its branches nationwide. SkyVision plans to further expand its finance and micro-finance penetration within Nigeria and across Africa. more

Intra-Africa trade key to boosting African economies - DHL | 20 October 2014

While international trade agreements such as AGOA and the recently announced Economic Partnership Agreement between European Union and Southern Africa are positive for the continent and should be encouraged more

ZTE to strengthen its stake in the Middle East’s Smartphone Market | 20 October 2014

Company unveils three flagship smartphones Grand SII LTE, Nubia Z5S Mini and Blade Vec 4G at Gitex Shopper Autumn 2014 more

IWMF honours journalists from DR Congo, Serbia, USA | 20 October 2014

In many parts of the world, it takes courage to be a journalist. The 25th Courage in Journalism Award ceremonies. more

Online tools can build a more profitable dealership...and sell more cars | 20 October 2014

The retail automotive industry is one of the most competitive in the world. Customers have more choice, more buying power and sadly, less time, than ever before – which would explain the explosion of online car sales platforms and how individuals use them. more

TB/HIV Care Association again selects a Z-CARD® to educate its clients | 20 October 2014

The TB/HIV Care Association - a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to finding and caring for those affected by TB and HIV and to preventing the spread of these diseases - has again selected a Z-CARD®, with a slit on the back cover to house a condom, to communicate with its target audience. more

Shoppers become part of sustainable product design – by simply throwing things away | 20 October 2014

If you happened to visit Cavendish Square Shopping Centre in Cape Town over the last few weeks you may have noticed an array of colourful bin monsters throughout the mall. more

Brand South Africa contributes to the implementation of the National Development Plan | 20 October 2014

Brand South Africa set out to design the South African Competitiveness Forum as a strategic platform through which to consult and work with government, business and civil society stakeholders to identify the competitive and reputational strengths, and challenges the brand faces. more

Fezekisa Communications & Fetola gets SA working | 20 October 2014

Fezekisa Communications is proud to announce its partnership with Cape Town-based Fetola Mmoho Pty LTD famously known as Fetola to bring young people of South Africa a bigger and better Rising Stars Careers Expo 2015 which is set to take place in 3 different provinces from May 2015-August 2015. more

[Campaign] Heineken® Challenges People to Venture Outside their Comfort Zone | 20 October 2014

Today Heineken® unveiled their new “Open Your City” campaign, launching in South Africa this summer. “While Heineken® drinkers know many of the hot spots in their cities, they may not always venture out of their comfort zones,” said Tjeerd Veldhuis more

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