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Europe's Affluent behind the global digital curve

Research - Trends and Insights

Did you know when it comes to Smartphone and tablet adoption, Europe is behind the digital curve? Affluents in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America are far more likely to own these devices than their European counterparts, according to the Ipsos Global Affluent Survey 2014.

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From Value Grabbing to Value Creating: Lesson for Leaders

Customer Value Management

Delivering Happiness, Giftivism and Conscious Capitalism all have common messages, one of which is ‘Give Forward’.

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Customer and Value Migration

Customer Value Management

Your Customers move where they perceive they get better Customer Value, causing your company Value to migrate to competition

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Investing in HR will give your business an edge

Internal Communication

There is no better way to ensure that your business is competitive and sustainable than investing in your human resources (HR) in a targeted and strategic manner.

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To Create more Shareholder Wealth, would you Focus on the Short Term?

Customer Value Management

The CEO has to think whether Value Creation is a flawed concept, particularly as it places the customer and employees ahead of the shareholder.

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Whom do I work for?

Customer Value Management

If you work for a company, whom do you really work for? Or whom should you really work for? Ask an executive this question and the answer will be for the company or the boss.

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Thoughtful China 130 - Five Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media

Thoughtful China

Five Major Mistakes Brands Make in Social Media in China, This Week on ‘Thoughtful China’

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Mobile apps: driving adoption and benchmarking success


With more and more South Africans getting their hands on smartphones every day, local brands should be looking at a mobile-first strategy for digital engagement.

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Design, programming for a multi-device future

Creative Design and Copy

Developers already have a difficult time with device manufacturers pushing their own development environments to reach consumers. Do developers specialise in one or two, or should they work across all of them?

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Industry Updates

A growing TV portfolio for Mediamark | 22 October 2014

In continuing to diversify its product offering, Mediamark, one of South Africa’s leading media sales houses, now boasts seven television channels among its portfolio. Mediamark has built up its TV portfolio significantly over the past few months more

Inviting youth to participate in South Africa’s 2nd annual Competitiveness Forum | 22 October 2014

Brand South Africa has introduced, for the first time, a platform for youth to contribute to the conversation on South Africa’s global competitiveness at the 2nd annual South African Competitiveness Forum. The Forum is scheduled for 4-5 November at EY (Ernest and Young) in Sandton, Johannesburg. more

The Sunflower Fund thanks you for making Dreams come true | 22 October 2014

The Sunflower Fund offers heartfelt thanks to everyone who bought a Sunflower Bandana and wore it on the 12th October to show their support for patients suffering from life-threatening blood disorders such as leukaemia. more

Groupon South Africa relaunches its charity division | 22 October 2014

Groupon South Africa today announced the relaunch of its charity division, Groupon Grassroots. Aimed at supporting both local and national community projects, Groupon unveiled a new website where organisations can request support in getting their charity exposure to Groupon’s huge subscriber base for free. more

A Shopper Marketing Centre of Excellence in Africa | 22 October 2014

Y&R South Africa launches Labstore – Labstore continues its global growth: Investment represents Y&R’s commitment to retail and shopper marketing expertise in Africa. more

The 2014 Nation Brand Index results: A mixed bag of findings on South Africa | 22 October 2014

The release of the Simon Anholt 2014 Nation Brand Index results, sees South Africa drops one position to 37 out of 50 countries. more

Database 360 extends UK operations | 22 October 2014

South African marketing consultancy company, Database 360, has officially extended its business in the UK, opening a new office in Richmond, London. more

 Job hunting in the digital age: is the traditional CV enough? | 22 October 2014

As businesses and people across the globe move into a digital age characterised by social media, online professional networking profiles and even personal websites, do we still need CVs when looking for new job opportunities? more

GSMA Announces Additional Speakers at Mobile 360-Africa | 22 October 2014

The GSMA today provided further details on the Mobile 360 Series-Africa conference, which will take place 5-7 November at the Clock Tower Conference Centre in Cape Town. more

Ads24 promotes vernacular advertising through Pendoring Awards | 22 October 2014

The time is drawing near for the annual Pendoring Advertising Awards, started 19 years ago, to celebrate vernacular advertising. Ads24 has traditionally been a gold sponsor of the Pendoring Advertising Awards, and in show of support for mother-tongue advertising has upped its sponsorship to platinum level this year. more

Moka5 Launches Project SkyNet | 22 October 2014

Moka5, the leading provider of next generation end-user computing solutions, today announced its plans for a new kind of container for the web- and cloud-driven world. more

MSC Cruises pioneers Travel Industry’s use of a Digital Publishing Platform | 22 October 2014

With 12 cruise ships and hundreds of itineraries worldwide, MSC Cruises thinks big. That’s why the company pioneered the travel industry’s use of a digital publishing platform in 2011 by signing on with Zmags. more

