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SoundVision wins Ericsson Innovation Awards 2016 | 30 May 2016

The SoundVision team has developed a mobile device that converts 3D spatial information into sound so blind individuals can identify their surroundings more effectively. The technology can help create truly inclusive cities where every citizen is empowered. more

Brand activations in 2016 and beyond | 30 May 2016

Few months ago after a serious discussion with a client, we realised that most people are most comfortable following trends rather than creating their own. more

South Africa as a globally competitive destination | 30 May 2016

Brand South Africa will on Tuesday 31 May 2016 host stakeholders from a range of disciplines to reflect on how to consolidate efforts to strengthen the South African nation brand. more

Create mobile apps that engage customers every day | 30 May 2016

Companies looking for a return on investment on the mobile apps they develop need to think carefully about how they will build value into their applications to ensure they create traction and keep users coming back. more

Social skills are crucial to succeed in business | 30 May 2016

According to research done by trade union Solidarity, nearly 60 000 South Africans have been retrenched over the past year, and it is believed that the actual number could be substantially higher. more

The easiest way to execute a free sample distribution plan | 30 May 2016

From our understanding a beat is produced then lyrics written then recorded and mastered to perfection before being released. We could be wrong but that is the version that makes the most sense when it comes to creating music. more

Digital is not an isolated field | 30 May 2016

In our previous blog post (Integrated or specialist agencies?) I discussed some of the benefits that our clients experience when dealing with Stratitude as an integrated agency. In this post, Iíd like to discuss the benefits it provides us as Stratitudeís digital team. more

Vega to be one of the first to launch gaming degree | 30 May 2016

South Africa is believed to have a gaming industry worth R 2.5 billion with a positive growth projection which is set to reach R 3.3 billion in 2017. more

Unpacking penetration testing for SMEs | 30 May 2016

If the stories about breaches that have littered the headlines over the last few years have taught us anything, itís that no business is too big or too small to be an attractive target for cyber criminals. more

Globally recognised Out of Home Audience Accountability | 30 May 2016

JCDecaux South Africa are one of the key underwriters of the ground-breaking Out of Home currency, ROAD (Roadside Outdoor Audience Data) produced under the OMC JIC umbrella. more