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Understanding a brand and connecting it digitally

Brand Marketing

Brands have been around as long as there have been things to sell. The term ‘brand’ originated from the stamp carved onto a product to certify its purity, authenticity and origin.

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The digital trends that are shaping leading brands’ marketing plans

Research - Trends and Insights

According to Google, more than 20 million South Africans are using the Internet today. Thanks to cheaper smartphones and the rise of high-speed fibre connectivity, the Internet is a truly mainstream technology that reaches South Africans from every walk of life.

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Agility is Shaping Brands of the Future

Research - Trends and Insights

Successful brands of the future will be those that understand the importance of designing communications and creating experiences that have the ability to single out an individual within the crowd.

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Do Unethical Practices Create Or Destroy Value?

Customer Value Management

Certainly the answer depends on your point of view. And for whom you are trying to create or destroy value. You could be trying to create value for your company or destroy value for your competitors. But your point of view may not be right or ethical.

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What smart technology will really mean for business

Leadership Articles

Smart technology (IoT), is simply about connecting devices, but while the focus has been on technology that facilitates the creation of smart households, its business applications are endless. According to BI Intelligence, it is projected that by 2020, 34 billion devices will be connected to the Internet.

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Middle-aged shoppers are the most ethical study finds

Research - Trends and Insights

In a survey of supermarket consumers researchers found that young and old shoppers were less likely to purchase fairtrade and organic goods at supermarkets, with the findings going against the commonly held view that people become more ethical as they get older.

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Media strategists need a mindset change

Alternative and Other Media

The world is changing before our very eyes, yet too often as a media strategist you remain doing what you have always done – you need to change the way you plan, buy and execute client campaigns.

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Choosing the right office space for your small business

Small Business (SME)

The right office space can make or break a business. It's not easy to find the balance between affordability and the perfect premises but it's important to take the time and do the research to do so.

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Generation Z: The New Generation Consumer

Kids and Youth Marketing

Marketers have often made use of generations as a demographic and psychographic delineator for specifying and describing their target markets. But what exactly is a generation? And why is this understanding useful to marketers?

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Industry Updates

Heart FM shuts down broadcast studio for 16 days | 31 May 2016

Heart FM will shut down its Green Point broadcast studio for 16 days to undertake youth focused projects across the province in honour of Youth Month. more

The massive spending power of the mass market | 31 May 2016

The spending power of the Ads24 Mass Market title readers is a whopping R479 billion per annum. This makes up 23% of all household expenditure in South Africa. more

It makes sense and cents to offer free WiFi | 31 May 2016

Offering WiFi has become a customer expectation and in the very near future, more and more businesses will think of WiFi as a resource that is as critical to success as running water. more

Transformation as a strategic imperative | 31 May 2016

Organisations are increasingly redirecting their attention and focus on transformation as they prepare to be evaluated according to the new B-BBEE Codes later this year. more

Samsung Electronics Awarded 2016 Creative Marketer of the Year | 31 May 2016

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. was recently recognised as the most creative marketer of 2016 by the Cannes LIONS International Festival of Creativity, the largest gathering of worldwide creative communications professionals and advertisers. more

Acquiring the correct skills for entrepreneurship | 31 May 2016

Recently Statistics SA announced that the country’s unemployment rate had jumped in the first quarter of 2016 from 24.5% to 26.7%. This means that today there are 8.9 million South Africans who want to work, are able to work more

BBC World News and unveil winning roster of Rio 2016 content | 31 May 2016

As all eyes turn to Rio and the 2016 Olympic Games, BBC World News and have announced a raft of dedicated programmes and special digital initiatives to bring global audiences an in-depth view of the city, the athletes and the Games themselves. more

You are the weakest link | 31 May 2016

Without intending to do harm, an employee can unintentionally cause major harm to your organisation by falling victim to phishing and social engineering more

eNCA announces changes to strengthen news coverage | 31 May 2016

eNCA is pleased to announce a strategic plan to strengthen the news coverage and grow their online presence at eNuus. The changes will be effective from 1 June 2016. more

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre becomes Environmentally-Friendly | 31 May 2016

The extension of Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria has been awarded a 4-star Green Star Retail Design rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) for the substantial effort undertaken to develop their first building phase more

Lay’s and Pepsi #PerfectMatch campaign | 31 May 2016

The universal language of sport can be a powerful platform to bring fans, from around the world, together. Combining the power of the UEFA Champions League with global brands such as Lay’s and Pepsi more

