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The future of marketing in 2016: Hot trends and what to watch

Research - Trends and Insights

Each day, Iím sent hundreds of trend reports from around the world and, to save you the trouble of reading them all yourself, Iíve put together a list of trends that I track and will be monitoring throughout 2016. - Winnifred Knight

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What’s going to be big in 2016?

Research - Trends and Insights

So here we are - 2016, with yet another year under our belts. 2015 held some interesting developments in the digital space. We saw the launch of Instagram ads, the rise of programmatic media, Facebook and Twitter video ads and reach and frequency buying models.

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Not all social media returns can be quantified

Social Media

As businesses start to dedicate more resources to managing their social media channels, the question that they are asking is how they should measure return on investment.

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Telling Stories through Tweets

Social Media

There was a time when fitting your thoughts into 140 characters seemed virtually impossible, especially if you wanted to squeeze in a hashtag or five. Slowly but surely we werenít just able to fit fully formed thoughts into a tweet, but we were able to add images and links with ease.

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The Three I’s of 2016 winning with the Consumer

Brand Marketing

We find ourselves emerging out of a marketing cycle triggered by a flood of trend reports and market predictions - and whilst some of these Ďtrendsí ignite our creativity and spark some ideas, understanding and implementing them can be more challenging than sticking to our New Yearís resolutions.

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Finding new revenue streams for your Telecomms Retail Store

Call Centres and Telemarketing

What does a grocer, landscaper, bookseller and telecommunications business have in common? Staying profitable in an extremely tight economy. Offering customers something they canít get at their rivalsí businesses and a reason to come streaming through their doors.

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Five Trends Set to Revolutionize the Customer Experience in 2016

Research - Trends and Insights

Interactive Intelligence Group Inc., a global leader of cloud services for customer engagement, communications and collaboration, has shared its predictions for the five trends that will disrupt customer service in 2016.

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You don't need a marketing video


How do you boost the ROI of your video marketing strategy? Using video strategically will give you that competitive edge you've been reaching for and generate maximum returns across marketing programs.

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How-To-Guide: Measure Business Impact of Loyalty Program


Learn how to incorporate social media engagement strategies into your marketing initiatives to fuel customer loyalty.

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Industry Updates

Come on Tesco | 09 February 2016

In the last day or so the supermarket ombudsman reported the beleaguered supermarket chain knowingly delayed paying its suppliers to improve its financial position. This should be of no great surprise. more

Digital Content Marketing Really Delivers For Brands | 09 February 2016

BBC StoryWorks, the content marketing arm of BBC Advertising, is pioneering new ways of understanding the emotional impact of content-led marketing by measuring consumersí subconscious reaction to campaigns on more

The road to extra cool content | 09 February 2016

Castle Liteís Republic of Extra Cold has allied itself with youth authority MTV to create distinctive and relevant content that pioneers an entertaining conversation within the South African landscape. more

SA thought-leaders to share ideas | 09 February 2016

Some of the most innovative minds in business will converge in Durban on 8 March 2016 when Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal presents the East Coast Radio GIBS Business Breakfast. more

A pipeline to achieve your sales goals this year | 09 February 2016

All organisations start a new year with high hopes and lofty aspirations for their sales and marketing goals. In tough economic times, whether or not the past year has been a good or a bad one, starting the year with the aim of achieving sales goals is a positive beginning. more

Sandton Convention Centre to host CITES COP17 | 09 February 2016

Sandton Convention Centre has been chosen as the host venue for CITES CoP17 from 24 September to 2 October 2016 Ė the first time that a CITES Conference of Parties meeting will be held in Johannesburg. more

Top 5 finalists for the espYoungLegends 2016 Initiative | 09 February 2016

Following the announcement of the Top 20 bands and performers who entered the espYoungLegends competition, votes for the public-chosen winner to be added to the top five are in. more

Compass24 engages with the growing local title readership | 09 February 2016

Local newspaper readership is growing and engagement is solid, which is particularly impressive against the backdrop of the transformation that the print industry is undergoing. more

FCB Cape Town & Hellocomputer Give Cancer Association of South Africa ‘Balls’ | 09 February 2016

There are certain things men donít like to talk about: Their favourite team losing, when they last cried during a movie, and their balls. more

Top Level MICE Conference for IBTM Africa | 09 February 2016

Thebe Reed Exhibitions is to deliver an ibtm africa conference for this yearís event which will take place on Friday April 8th at the Cape Town International Conference Centre. more

ttrumpet keeping communities safer | 09 February 2016

ttrumpet Ė one of the most advanced white label over-the-top (OTT) service provider - now brings ĎCommunity Channelsí - a new dimension to the platform by using mobility and OTT to make communities and business owners feel safer. more

