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Digital media is an essential player in the fashion industry

Digital Marketing

When it comes to fashion, digital media is now an essential accessory; it’s no longer simply another trend. Bloggers are invited to fashion shows, models work on developing a social media following and designers turn to Instagram to inspire and be inspired.

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The Rise of Brand Activation Solutions

Brand Marketing

The term ‘brand activation’ may not mean much to the average consumer, but if they’ve ever watched a live product demonstration in a supermarket, or been handed a discount voucher for a particular cleaning detergent at a traffic light, or sampled a new brand of sports drink at an event, then they’ve certainly been the target of this kind of brand-building exercise.

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Don’t make boardroom decisions without inviting the data scientist

Data Intelligence

Big Data is fast becoming the biggest buzz phrase in business. It is such a strategic imperative that recent research from Accenture showed that 87% of enterprises believe big data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within three years.

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Hiring for Social Media

Social Media

A social media professional must be clever, sharp, accurate and skilled at relationship-building. They are a copywriter, PR executive, brand ambassador, customer care agent, account manager, strategist, media planner – all in the space of an hour.

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Primary Consumer Sentiment Index (PCSI)

Research - Trends and Insights

The South Africa Primary Consumer Sentiment (“Consumer Confidence”) Index (“PCSI”) as measured by the Thomson Reuters/Ipsos PCSI for May, 2015 is down 1.6 percentage points over last month.

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NATIVE VML’s Trends Report Summary – May 2015

Research - Trends and Insights

NATIVE VML latest Trends Report is packed with the top trends in marketing, storytelling and digital culture locally and abroad.

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Thoughtful China 155 - Cross-border Commerce: Winning Strategies for China

Thoughtful China

Why Alibaba’s Tmall Global Is Not the Fast Track Into China Desired by Western Retailers, This Week on ‘Thoughtful China’

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The truths about creating an exceptional customer experience

Customer Service

There is universal agreement that an exceptional customer experience is the most important focus for differentiation and brand building. According to the latest trends from digital research company, e-consultancy, customer experience is priority Number 1 for 2015, and the five years beyond.

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When To Use ‘That’ And When To Use ‘Which’

Creative Design and Copy

Knowing when to use ‘that’ and when to use ‘which’ is a tricky business. Use this helpful rule to find your way.

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Industry Updates

FlySafair gives youth their wings this June | 28 May 2015

It's no secret that during peak holiday periods the number of travellers under the age of 12 nearly doubles, as more families are inclined to travel together to their holiday destinations. more

IMC Conferences set to address the State of the Marketing Nation | 28 May 2015

The IMC Conferences are proud to announce that its 5th annual conference will be returning to Cape Town on the 3rd and 4th of August at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. more

Email marketers no longer need shoot in the dark | 28 May 2015

Leading South African email and digital communications solution provider Everlytic has revealed the results of two intensive studies into the way that South Africans interact with marketing emails. more

Creative Collab ignites the Durban creative community | 28 May 2015

Design Indaba continually seeks to offer opportunities for our local designers to showcase their work and join the global discussion on creativity and innovation. more

Brand South Africa trains home affairs officials | 28 May 2015

In order to address its mandate of boosting pride and patriotism among the citizens of South Africa, Brand South Africa has been working closely with the Department of Home Affairs to train the department’s officials on issues relating to reputation, nation brand and patriotism. more

Proclaim adoration with personalised billboard | 28 May 2015

NetFlorist, South Africa’s leading flower and gifting service, is giving South Africans the opportunity to make the ‘grandest of grand gestures’ by making two billboards in Gauteng available for personalised messages. more

The latest trends in offices and the way people are choosing to work | 28 May 2015

We caught up with Greg Beadle, professional photographer and founder of Cape Town’s innovative new commercial property project “The Bureaux”, and asked him a few questions about the shared workspace concept and the latest trends in offices and the way people are choosing to work internationally and locally. more

Supplier Development Programme for entrepreneurs | 27 May 2015

Judi Sandrock, CEO of MEDO, comments on Supplier Development and why she believes we need to change the tone of the current conversation around BBBEE and Supplier and Enterprise Development in SA more

Red & Yellow student heads for New York | 27 May 2015

Tshegofatso Mogotsi-Phetlhe – currently a Marketing and Advertising Communications (MAC) student at Red & Yellow - has been selected as the Cape Town All Star for this year’s Art Directors Club Portfolio Night. more

A look into ambush marketing in the sporting arena | 27 May 2015

Over the past few decades, the tactic of ambushing an unsuspecting enemy has migrated a long way from camouflaged overalls and combat boots, in times of war, to suits and ties in times of high profile events. more

Automotive sales, simplified | 27 May 2015

Marketing and sales is an art. While success in these disciplines has always required having access to the right people at the right time, these days, buyers are electing to do research online and are extremely well-informed by the time they have their first contact with a company. more

