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The digital trends that are shaping leading brands’ marketing plans

Research - Trends and Insights

According to Google, more than 20 million South Africans are using the Internet today. Thanks to cheaper smartphones and the rise of high-speed fibre connectivity, the Internet is a truly mainstream technology that reaches South Africans from every walk of life.

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Agility is Shaping Brands of the Future

Research - Trends and Insights

Successful brands of the future will be those that understand the importance of designing communications and creating experiences that have the ability to single out an individual within the crowd.

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Do Unethical Practices Create Or Destroy Value?

Customer Value Management

Certainly the answer depends on your point of view. And for whom you are trying to create or destroy value. You could be trying to create value for your company or destroy value for your competitors. But your point of view may not be right or ethical.

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What smart technology will really mean for business

Leadership Articles

Smart technology (IoT), is simply about connecting devices, but while the focus has been on technology that facilitates the creation of smart households, its business applications are endless. According to BI Intelligence, it is projected that by 2020, 34 billion devices will be connected to the Internet.

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Middle-aged shoppers are the most ethical study finds

Research - Trends and Insights

In a survey of supermarket consumers researchers found that young and old shoppers were less likely to purchase fairtrade and organic goods at supermarkets, with the findings going against the commonly held view that people become more ethical as they get older.

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Media strategists need a mindset change

Alternative and Other Media

The world is changing before our very eyes, yet too often as a media strategist you remain doing what you have always done – you need to change the way you plan, buy and execute client campaigns.

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Choosing the right office space for your small business

Small Business (SME)

The right office space can make or break a business. It's not easy to find the balance between affordability and the perfect premises but it's important to take the time and do the research to do so.

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Generation Z: The New Generation Consumer

Kids and Youth Marketing

Marketers have often made use of generations as a demographic and psychographic delineator for specifying and describing their target markets. But what exactly is a generation? And why is this understanding useful to marketers?

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Media sales teams under pressure from a multichannel world


Media sales representatives are under pressure to improve their consultative selling skills, understanding of technology, and ability to access and absorb relevant data to remain competitive in today’s multichannel environment.

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Industry Updates

Hein Wagner launches new corporate identity | 24 May 2016

Blind adventurer, sportsman and motivational speaker, Hein Wagner, boasts with a new corporate identity, created by Sugars Creative, a young and vibrant design agency based in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. more

The SpaceStation announces new partnership with SouthernX | 24 May 2016

In line with international market trends, The SpaceStation and SouthernX have announced a partnership that gives the digital media sales house direct access to programmatic buying solutions through SouthernX. more

Mastermind Groups established to help SMEs with digital transformation | 24 May 2016

Local digital transformation company Xuviate has started a series of Mastermind Groups to provide a platform for IT leaders to brainstorm, to educate and to offer support for digital transformation. more

What’s life like for graduates of MBA courses? | 24 May 2016

All the evidence suggests that the prestige of the MBA and the expertise developed during the course are invaluable in terms of getting ahead in business. more

Australians spent 552 million hours Googling in 2015 | 24 May 2016

If you had any doubt that one particular player is (literally) synonymous with online search, take note: not only do more than eight times as many Australians visit Google in an average four week as either of its primary ‘competitors’, but 99% of people who do use Bing or Yahoo!7 more

Are you managing the people or the tech? | 24 May 2016

Technology, when implemented effectively in a contact centre, is a powerful tool. But, what is often overlooked is that call centres are about the people first, and the technology is simply the enabler that helps provide the best customer experience. more

Digital Retail Marketing Spend to Double by 2020 | 24 May 2016

New data from Juniper Research has found that spend on digital retail marketing is set to increase from $174 billion in 2015, to $362.1 billion by 2020. more

VIVA Technology Paris encourages African participation | 24 May 2016

African-born global ad-tech company, Popimedia, wholly owned subsidiary of Publicis Africa Group, is encouraging local tech start-ups to participate in one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year – VIVA Technology Paris. more

Greatstock calls on agencies to wow with their weirdness | 24 May 2016

If you’re a designer, art director, art buyer or even just a creative dabbling in some light visual research, you’ll know all about the stock struggle. more

Preparing for your next IT budget | 24 May 2016

IT spend has increased significantly over the last decade and business leaders everywhere fear they may be spending too much on 'unnecessary technology', but often not enough on what is really important to the business. more

From Russia, to Zimbabwe, with love | 24 May 2016

3D Design recently travelled to Zimbabwe to build a 198m2 ‘full on’ custom stand for the Russian Federation at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. more