Gloo wins more recognition for media and innovation | 22 October 2014

Digital agency Gloo won four awards, including two golds, at this year’s inaugural AMASA event. The awards represent the best in media and innovation nationally, celebrating cut-through ideas that deliver business results for clients. more

Easy Taxi makes it easy for KSA women | 22 October 2014

Easy Taxi, the global taxi hailing service operating in KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Jordan within the Middle East, has released research figures showing it helps KSA’s women contribute to the country’s GDP and economic future by being able to commute safely, securely, and with complete trust. more

Hilton Worldwide Releases Corporate Responsibility Report | 22 October 2014

Global hospitality company achieves carbon reduction goal; announces youth commitment and receives three ISO certifications across hotel portfolio. more

Oracle close IT skills gap in Africa | 21 October 2014

Oracle launches capacity-building programme to close IT skills gap in Africa. Strategy to develop relevant skills among youth, graduates, employees and entrepreneurs. more

Time for SA’s AV industry to professionalise and embrace global standards | 21 October 2014

Corporate South Africa’s demand for audio-visual solutions is growing at a rapid pace, but training and professional standards are not keeping up with the expansion of the market. more

Henley Business School Offers A Family-Friendly MBA | 21 October 2014

Recognising the significant sacrifices its Master of Business Administration (MBA) students have to make throughout their study programmes, the African campus of the world-renowned Henley Business School is increasingly working with their partners to create a modern and responsible MBA. more

5 Ways To Win With Generation Z | 21 October 2014

Although they are adjacent generations, Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z have a number of major differences. Gen Z is a more tech-innate, connected generation - which heavily affects their communication style. more

Cash is still king, says Nomanini CEO and AfricaCom speaker Vahid Monadjem | 21 October 2014

“Mobile money, while undoubtedly achieving impressive growth across Africa, is really still in its infancy,” says Vahid Monadjem, co-founder and CEO of cash-based POS platform provider Nomanini. more

Hyper-targeting delivers more personalised message and improve ROI | 21 October 2014

London School of Marketing (LSM), a leading institution offering accredited marketing and business qualifications in the heart of London, has released its latest white-paper titled, The Concept of Hyper-targeting. more

Ireland/Davenport launches new content division - VIRUS | 21 October 2014

Through the line advertising agency Ireland/Davenport have bolstered their offering with a new content division aptly named VIRUS. Co-developed with Nevo Hadas of &Innovation and staffed with industry stalwart, the division will add significantly to the agency’s offering mix. more

New App to hit the streets | 21 October 2014

A new App is being launched just in time for the summer festivities, offering a real-time guide to popular gigs. Trender will be launched so that partygoers can see what places are Trending right now and also where their friends are going. more

Santam launches interactive video guide to managing risks in the home | 21 October 2014

Leading short-term insurer Santam today launched an innovative interactive video guide sharing some of South Africa's top home risks and how to prevent them. more

How & Where iPhone Is Made | 21 October 2014

Comparison of Apple’s Manufacturing Process. We call it the iPhone Saga, how Apple has perfected the art of juggling the global supply chain, its nose locked on where on earth to get suppliers that can offer the most efficient and best value parts under Apple’s strict quality benchmark. more

LSM helps students turn procrastination into a useful study aid | 21 October 2014

London School of Marketing, a leading institution offering accredited marketing and business qualifications in the heart of London, has released an article to help students turn procrastination into a useful, rather than destructive, study aid. more

7th Times Sowetan Retail Survey Reveals Consumer Trends for 2014 | 22 October 2014

The seventh Times Sowetan Retail Awards survey has announced the country’s favourite stores and outlets again, providing fresh insight into what shapes South African consumer behaviour, brand loyalty and shopping habits. more

IFEA 2014 provides gateway to regional market for global food industry | 21 October 2014

South Africa, and through it the rest of southern Africa, is ideally positioned for an international food and drink event such as IFEA as the world clamours for ready access to the southern African market, according to Chris McCuin, Business Development Director for Montgomery, organisers of IFEA in Africa. more

Mobile, Digital and Social Brands Continue Loyalty Supremacy | 21 October 2014

Apple, Amazon, What's App, Google, YouTube and Kindle top Brand Keys 2014 Loyalty Leaders List, the annual survey conducted by Brand Keys [], the New York-based brand and customer loyalty and engagement research consultancy. more

The 2014 Assegai Awards enjoys exceptional sponsorship support | 21 October 2014

The DMASA’s Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards have been a part of the direct marketing landscape since 1998, and this year the Assegai Awards have garnered exceptional sponsorship support from the marketing sector. more

Planning for an evolving audience | 21 October 2014

SABC Radio is undergoing a number of exciting improvements to remain relevant to a changing audience and offer a more realistic value proposition to advertisers. more

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