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Social Media Users Survey

Research - Trends and Insights

ESET, the pioneers of proactive cyber-protection, has conducted a survey on social media of smartphone usage ahead of the Mobile World Congress with interesting conclusions

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Maximising customer conversations across today’s complex media landscape

Brand Marketing

Since their customers today live in a multichannel world, brands need to think carefully about how they will use different touchpoints in combination with each other to maximise opportunities to engage with their audiences.

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The Customer Value Conundrum: Value Destruction Multiplier

Customer Value Management

Most managers are obsessed with efficiency, and cutting costs. They have a burning desire to avoid any exceptions to the rule, and to keep everything flowing smoothly. Unfortunately, this does not carry over into creating customer value, or enhancing the customer experience.

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Digital. Different? Yes, but mostly no.

Digital Marketing

Digital, being always on, along with the endless proliferation of social media platforms and websites from which to choose. How do we approach this? With caution. We certainly do not want to not be part of the conversation or noticeable only by our absence.

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African Attitudes: Marketing beyond the numbers

Research - Trends and Insights

Independent marketing strategy consultancy Yellowwood has just launched their latest research study: African Attitudes: Marketing Beyond the Numbers in which they dispel a few common myths about what it takes to do business in Africa.

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Targeting customers in emerging markets?

Business and Marketing Strategy

There’s a statistic doing the rounds that, thanks to the internet, humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish.* I’m not sure how accurate this is, but it certainly makes sense. We have all become great multi-taskers, but that can make giving one task your full attention difficult.

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Thoughtful China 145 - The Power of a Fan Economy

Thoughtful China

This week, we’re sharing the second episode in an ongoing series sponsored by Weibo, China’s leading microblogging platform,

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Predictive Analytics for B2B Sales & Marketing


Gartner Market Guide: Predictive Analytics has quickly gained traction with marketing leaders who want to increase lead-to-revenue velocity and improve conversion rates. But when it comes to finding the best solution for your business, navigating the rapidly growing landscape of vendors can be taxing.

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4 Technology Pillars for high-performance campaign execution


Marketing campaigns have become more complex and more time-sensitive thanks to dramatic changes in buyer behavior and shorter project life cycles of digital campaigns.

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Industry Updates

South Africa Faces Food Shortage in Next Decade | 04 March 2015

South Africa is facing the prospect of looming food shortages in the next 10 years as the country struggles to attract new talent to its ageing crop of commercial farmers, according to Deloitte. more

Mindpearl shortlisted for Prestigous Business Excellence Awards 2015 | 03 March 2015

Mindpearl, award winning international contact centre outsourcer, has been shortlisted for Acquisition International Magazine’s annual Business Excellence Awards 2015. more

IWMF launches the Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists | 03 March 2015

The International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) is proud to announce the opening of the Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists. Applications for this inaugural funding round are being accepted March 2 - 23, 2015. more

On-the-go power | 03 March 2015

Enterprise mobility is a hot topic for organisations of all types and sizes, and implementing mobility initiatives is top of most CIO’s priority lists. more

Emotional connection is vital to truly satisfy customers | 03 March 2015

Service delivery is central to the success of a business and what customers want from the experience has shifted over time. Transactional efficiency is no-longer sufficient to satisfy customers, empathy and emotional connection have become an important part of the equation and the focus is now on the relationship. more

Times Media presents TimesPLUS Loyalty Rewards Programme | 03 March 2015

Times Media has announced the launch of its TimesPLUS Loyalty Rewards Programme, which will give subscribers exclusive access to a multitude of lifestyle benefits. more

Students becoming more tech-savvy | 03 March 2015

A new survey of the high-tech habits of South Africa's students reveals that Facebook has become the default social network among students, with no less than 97% of respondents saying they use the social network. more

Five Social Good Innovations | 03 March 2015

Strategic marketing consultancy, Added Value, lifts the lid on five innovations that have branding for good at their heart. more

Creative Vision in Key Focus at Dubai Lynx | 03 March 2015

Cinemark, the local representatives of Cannes Lions and its affiliates, are passionate about both great film and advertising making this the perfect synergy to bring you the latest information from the world’s premier advertising festivals. more

Total Young Graduate Programme | 03 March 2015

The first cohort of students in the Total Young Graduate Programme: more than 100 talented young people have already joined one of the Group's subsidiaries in Africa and the Middle East. Between now and 2017, some 500 will have benefited from this ground-breaking professional opportunity. more

Visa and Samsung Bring Mobile Payments to the New Samsung Galaxy S6 | 03 March 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015: Visa technology facilitates secure consumer payments with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Mobile payment service by Samsung available in the U.S. starting summer 2015 more

ImmerVision revolutionizes smartphones and tablets | 03 March 2015

Today’s launch of 360° panomorph front-facing cameras for smartphones and tablets from ImmerVision radically changes how mobile users capture, experience, and share the world around them. more