Should there be Rugby on SABC? | 09 February 2016

I think most of us would answer yes. SABC is the national broadcaster after all and the game of rugby is interwoven into the lives of a great many South Africans. It should therefore be made available to as many of the countryís populace as possible. more

Adapt IT Delivers Again | 09 February 2016

JSE-listed Adapt IT, a provider of specialised software solutions and services to the Education, Manufacturing, Energy and Financial Services sectors, today announced its interim results for the six months ended 31 December 2015. more

A new App made in South Africa | 09 February 2016

A new App made in South Africa combines the best of social media and crowd funding to make birthday wishes come true. more

What to do if your blog is hacked | 09 February 2016

The surge in the popularity of blogging has come hand-in-hand with a surge in cybercrime targeting the platform. For bloggers, recovering from a hack can be an onerous task, and the effects of a successful breach can be felt for months to come. more

Cities to play their part in building national competitiveness | 09 February 2016

Throughout the month of February Brand South Africa will engage with various stakeholders in the Northern Cape, Free State and Western Cape to discuss the vital contribution each province adds to South Africaís national competitiveness. more

Bridging the boardroom divide | 09 February 2016

Women the world over are still not occupying a broad representation of executive seats or raking in the highest salaries in exchange for their business acumen, leadership abilities or professional track records. more

Why you need to enter the PRISM Awards 2016 | 07 February 2016

Whether youíre a large or small public relations consultancy, a corporate, a government organisation, an NGO or a one-person public relations practitioner, winning a PRISM Award is a serious game-changer - on a business, professional and personal level. more

Masterclass for agencies to address imminent BEE regulations | 07 February 2016

Top executives and management who lead the countryís marketing and communication agencies have an opportunity to gain up to the minute insight and practical guidance more

Upcoming Marketers Masterclass to equip marketers | 07 February 2016

The first IAS Masterclass for Marketers of 2016 is devoted to advising marketers on how to get the best from their relationship with agencies; specifically how to contract with your agencies and manage their scope of work to avoid relationship breakdown. more

Cinemark Junket gives a sneak peek | 07 February 2016

The Cinema Junket impressed just like a Hollywood star - with a programme that included everything from developments in cinema to cinema buying options to a showcase of upcoming blockbusters Ė proving once again that itís always better on the big screen. more

Building Your Profile In The Business World | 09 February 2016

In this world, you ultimately receive exactly what your inward authentic self truly feels you deserve, no more and no less. Building your profile in business is very much about building your profile in life. It is about allowing yourself to become a reflection of ever higher degrees of your ultimate potential. more

SA loyalty programmes missing a trick, survey reveals | 07 February 2016

With 26% of economically active South Africans using customer loyalty programmes more than they were a year ago, our burgeoning appetite is clearly still on the rise. But are SA brands adequately differentiating their loyalty programmes to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace? more

The Future of the Cellular Industry | 07 February 2016

When cellular services first hit the South African market 21 years ago, it was all about chasing new connections. The race was on to sign up as many subscribers as possible. Today, that race is run and the telecommunications industry, if it wants a future, has to look at innovating its brands as never before. more

IAB Digital Summit set to demystify digital | 07 February 2016

With a line-up of industry heavyweights and personal interaction sessions with digitalís leading thinkers, the 2016 IAB Digital Summit and Bookmark Awards, hosted in Johannesburg on the 3rd of March, is a hot ticket for online marketers, publishers and agencies. more

February start for the 2016 IAS Marketers Masterclasses | 07 February 2016

South African Independent Agency Search and Selection Company (IAS) announces the launch of its 2016 Marketers Masterclass programme, the second in the series which launched last year and was recently endorsed by the IMM and the Institute of Directors (IoD). more

Dialdirect embarks on its largest single media partnership | 07 February 2016

Dialdirect has pulled out all the stops for its headline sponsorship of the much-anticipated first season of The Voice South Africa. more

Student Campaign of the Year for PRISM Awards 2016 | 07 February 2016

Public relations graduates find it difficult to get jobs without having any experience. Industry expects more from students and graduates than just an understanding of public relations and its different functions. more

Demand for media tablets in Vietnam surge | 07 February 2016

Vietnamese consumers continue to snap up increasing number of media tablets year-after-year since its launch in the market. more

Hello Africa! Tell me how you're doin'! | 07 February 2016

Hello Africa! Tell me how you're doin'! Many multinational brands approach Africa with a near-desperate bright-eyed eagerness, trying to get to grips with her intricate market dynamics. more

Meetings Africa set to build business tourism | 06 February 2016

Itís the final countdown to the yearís biggest business events on the African continent and a vitally important event from a business tourism perspective, Meetings Africa, which takes place at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, from 22 to 24 February. more

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