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What is Copyright? | 24 Apr 2014

World Book and Copyright Day, 23 April 2014: Simply put, and in the context of publishing, copyright is the positive right of an author or publisher to exploit his or her creation in certain ways and, at the same time, the negative right to prevent others from doing so. more

CASE STUDY - #MyDubai -"The World’s first Autobiography of a City" | 24 Apr 2014

#MyDubai was announced on 5th January by HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, with a request on his instagram and twitter accounts for residents and visitors to join him in creating “the world’s first autobiography of a city” by sharing compelling moments of their lives during 2014 by using the hashtag #MyDubai. more

SAARF® LSM Training - Johannesburg 2014 - LSM Training | 24 Apr 2014

The South African Audience Research Foundation will be conducting the Living Standards Measure training in Johannesburg. more

Managing Start-up Debt | eBizRadio | Banele Rewo | 24 Apr 2014

For most entrepreneurs, a loan or investment of some type will be necessary to get your new business up and off the ground. This money can either make or break the business depending how it used and how it is payed back…… more

Stealing from thieves | 24 Apr 2014

Digital music sales were seen by many as the savior of the music recording industry after rampant piracy and illegal file sharing in the 1990’s threatened to derail one of the most important and versatile industries. more

AMPS (Jan – Dec 2013)…Storyteller style | 24 Apr 2014

The Saarf All Media and Products Survey (AMPS) has been conducted in South Africa since 1975. Over the past 40 years, the survey has continuously evolved and expanded, keeping pace with the rapid change and development in local media and consumer landscapes. more

Protecting your businesses’ data | 23 Apr 2014

Unstructured data is burgeoning. In order to protect and manage that data, organisations need to have systems and structures in place, and must understand how the data is being used, by whom it is being used, and most of all, they must know exactly who should not be able to access it. more

4 Ways Mobile Delivers | 23 Apr 2014

It’s time to take a closer look at how Personalized Mobile Customer Engagement can improve your offers, promotions, and loyalty initiatives. more

Identifying your most profitable customers | 23 Apr 2014

- An introduction to Customer Segmentation
Online merchants are under more pressure than ever to deliver targeted and optimized experiences to their customers. more

The Authoritative Guide to Call Tracking and Local SEO | 23 Apr 2014

Does call tracking harm local SEO? You bet... if it's not done right.
If implemented correctly, call tracking is the local marketer's best friend. Current opinions have raged on both sides; this white paper explains the issues and offers a solution. more