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Social Media 101: What is Instagram?

Creative Design and Copy

According to Wikipedia, ‘Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.’

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5 Ways to Capture Your Business Audience's Attention

Creative Design and Copy

First sentences must seduce. The opening line of your copy is like a corporate pick-up line — it must draw your audience in and it must draw them in immediately.

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4 reasons SMEs should care about Human Resource Management

PR and Communications

One of the most common misperceptions that we run into in our work with small businesses is that they don't need a formal human resources (HR) strategy or proper HR business processes.

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20 Types Of Content You Don't Realise You're Sharing

Creative Design and Copy

We all know, or should know, that content is king. What many of us do not realise is that content is more than just our blog posts. Promoting ourselves, our companies, and our brands on the Internet is the way we do business. Everything we share is content.

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Strike lead generation gold with Data Mining

Data Intelligence

Every time you do something electronically, whether it is transacting with your credit card, watching television, sending an e-mail, or posting a status update on Facebook, you leave a data trail behind.

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Content, Content, Content

Advertising and Promotion

Do people pay attention to ads anymore? I seriously doubt it! We have seen the average click through rates on digital banners decreasing by more than 60% in the past ten years and ever more declining day-after recall rates for TV advertising.

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Client Service Is Dead. Long Live Client Service

Customer Service

We throw the descriptor Client Service around as if it were little more than the physical embodiment of an arduous phone call or a well-meant email. But then, sometimes this is not such a far-fetched comparison. We all know the drill…. That sounds like a great idea, I’ll brief it in.

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How to save your business from difficult customers

Customer Service

No business has the right to brazenly and publicly offend customers just because of their religion, nationality, or skin colour. There are always consequences to your business with this extreme behaviour, and even though we may not like their behaviour, we need them more than they need us.

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Why 'Best' Is The Worst Way To End Your Email

Creative Design and Copy

If you want to annoy me, sign off your email with 'best'. When it happens, I am tempted to respond and ask 'best what?' Why have you chosen to add a random adjective that means nothing on a line by itself? The more you think about it, the more ridiculous it becomes.

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Industry Updates

Airport Ads® awarded media rights at Lanseria International Airport | 09 October 2015

Airport Ads®, a division of the leading out of home company Provantage Media Group, have been awarded the rights for advertising opportunities within the Lanseria International Airport precinct. more

Primedia Lifestyle walks away with 17 Footprint Awards | 08 October 2015

Recognising exceptional shopping centre marketing, innovation and creative achievements, the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) has awarded Primedia Lifestyle, 17 of its coveted Footprint Awards. more

Stability dominates in SAARF AMPS Jun 15 | 08 October 2015

The second-last installment of SAARF’s All Media and Products Survey, the country’s largest national survey after the Census, has been released. more

Tackling infringements off the field | 08 October 2015

There are 2 types of ambush marketing, ambush marketing by association and ambush marketing by intrusion. The former occurs when the trade marks, logos and symbols of the event and/or its sponsors are used unlawfully by businesses and persons who are not sponsors of the event nor associated with the event more

Why Your Marketing Strategy (or lack thereof) Matters | 08 October 2015

In the constant quest to keep things running somewhat smoothly, business owners tend to neglect marketing. This is a critical mistake to make – because marketing is essentially what will grow your business in the long run. more

Connecting People with Businesses in Just Two Taps | 08 October 2015

These days people expect to be able to do everything from their phones. Mobile phones are where people communicate and discover the things they like, but historically, it's been difficult for people on mobile to signal to businesses that they want to learn more about their products or services. more

Mobile contribution to Sub-Saharan African Economy | 08 October 2015

The mobile industry in Sub-Saharan Africa contributed more than US$100 billion to the region’s economy last year, according to a new GSMA study published at the ‘Mobile 360 Series – Africa’ conference being held in Cape Town this week. more

South Africa’s manufacturers under pressure | 08 October 2015

While power shortages remain one of a number of challenges South African manufacturers are facing in 2015, there is a silver lining: solid demand and efforts to trim costs and boost operational efficiencies are expected to shore up earnings in certain segments. more

Glacier campaign uncovers realities of retirement | 08 October 2015

We all know that saving for retirement is an essential part of life, but what are we actually saving for? Last week, Glacier by Sanlam launched its #FutureFWD retirement campaign which aims to help answer this question for young South Africans and create awareness of the need to save adequately for retirement. more

96% of South African SMEs crave Government support | 08 October 2015

More than half (54%) of small and medium enterprise (SME) owners in South Africa did not take a holiday last year and 70% put in more time than the standard 40 hour-week to grow their businesses, according to new research by Sage. more

