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Avusa Media Live Celebrates The Changing Face Of Digital Media

05 Sep 2011

The ever-changing and evolving face of the digital media landscape in South Africa presents online publisher Avusa Media LIVE (AML) with the opportunity to foster innovative talent within the field of digital media as well as that of information technology (IT).

AML is fast establishing itself as a platform that offers online-savvy South African women – arguably the future of digital media in this country – the prospect of growing and fine-tuning their skills whilst working in a great environment,” says Trade Marketing Manager of AML Laetitia van Rensburg.

Case in point are the current leading ladies at AML.
With extensive online marketing experience, Van Rensburg brings with her notable credentials. Having acquired indispensable knowledge and skills in both the South African and UK-based digital media arenas, Van Rensburg ensures that as the face of digital media evolves so do AML’s popular online publications, namely Times LIVE, Sowetan LIVE, Sunday World Online and Business LIVE. By establishing and maintaining open, two-way communication between AML’s online news portals and its consumers, advertisers as well as its trade partners, Van Rensburg – together with her respective teams – grows both the news portals’ consumer and trade market reach, assists in building each website’s particular brand, and supports the creation of revenue opportunities across all the online platforms. 

Shana Kay, newly appointed Senior Business Analyst at AML, is the complete opposite of everything once associated with computer geeks. Preferring to rather embrace every iota of not only her femininity but also her Midas-like touch when it comes to starting anything technologically inclined, Kay is intent on transforming AML’s online news platforms into not only virtual ports-of-call for those wanting to consume up-to-the-minute reporting but also enabling businesses to better promote their brands and communicate with their desired target markets. “It’s no secret that consumers are the ones with the power when it comes to what they watch and hear, which is why digital media needs to adapt as its audience does,” adds Kay.

Media veteran and Managing Editor for Times LIVE Paddi Clay, brings over 30 years’ worth of journalistic and real-time media knowledge to the table. Clay manages the relationship between the print and digital newsrooms, and helps the editorial team keep news breaking on all channels - including the social media platforms. “With the website, mobile and social media we now have a myriad ways to interact with our readers. Digital technology has radically changed the way we consume news and do journalism,” says Clay.

Web analytics, for example, which provide sales teams with vital information about a particular website’s consumer habits, demographics and national distribution, assist the AML advertising and sales team in creating and driving revenue opportunities for the media stable’s online publications.

“In order to offer our clients the most effective sales opportunities for their individual requirements we have to know exactly how and where their target market is spending its time online,” says Gaafele Mbele, Sales Account Executive for AML. “Being able to show clients statistical data empowers them to make sound decisions when allocating their advertising spend, secure in the knowledge that they will see favourable results.”

“As the division grows and evolves with its readers, AML will continue to place an emphasis on fostering talent in digital media,” concludes Van Rensburg. “Our leading ladies are testament to the great opportunities for women to get ahead in this industry.” 

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