Last call for Loerie entries | 27 May 2015

For the first time, Durban will be hosting the Loeries from the 10 – 16 August. Official events will take place at the Durban ICC and along the Durban beachfront during Loeries® Creative Week™. more

Driven by First Car Rental | 27 May 2015

Graffiti, a creative marketing services company that has pioneered the field of transit branding, has used its high impact head-turning wrapping to help rev up awareness of First Car Rental’s campaign for The Rhino Orphanage - a Limpopo-based NPO. more

Greatstock and TBWA Hunt Lascaris Durban collaborate for inspired recruitment | 28 May 2015

When TBWA Hunt Lascaris Durban went on the hunt for a new art director, they began the search directly in the space where they knew top art directors would be found – searching for visual inspiration on more

5 ways to fight payroll fraud | 27 May 2015

Payroll fraud is one of the most common white-collar crimes in the business world. For that reason, every business must put in place sound policies and processes to address this growing risk. Here are some quick tips on how you can protect your organisation from this crime. more

Super-Smart Lexus Billboard From FCB Cape Town | 27 May 2015

Despite being a largely static medium, a billboard utilising a technique known as reverse perspective is cleverly demonstrating Lexus’ adaptive headlight technology to passing motorists. more

JIM Cancellation 'Wake Up Call' For Exhibitions Industry | 26 May 2015

The exhibition industry – show organisers, exhibitors and suppliers alike – should regard the cancellation earlier this month of the Johannesburg International Motorshow (JIM) as a wake-up call more

Mobile is the Future | 26 May 2015

Today’s consumers have an endless choice of the media they decide to engage with and compared to just a decade ago, they’re choosing and using a whole new mix of media. More recently we’ve seen a decline in print, OOH and cinema and even the stability of TV and radio declining. more

Design School SA alumni scoops international design award | 26 May 2015

Tuami Zulu, an interior design graduate of The IIE from the Design School Southern Africa (DSSA), has won the prestigious Parkett Dietrich International Benchmark competition with his design and development of a centrepiece outdoor bench that communicates the culture of Southern Africa. more

What to do with a Golden Nugget? | 26 May 2015

Golden nuggets are great consumer insights, real insights that often lead to award-winning campaign ideas. more

Event Planning: 8 Ways to Avoid Bad Weather Days | 26 May 2015

When you become an old and experienced Event Planner, like me, you can feel it in your bones... When it's going to rain; when something is just a little bit off... But don't rely on inner warning mechanisms (like bones) to make a plan. more

An entrepreneurial approach to supporting entrepreneurs | 27 May 2015

Research has found that entrepreneurship is an essential driver of a country’s economy. As a result, focus is increasingly being placed on those brave individuals starting entrepreneurial businesses by governments around the world in order to nurture the growth of these companies. more

Two years of building great African Brands | 26 May 2015

Wunderbrand, the African Brand Agency, just opened its 1000th job bag, celebrated a R12 million turnover over the last year, and is actively building big brands in eight countries across Africa… and it’s just two years old. more

[WeCare] ARM, JSE join fight against child abuse | 26 May 2015

Specialist security distributor, African Risk Mitigation (ARM), had inked a deal with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), that will see the exchange implementing NetClean ProActive, software used to scan, identify and block child sexual abuse images and videos in real-time. more

The township shopper traverses developing and developed economies | 26 May 2015

When it comes to shopping, many township consumers don’t always have access to transport, so successful brands, such as Kasi Star Brands identified by Ask Afrika, ensure that consumers have easy access to products, whether it is in a formal retailer or at an informal spaza shop down the road. more

Africa – A land worth exploring | 26 May 2015

Africa Day 2015 is an opportunity to celebrate the development of the African continent as well as consider the various opportunities that it offers. more

Technology Paints a Brighter Future for Africa | 26 May 2015

Turning tales of hardship into progress, passionate Africans innovatively use technology to improve life on the continent, fuelling future human progress and development especially on the continent’s hard-hit rural areas where access to electricity, clean water and landlines is still a luxury. more

Africa's Dynamic Mix of Challenge and Opportunity | 26 May 2015

"Africa is an enticing mix of two powerful ingredients - challenge and opportunity," says Gérard du Plessis, chairman of South African intellectual property law firm Adams & Adams. more

Launch of anticipated Business Tech Show | 26 May 2015

Conference and exhibition producers Kinetic are revolutionising the ICT industry with a new addition to their portfolio offering: the Business Tech Show. more

The Customer Service Obstacle Course | 26 May 2015

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but have you ever noticed how some companies seem to go out of their way to place obstacles between their customers and great service? I sometimes imagine that there is a special director in charge of creating as much difficulty as possible for customers. more

‘Rainbow For a Rainbow Nation’ Wins In London | 26 May 2015

Coca-Cola South Africa’s ‘Rainbow for a Rainbow Nation’ activation marking 20 years of democracy and its creator, FCB Joburg, were honoured by the D&AD with two Wood Pencils and one Graphite Pencil in London last week (Thursday May 21). more

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