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5 Fundamentals to Maximising Retail Analytics | 30 Jun 2016

The use of Retail Analytics in the world of brick and mortar retail is intensifying and constantly innovating as retailers use big data and qualitative data to maximise their engagement with customers, learn more about consumer behaviour and increase transactional value. more

Miao & Woof! How to Deal With Pets in Your Business | 30 Jun 2016

If the pet owner is somebody disabled, then perhaps you don’t need to be worried about the so-called “service animals.” In most cases, working dogs are incredibly well trained, they will never attack anyone, and will certainly never mess your store with their toilet habits. more

Key points to remember when thinking about career paths | 30 Jun 2016

With national and international capability, 21st Century Pay Solutions is one of the largest full-spectrum specialist remuneration and reward consultancies in Africa. more

On-Demand Economy – are you ready for it? | 30 Jun 2016

The On-Demand Economy is revolutionising consumer behaviour around the world. But what is it exactly and how can you ensure your company is ready for it? more

Neste’s prototype for renewable high-tech workspace | 30 Jun 2016

What if you could take your work to an inspiring public place and still enjoy the privacy and connections of your office? Neste, the world's leading producer of renewable diesel, has revealed its future product concept called GreenPod that lets you do just that. more

Not so easy to destroy data | 30 Jun 2016

Companies must have the necessary contingency plans in the event of a breach to ensure they can protect sensitive data. Xperien has developed secure processes for destroying data from redundant hard drives. more

Brand Keys Surveys Modern Day Patriots | 30 Jun 2016

For the first time since Brand Keys Most Patriotic Brands survey was first conducted 10 years ago - in addition to asking consumers to evaluate the 248 brands - Brand Keys asked respondents to name "anyone - alive or dead - who they felt best personified the value of 'patriotism' in the United States." more

XtraSpace celebrates entrepreneurs with real stories, real people | 30 Jun 2016

Eunice Bomela owns a fleet of waste management trucks in Cape Town. Aubrey Jonsson shoots photos around the world. Jessica Padayachee is a baker with a penchant for milk tart. And Mbali Nene designs and makes glorious high fashion clothing. more

Masterclass aims to help future proof your career - IAS | 30 Jun 2016

Senior managers in agencies as well as CEOs and managing directors are invited to another one of the Independent Agency Search & Selection Company’s Masterclass sessions titled Future-Proofing Your Career. more

Top 5 insights for businesses to win with the South African woman | 30 Jun 2016

The modern South Africa woman is complex, shaped by an ever-changing world, filled with tensions and paradoxes. Her reality is plagued with demands of society, family and, sometimes, her pivotal role as a mother. more