International validity of British Bachelor's programmes | 03 March 2015

London School of Marketing, a leading institution offering accredited marketing and business qualifications in the heart of London, has released a new article which assures students of the international validity of a British Bachelor's degree among employers and higher education institutions worldwide. more

Visa and Airtel Extend Mobile Payments to Seven African Countries | 03 March 2015

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) and Bharti Airtel, a leading telecommunications services provider with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, announced a partnership to bring innovative mobile payment services to seven markets in Africa more

Powering the Era of Universal Mobile Connectivity | 03 March 2015

ZTE Publishes M-ICT White Paper and outlines product strategy and positioning in “Powering the Era of Universal Mobile Connectivity” White Paper ahead of Mobile World Congress. more

Junk Mail aligns with digital customer demand | 03 March 2015

Junk Mail Classifieds is strengthening its digital foothold in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal with its Cape Town and Durban branches focusing solely on the company’s digital operations from March 2015. more

Panasonic donates 110 Solar Lanterns to Indonesian Villages | 03 March 2015

Sone Village, Indonesia. Panasonic donated 110 solar lanterns and shades to the village of Sone, in West Timor, Indonesia, which has no access to electricity. The lanterns featured shades bearing animal designs that were submitted to an international design campaign called "Cut Out the Darkness." more

Visa partners with financial institutions across the globe | 03 March 2015

Mobile World Congress 2015. Visa partners with financial institutions across the globe to enable mobile payment services. Visa Digital Solutions makes “wave-and-pay” with mobile phones a reality for consumers globally. more

The Coca-Cola Bottle is 100 Years Young | 03 March 2015

Pop Culture Icon, Design Muse, and Movie Star: Coca-Cola kicks-off 2015 Global Campaign for the world famous package design. Campaign Features Iconic Celebrities, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Ray Charles. more

Mobile Advertising solution that generates revenues for Mobile Operators | 03 March 2015

Revenues from the rapidly growing Mobile Advertising industry seem exclusively reserved for OTT Publishers, leaving Telco’s perform the role of that of a Carrier only. AdVoice enables Mobile Operators monetize advertising inventory that is truly theirs. more

Dubai Design District (d3) celebrate creativity in Dubai | 02 March 2015

In celebration of Dubai’s rich array of creative talent, Dubai Design District (d3) is hosting a 3-day open to the public community event. “Meet d3”, has been specifically commissioned and curated to feature a compelling mix of local, more

New age e-commerce consumers challenge traditional business models | 02 March 2015

The rise of e-commerce on the African continent is changing the face of the traditional consumer, and brands need to adapt their business models and strategies in order to remain relevant amongst consumers and avoid a drop in market share. more

GSMA Report Examines Gender Diversity | 02 March 2015

The GSMA today released a new report, “Accelerating the Digital Economy: Gender Diversity in the Telecommunications Sector”, which offers a snapshot of the gender balance within companies across the industry. more

New report shows hard retail data, consumer needs and behavior | 02 March 2015

New report shows hard retail data, consumer needs and behavior, combined with macro-economic datasets, are better indicators of opportunity and success in African markets. more

Record Deals - Let the signer beware | 02 March 2015

Fortunes are lost and made in the recording industry. Many a recording artist may find themselves a casualty of unsound business practices. According to Stephen Hollis, Adams & Adams’ expert on all the contractual ins and outs of recording industry deals, contracts can be make or break an artist’s career. more

GSMA announces results of New Mobile Phone Gender Gap Survey | 02 March 2015

Report Finds More Than 1.7 Billion Women in Low- and Middle-income Countries Do Not Own Mobile Phones, Creating a Gender Gap of 200 Million Women more

Strategic location for customer centric contact centres | 02 March 2015

As exchange rates and economies change around the world, so too does the list of countries vying for offshore call centre and back office outsourcing work. The Fiji Islands has managed to build on its position as a strategic location for customer centric contact centre operations, more

Shaping the Talent Landscape for 2030 | 03 March 2015

Providing human resource and talent specialists with a platform to discuss best practices and collaborate around the challenges in South Africa, the African Society for Talent Development (ASTD) will be hosting its 11th Annual International Conference more

The Coca-Cola® Contour bottle celebrates 100 years of happiness | 02 March 2015

The Coca-Cola Company will this year be celebrating 100 years of its iconic glass bottle packaging - the Coca-Cola contour bottle - with a global art traveling exhibition to be staged at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town from 26th to 1st March and at the Constitution Hill, Johannesburg on 11th to 13th March 2015. more

NETCB offers free compliance seminars in Africa | 02 March 2015

Networking specialist NETCB has announced that it will be hosting a series of free compliance management seminars from 9 - 13 March 2015 throughout Africa. more

Record Number of Entries Received for PRISM Awards | 27 February 2015

With an almost 20% increase in entries into the 2015 PRISM Awards, competition for the public relations and communication industry’s most sought-after awards is going to be tough! This is according to the organisers of this year’s awards, which take place on 19 April at The Maslow Hotel, Sandton. more

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