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Strong Lower-Segment Property Price Growth | 27 Mar 2015

Luxury lifestyle estates are increasingly benefiting from a growing number of buyers moving up into the higher-value markets. Estimates reflect around 318 000 residential properties within secure gated communities, with a combined value of R643 billion at an average of R2 million per property more

TBWA gearing up for rise of Africa’s creatively led ad industry | 27 Mar 2015

TBWA Africa is putting further energy behind one of its key organisational goals – getting future-ready in time for the imminent emergence of Africa’s new, creatively led advertising industry. more

Avoid the April time crunch | 27 Mar 2015

The December holidays may be a distant memory, but with Easter just a month away, businesses of all sizes and from all sectors should be preparing to meet another business slowdown head-on. more

OnePoint Global Tells Industry "Don’t Compromise" | 27 Mar 2015

OnePoint Global, providers of the most powerful mobile and online survey technology, is calling on the industry to use mobile to the fullest of its capabilities by creating stunning and engaging mobile surveys that display perfectly on any device. more

The AIP to create ‘Lokal’ newswire in collaboration with OMG | 27 Mar 2015

The Ole! Media Group (OMG) and the Association of Independent Publishers (AIP) are collaborating to launch a syndicated digital news service – SA-Lokal News Network. more

Why global retail success means going very local | 27 Mar 2015

As the Internet’s reach expands worldwide, competition for retailers is flattening as it’s now possible to build a personal connection with each shopper rather than compete for their wallets based purely on price. But, the real challenge is how to establish a personal connection with these foreign audiences. more

Continental Outdoor celebrates past and present creativity with the Loeries | 27 Mar 2015

Continental Outdoor, as the Loeries Out of Home sponsor for the second year, has taken a walk down memory lane to celebrate outstanding Out of Home creativity from the past. more

Failure Is Key To Business Growth & Success | 27 Mar 2015

If failure is necessary to achieve growth and innovation, how then do managers and leaders need to act to truly embrace this conflicting new business imperative? more

WTM® Africa 2015 is ready to Showcase Africa to the World | 27 Mar 2015

Internationally acclaimed Travel Dudes and iambassadors will discuss how international travel bloggers are changing the media landscape and how the travel industry can collaborate with bloggers to promote a destination. more

The Future Of Travel Is Now | 26 Mar 2015

Digital agency Fogg has released its latest case study about an exciting new activation which will get the travel industry to rethink travel altogether. more