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7 signs it is time to get an agency

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As your company grows, you'll start thinking about whether to keep your marketing in-house or whether to appoint an agency. Do you keep the work internal and hire new employees to fill specialised positions? Or do you outsource?

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What marketers think about programmatic in 2016


Due to its prevalence, it's easy to lose track of how new the programmatic advertising industry is. As with any new industry driven by a disruptive technology, things are changing quickly.

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Get Started with 7 Essential Lifecycle Marketing Programs


Your customers are more likely to respond (and appreciate) messages that are based on their unique journey with your brand versus your promotional calendar.

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Breaking our attachment to traditional advertising

Advertising and Promotion

The idea that brands are underspending in digital is a common assumption that needs to be tested. Some brands are already spending a huge portion of their marketing budget in digital, and this is growing

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How to Access All of Your Customer Data


See Every Customer in 3D. You can't win over today's empowered customers with yesterday's fragmented marketing approaches.

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10 Lead Nurturing Campaigns to Try Today


Use these successful lead nurturing programs to engage your customers and mature pipeline. Try Out These Successful Lead Nurturing Programs.

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Think Community First

Leadership Articles

More often than not, we’ve all got our digital marketing hats on when we think about Social Media strategies. While this is great for thinking up any idea, it isn’t always the best hat to be wearing when thinking about the best idea for a specific audience.

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Facebook By The Numbers


Make Facebook count. Get insights from over 37 billion Facebook impressions. We’re excited to announce the release of our new Facebook by the Numbers research report.

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10 Common Barriers to Understanding the Customer Journey


Customer Journey: 10 Common barriers to understanding it and how to solve them. Learn how to overcome 10 challenges to delivering a better buyer experience.

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Industry Updates

Reinventing U&As to be purposeful | 29 June 2016

A route map to more purposeful market studies. Understanding what people do in your market – and why – is fundamental to any consumer-centric strategy. more

Announcing new CEW Workshops | 29 June 2016

Customer Experience World is delighted to announce the introduction of an expanded workshop programme. more

‘Brexit’ specials for BBC World News as sees record traffic | 29 June 2016

As the implications of the UK vote to leave the European Union become clear BBC World News has today announced ring special editions of its flagship programmes for this week. more

CTICC Celebrates its 13th Birthday | 29 June 2016

To mark its 13th birthday, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is giving away one of the most important gifts anyone can give: an education. more

Last Chance to enter the MMA SMARTIES | 29 June 2016

It’s your last chance to enter the SMARTIES! Marketers and Agencies have until the midnight on 30 June 2016 to submit to the Mobile Marketing Association South Africa (MMA SA) SMARTIES. more

High profile data breaches employ phishing techniques | 29 June 2016

To the average user, phishing emails often appear like harmless requests for information, and seem to come from trusted suppliers, and reputable sources. However, for cyber criminals, phishing is more often than not, the easiest way to get a foot in the door of their targets. more

Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly joins Times Media | 29 June 2016

Times Media is very pleased to announce that Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly has joined Times Media as editor-in-chief of Business Day Wanted. more

DS Smith partners with London’s Museum of Brands | 29 June 2016

In line with its commitment to innovation, DS Smith is supporting the Museum’s conference space where the shared objective is to spark creativity and inspiration. more

Sage and Google Sheets for Small & Medium Businesses | 29 June 2016

Sage, the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems, has partnered with Google to create a software prototype that will allow Small & Medium Businesses to create, update and manage Google Sheets reports with data taken directly from Sage One Accounting more

Thinking pink: the purchasing power of gay Aussies | 29 June 2016

Used to describe the purchasing power of the gay community, the term ‘pink dollar’ has been part of the Australian vernacular for many years. more

Trustco results show solid performance | 29 June 2016

Quinton van Rooyen, Group Managing Director says people of Namibia remain committed to their principles as enshrined in its Constitution, so too he remains committed to Trustco and its continuous growth. more

Breaking the Mould | 29 June 2016

With the landscape of marketing constantly evolving, this profession is no longer just traditional advertising with print ads and slogans. more

PITCH-A-PHOBIA… And how to overcome it | 29 June 2016

Imagine this scenario: You’re ready to pitch your well-practised polished business pitch or idea for an innovative business to potential investors and/or partners, but at the moment of delivery, you suffer from acute vocal paralysis. No sounds, only terror – pitch-a-phobia. more