Mortimer Harvey gravitates towards content-creation | 24 May 2016

The Mortimer Harvey Group has geared itself for original content-creation with the launch of Gravitate – an innovative multi-video content-generation and production company that has all platforms covered, from broadcast to mobile. more

Impossible task of finding the perfect IT leader | 24 May 2016

Today's fast-paced business environment is characterised by change and innovation, especially in the complex ICT environment. Considering the vast list of expectations, finding the perfect IT manager has become an impossible task more

Book Writing 101 | 24 May 2016

I’ve always wanted to write a book, I even attended one of those free book writing seminars. I was thinking seriously about putting pen to paper when I mentioned my plan to a client and she suggested I create a book for the project we were working on. more

Businesses have under two years to make Digital Inroads | 24 May 2016

Progress has announced the results of its recent global survey: "Are Businesses Really Digitally Transforming or Living in Digital Denial?" more

Stars congregate at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity | 24 May 2016

Award-winners from all-walks set to inspire industry as 2016 programme is revealed. Cannes Lions has today confirmed a show-stopping roster of speakers set to keep the red carpet firmly in place outside the Palais des Festivals. more

Groundbreaking research study by SCOPEN Africa | 24 May 2016

The trailblazing first-of-its-kind research initiative carried out by SCOPEN Africa on the marketing communication industry in South Africa has received overwhelmingly favorable feedback from respondents across South Africa. more

Building Sustainable Smart Cities | 24 May 2016

The problem with the consequent smart city is that it requires many systems to be working together and often what happens is that ‘smart parts’ are implemented as point-in-time projects and they’re not sustainable more

There’s more to airline magazines than just winging it | 24 May 2016

Most of us will have flicked idly through airline magazines in those listless few minutes between takeoff and taking out laptops, or the arrival of food and drink. more

OPENCO wins big at One Show | 24 May 2016

OPENCO – The Open Collaboration, an integrated creative agency that forms part of the TBWA group, has won three awards at this year’s One Show during Creative Week in New York. more

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris’ creative radio campaigns wins | 24 May 2016

Coming out of the Creative Circle Awards, Hunt Lascaris, best Individual Agency and Best Radio Agency in the World, according to Cannes, has just won four One Show Awards at this year’s Creative Week. The announcement was made on the evening of May 13, in New York. more

Fry’s Family Foods launches Plants on Fire campaign | 23 May 2016

Fry’s Family Foods launches Plants on Fire campaign to encourage a meat-free National BBQ Week more

Pillsbury account win is the icing on Labstore SA’s Cake | 23 May 2016

Labstore South Africa, shopper marketing business unit of Y&R South Africa, recently added Pillsbury, a trusted premium baking brand, to their existing General Mills portfolio. more

Popular Mechanics shows encouraging growth | 23 May 2016

Against a background of tumbling circulation numbers, slashed adspend budgets and the carnage in the aftermath of the debilitating postal strike, there’s a glimmer of good news in the form of encouraging growth for SA’s leading sci-tech title, Popular Mechanics. more

First AMEC Awards shortlist for Africa | 23 May 2016

Ornico’s campaign analysis of the inaugural The CEO SleepOut™ in 2015 has been shortlisted in two categories for the prestigious AMEC Awards, the world’s premium awards recognising excellence in communications measurement and evaluation. more

Weylandts In-House Agency Extends Highly Successful Campaign | 23 May 2016

Weylandts, South Africa’s leading furniture and homeware outfitters have launched their “Tastemakers Live” ad campaign created by their in-house advertising team. more

Actionable Insights into Omni-Channel Journey Execution | 23 May 2016

IX Real-Time, powered by Kitewheel, provider of the leading Customer Journey Hub for agencies and their brand clients, today released the "State of the Consumer Journey 2016 Report". more

Marketing to SA’s youth: 7 ways to fly or fail | 23 May 2016

Today’s youth have a voice and they are not scared to use it. The problem, at times, is that we’re not yet listening. We should be. This is a savvy, influential generation, with sheer numbers, decision-making power and tech know-how behind them. more

Translating Augmented Reality Into Business Reality | 23 May 2016

Over the past several years, Augmented Reality (AR) has been steadily making its way from a niche technology reserved for gamers and geeks to a mainstream marketing tool. more

Follow the Beat of the Mass Market | 24 May 2016

There is one sure way to find yourself in the heart of the mass market community, look for Adsman and explore fascinating insights by industry experts in the soon to be launched -The Beat Mass Market Edition. more

The rise of the digital recruitment strategy | 23 May 2016

Paper-based CV’s are losing prominence as the tendency to recruit via social media becomes more prevalent in South Africa. more

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