Hellocomputer Applauds Washington Post ‘Ad Block’ Move | 08 October 2015

The Washington Post’s decision to block readers who utilise ad blocking software should be applauded – not vilified – by consumers of online content, online content providers and online advertisers. more

OOH Media Industry In Safe Hands | 08 October 2015

MEC Nota Bene - an agency focused on integrated communication in channel strategy, planning and buying - has partnered with Vodacom to oversee and implement the media giant’s health and safety initiatives in the Out Of Home (OOH) media space. more

Local Limpopo sold newspapers buck the trend | 07 October 2015

In contrast to sold daily and Sunday publications, local Limpopo newspapers growth buck the downward trend. more

Keep tabs on your competitors with Newsclip | 07 October 2015

How does your brand’s media coverage fare in comparison to your competitors’? Not sure? Newsclip has you covered with their reengineered competitor analysis offering on Gate5. Now you can easily determine your position and strategically use it to your advantage. more

FNB expands their pay TV footprint with Multichoice | 07 October 2015

FNB customers can now view their outstanding amount on their account and make full or partial payments for DStv subscriptions or top up Box Office accounts from their mobile devices using the FNB Cellphone Banking platform. more

King James Group named African Agency of the year | 07 October 2015

The King James Group has once again been named African Advertising Agency of the Year at the annual African Cristal Festival. more

Rules For Winning Marketing in Africa | 07 October 2015

With a population of 1,1 billion people, 65% under the age of 35, growing economies and increasing middle class spending power, Africa is every marketer’s dream. more

New Industry Insight Series Report | 07 October 2015

This document offers exhibitors a primer on exhibit goal setting that aligns with an organization's strategic goals and defining metrics that track event performance against these goals. more

News Feed FYI: Building for All Connectivity | 07 October 2015

People are coming online at a staggering rate in emerging markets and, in most cases, are doing so on mobile via 2G connections. In order to make sure another billion people can connect using Facebook we need to design features of the product that work seamlessly regardless of mobile network and device. more

Vega students host inaugural TEDxVega to critical acclaim | 07 October 2015

The Vega School of Brand leadership (Vega), a brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), hosted its inaugural TEDx talk evening to a packed auditorium of people from all walks of life – including industry influencers, students, parents and the general public. more

2015 Ibrahim Index of African Governance | 07 October 2015

South Africa has retained its position in the 2015 Ibrahim Index on Africa Governance. In the 2015 Index, South Africa has retained its rank of 4 of 54 countries assessed in the Index. more

Growth by Design for Jet | 07 October 2015

Iconic South African fashion brand, Jet, recently repositioned itself from Jet Up and Save to “Feel Good Fashion for Everyone”. more

Put your business in the spotlight | 07 October 2015

Celebrating the importance and the success of small businesses in South Africa, entries for the 2015 South African Small Business Awards are open. The awards, are hosted by the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) more

Niche is nice. The Media Online user statistics at an all time high | 06 October 2015

TheMediaOnline continues to make further, meaningful gains in the digital space with its WordPress stats showing 59,317 page views in September, a 5.2% increase month on month and a healthy 10% increase year on year. more

3 Real-world use cases for the Internet of Things and big data | 06 October 2015

Technology often progresses in ways that can surprise us. Just eight years ago, many people thought of the then-new Apple iPhone as an expensive toy of little interest to the workaday world or the average consumer. The idea that nearly everyone would own such a gadget sounded like crazy talk to some. more

How the Tuluver helped the Vulture [Campaign] | 07 October 2015

In the lead up to International Vulture Awareness Day on 5 September, one of South Africa’s top conservation NGOs, BirdLife South Africa made an astonishing announcement. more

Lazy Sunday Afternoon – got some time for papers | 06 October 2015

There is something special about a Sunday and a newspaper, there is time to sit enjoy the news leisurely throughout the day, from the first cup of coffee in the morning to some sport with a beer after a braai. more

New FNB advertising campaign encourages digital banking | 06 October 2015

FNB today announced the launch of its latest marketing campaign to encourage digital banking via its innovative platforms. The campaign revolves around the concept of time and cost saving when banking digitally. more

Etiket bags four Pendoring finalists | 06 October 2015

While the creative agency ETIKET prides itself in being language and media-neutral when it comes to clients, the creative team jumps at each and every opportunity to conceptualise and create fresh and original Afrikaans work. more

MobiWork joins forces with One Channel | 06 October 2015

MobiWork announced a strategic partnership with South Africa's fastest growing cloud ERP solutions providers, One Channel, to bring its leading mobile workforce management solutions to the African market. more

Diary of a Gen C | 06 October 2015

How important am I in the delivering of communication messages? Am I really as important as I think I am? I mean, I engage with my social networks every day thinking that someone is watching my social performance through some form of digital lens. more

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