Why Instagram’s recent announcement is great news | 29 June 2016

On the back of yet another big announcement and probably their best one yet, there seems to be no stopping social media network Instagram. more

Comsol launches nationwide high-speed open access network | 29 June 2016

Comsol, backed by Convergence Partners, Nedbank Private Equity and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) as investment partners , has launched Comsol Fibre Connect, South Africa’s first and only nationwide open access high-speed carrier grade data network. more

Cyber Security is a Battle of the People versus Email Scammers | 29 June 2016

The ‘Nigerian Prince’ or ‘419’ email scams we’ve all seen take advantage of the age-old premise: people can be greedy and gullible. more

When influencers are given creative control of a brand, magic happens | 29 June 2016

While they may be anxious to cede creative control of their brand campaign when collaborating with influencers for the first time, if they’ve done their homework and are working with influencers who are a good fit for their brand, then they have nothing to worry about. more

Eleven day left to vote for the MOST Awards | 28 June 2016

Voting for the 8th annual MOST Awards has been extended until Friday 8 July. To access the online survey click here, or go to and look for the “Click here to Vote” banner on the side of the homepage. more

1000 Doodles with Clem Phiri | 28 June 2016

The most long-standing supporter of innovative art-for-charity event, 1000 Drawings Jozi, is undoubtedly Clem Phiri. He’s prone to hiding his light under a bushel, but we tracked him down for this interview. more

International Companies Seeking Out South African Expertise | 28 June 2016

With companies around the world responding to increasing cost and efficiency pressures, tapping into South African expertise is swiftly becoming a solution for international brands to get world-class results. more

#EarthDay Facts and Findings from Ipsos | 28 June 2016

This series of charts investigates the attitudes of South Africans towards the water crisis, nuclear energy and alternative sources of Energy. These results form part of Ipsos’s Khayabus survey: A total of 3,617 personal face-to-face interviews were conducted with randomly selected adult South Africans. more

European affluent urge to consolidate EU-ties | 28 June 2016

The European affluent are generally more positive towards their country’s membership of the European Union than the non-affluent. more

Consumers Nominate a New Slate of ‘Patriotic’ Brands | 28 June 2016

A new Brand Keys survey of iconic American brands has revealed the brands consumers consider the most patriotic: Jeep, Disney, Levi Strauss, Ralph Lauren, and Ford lead the parade. more

Five common misconceptions about CX | 28 June 2016

While some South African companies have opened themselves to the opportunities offered by Customer Experience (CX), many either do not fully understand it or simply see it as a bolt-on to existing systems. more

Tennis viewers a valuable audience for advertisers | 28 June 2016

The Champagne’s on ice, the strawberries have been picked, and the grass is green: Wimbledon is here again, and for many Australian tennis fans, that means a fortnight of dedicated TV viewing. more

Common misconceptions around information security | 28 June 2016

Every time the headlines flood with a new story about a breach at a major organisation, the assumption is that the attackers got in due to a high level of sophistication, or through careful studying of their target looking for the weakest link in the security chain. more

Debonairs Pizza On the Double® [Campaign] | 28 June 2016

The leading quick service restaurant in the pizza market, Debonairs Pizza, is promoting its popular On the Double® offering with a television commercial on SABC, eTV and DSTV channels during May, June and July. more

Retail Therapy as Edcon appoints Y&R Network | 28 June 2016

Edcon recently announced the appointment of the Y&R Network as new agency for their Edgars Division. more

NATIVE VML brings home a Pride of Lions | 28 June 2016

NATIVE VML rounded off a historic week for the six-year-old agency at the 69th premier international award show, the Cannes Lions, garnering 11 finalists, as well as Bronze, Silver and Gold Lions. more

Blackberry and Emtek forge partnership | 28 June 2016

Alliance to transform BBM’s cross-platform offerings through new content-rich features and innovative BBM services more

The Market Research and Insight Yearbook | 28 June 2016

Published in collaboration between Kogan Page and the Market Research Society, currently celebrating its 70th year, The Market Research and Insight Yearbook: Transforming Evidence into Impact brings together an exclusive selection of case studies featuring the highest calibre examples of market research. more

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