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It’s About Not Letting Success Slow You Down [Campaign] | 26 Sep 2016

This June, Zlatan Ibrahimovic launched his sportswear brand A-Z. Some weeks later, he announced his next destination as a football player, making Manchester United his new home. His successful start on the field is already paying off for sportswear brand A-Z. more

Your intellectual property is not immune | 26 Sep 2016

Even sectors of the economy that have thought themselves immune to cyber attacks – because they don’t traditionally need machines that connect to the internet – are finding themselves vulnerable in this connect everything age of the Internet of Things. more

The Sweatshop Challenge: Unite Against Slavery [Campaign] | 26 Sep 2016

When people talk about human slavery, those listening often appear completely confused. They say “We don’t have slavery any more. Slavery was abolished 150 years ago. In the USA, a war over this issue was fought. There are no slaves.” more

Giraffe sticks its neck out for job seekers | 26 Sep 2016

In a country where the official unemployment rate is running at about 26%, finding out about jobs and then working out how to get your head above the crowd of other applicants can seem like an impossible task. more

Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo – 21 Years Of Exhibition Excellence | 26 Sep 2016

The Mother City’s trendiest home improvement, décor, design and lifestyle exhibition, the Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo, celebrated 21 years in the business and attracted 35 000 visitors over the 4-day period. more

Local business App debuts at APICS | 26 Sep 2016

A new perspective on business applications has boosted interest in digital solutions from the enterprise sector. more

Business Redefined | 26 Sep 2016

Cape Town-based communications agency, Communications Services Africa, a division of Celebrity Services Africa (C.S.A.), has been awarded the account to launch and create on-going communications for Kalido™, a South African developed skills and services marketplace app. more

The agile workforce: why HR must take the strategic lead | 26 Sep 2016

Most organisations are under pressure to evolve their businesses at a faster pace as they try to get in step with rapid changes in the business landscape, technology and customer behaviour. more

Accenture recognised for support of Women-Owned Businesses | 26 Sep 2016

Accenture’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme (ESDP) has received Gender Mainstreaming Awards’ Economic Empowerment Award, which recognises organisations that foster the development and success of women-owned or women-managed businesses. more

Red & Yellow Set to Launch Its Alumni Association | 26 Sep 2016

Red & Yellow opened its doors back in 1994 with the aim of producing students who were well equipped to tackle the industry head on. Over the past 22 years, the school has produced a vast number of leaders both within our industry and outside it. more