SoundVision wins Ericsson Innovation Awards 2016 | 30 May 2016

The SoundVision team has developed a mobile device that converts 3D spatial information into sound so blind individuals can identify their surroundings more effectively. The technology can help create truly inclusive cities where every citizen is empowered. more

Brand activations in 2016 and beyond | 30 May 2016

Few months ago after a serious discussion with a client, we realised that most people are most comfortable following trends rather than creating their own. more

South Africa as a globally competitive destination | 30 May 2016

Brand South Africa will on Tuesday 31 May 2016 host stakeholders from a range of disciplines to reflect on how to consolidate efforts to strengthen the South African nation brand. more

Create mobile apps that engage customers every day | 30 May 2016

Companies looking for a return on investment on the mobile apps they develop need to think carefully about how they will build value into their applications to ensure they create traction and keep users coming back. more

Social skills are crucial to succeed in business | 30 May 2016

According to research done by trade union Solidarity, nearly 60 000 South Africans have been retrenched over the past year, and it is believed that the actual number could be substantially higher. more

The easiest way to execute a free sample distribution plan | 30 May 2016

From our understanding a beat is produced then lyrics written then recorded and mastered to perfection before being released. We could be wrong but that is the version that makes the most sense when it comes to creating music. more

Digital is not an isolated field | 30 May 2016

In our previous blog post (Integrated or specialist agencies?) I discussed some of the benefits that our clients experience when dealing with Stratitude as an integrated agency. In this post, I’d like to discuss the benefits it provides us as Stratitude’s digital team. more

Vega to be one of the first to launch gaming degree | 30 May 2016

South Africa is believed to have a gaming industry worth R 2.5 billion with a positive growth projection which is set to reach R 3.3 billion in 2017. more

Unpacking penetration testing for SMEs | 30 May 2016

If the stories about breaches that have littered the headlines over the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that no business is too big or too small to be an attractive target for cyber criminals. more

Globally recognised Out of Home Audience Accountability | 30 May 2016

JCDecaux South Africa are one of the key underwriters of the ground-breaking Out of Home currency, ROAD (Roadside Outdoor Audience Data) produced under the OMC JIC umbrella. more

NSPCA Vice Chairman Wins Leadership Award | 30 May 2016

The National Council of SPCAs could not miss the opportunity to submit a nomination for Jane Marston when the annual Women in Law Enforcement Awards invited submissions for “exceptional women” in their leadership category. more

Mortimer Harvey wins Ultra Dog digital account | 27 May 2016

Mortimer Harvey has added Ultra Dog, a specialist premium range of veterinarian dog foods, to the agency’s list of clients. Ultra Dog is part of RCL FOODS Ltd. more

BrandsEye launches 360 media monitoring solution | 27 May 2016

BrandsEye, a global leader in data analytics and media intelligence, today announced the launch of its latest service offering, which will add print and broadcast media monitoring to its existing platform. more

Voting for the 8th annual MOST Awards is live | 27 May 2016

Voting for the 8th annual MOST Awards opens today and will continue until 30 June 2016. To access the new and improved online survey click here, or go to and look for the “Click here to Vote” button at the top of the homepage. more

Web Development To The Rescue | 27 May 2016

South Africa needs coders, South Africans need jobs. It seems a simple equation, and an area of immense possibility for creating employment, changing lives, and growing our economy. more

Helping aspiring coders shape the future of South Africa | 27 May 2016

Code for Cape Town, a not for profit organisation that teaches high school girls to code, has started a collaboration with Havas Boondoggle to help their learners to develop technological solutions to social issues in their communities. more

Exhibitors in the MedTech Expo are announced | 27 May 2016

Lions Health, the Festival and Awards for life-changing creativity, has announced the exhibitors in the Lions Health Omnicom Health Group MedTech Expo to be presented at this year’s Festival from 18-19 June. more

Bringing People Better Ads | 27 May 2016

Much of the news and information we read online, along with the games, videos, and other things we enjoy, are supported by advertising. More people have access to more content than ever before – often free of charge more

One in four South Africans reads an Ads24 Mass Market title | 27 May 2016

The Ads24 Mass Market titles, which include Daily Sun, Soccer Laduma, Son and Illanga reach one in four South African adults. The print component alone reaches 24% of SA adults and 53% of all newspaper readers and the digital component reaches 13% of all internet users. more

So you want to be a Supermanager… | 27 May 2016

You may be a nursing sister, an accountant, a geologist, or maybe run a beauty salon. Great! You have built the platform for a successful career. But if you have people reporting to you, people whose workday you look after, you are also a manager. more

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