Feria Ticket


Feria Ticket is a ticket sales service to any type of event. We developed the campaign with the aim of launching and creating awareness of this new service to all entertainment and sports events production houses.

Feria Ticket is a system that benefits the production house, the brand, and client.

Production houses for events, shows, concerts, and sports events were invited to the launch. The goal was to present the benefits of this new concept, as much for them as organizers, as for their clients.

under 1,000

Santiago, Chile


Before then, Ticketmaster was a monopoly in this category, and the advantage of Feria Ticket is that all transactions can be conducted online, securely and comfortably. Additionally, the production house can monitor its sales results online and in real time. Clients can choose the location, and receive tickets comfortably wherever they choose.

The strategy  was to invite them and communicate the benefits of this new service at once. They received part of the invitation by hand, and the second part was to be found in a Web site. In this way we showed them that we would be the first company capable of selling all type of tickets, 100% online. The event itself began with a small concert, where we conveyed to them that in the same easy way they got there, their clients would arrive at the different events.

We developed a campaign launch event, to which we invited key production houses, to which we were interested in communicating the new service. A small concert was organized and we presented the new service and all its benefits. We sent the first part of the invitation two weeks before the event, and people accessed the Web site to view the second part. We then used telemarketing for confirmation.

Feria ticket is a concert ticket provider. Tickets can be purchased at Feria del Disco stores or by Internet, which is easier, faster, and more comfortable.

We were asked to communicate these attributes in the invitation for the launch event. To achieve this we focused on the process being so easy that we even tear the ticket for you. Invitees to the launch event received half an invitation. They then had to enter the Feria Ticket site to find the where, date, place information for the event, giving them the opportunity to experience the site and how to buy tickets on the Web.The creative strategy consisted of making evident how slow the process of going to the store, and queuing and wasting time was. Therefore, through the invitation itself the target experienced the benefits of this new service.


Out of 350 invitees,  240 came. Feria Ticket began operating, adding various events, equivalent to 10% of the ongoing events. Additionally, it sold tickets to one of the most important tennis tournaments in Chile and numerous other events.

  • Test
  • under $50,000
The production of the event cost $9,800.
The production and mailing of the invitation cost $700.

There were no other costs involved.

Advertiser / Agency

Advertiser:  Feria del Disco
Contact: Hernn Gonzlez
Title: General Manager

Agency:  OgilvyOne
Contact: Diego Domingo
Title: Creative Director

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