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Danger Lurks Behind Every Page of HIP2B²’s Latest Issue

06 Oct 2011

Do sharks and rollercoasters excite you or send shivers down your spine?  Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a scaredy cat, prepare to face danger head-on in the latest issue of HIP2B² Magazine.

The latest issue is exploding with fiery volcanoes, earthquakes and a host of things that spell D-A-N-G-E-R - this issue's theme. Want to know what makes vultures so smart, whether bottled water really is safer to drink, or why the common household toaster can be more lethal than lightening? 

Refer to the pages of HIP2B² Magazine for answers to these questions, plus a host of HIP facts about things that aren't as dangerous as you think, like surprising creepy creatures that actually help us fight against danger. 

As usual, the magazine is crammed with tongs offun, mind-stretching stuff like a career quiz that will tell you which dangerous job is best for you, the story of a heroic crew of animal saviours and a host of dangerously awesome giveaways.

Over 4000 high schools across the country receive quarterly copies of the magazine, which is a key touchpoint for the HIP2B² brand. HIP2B 2 was founded to promote the study of maths, science and technology-related subjects as a means to developing entrepreneurial skills. 

The publication has the highest certified reach of any magazine to the South African youth market with a readership of over one million learners per year, with a pass on rate of between five to seven learners per issue.

“The magazine is such a powerful medium through which to engage with youth positively about science, maths, technology and entrepreneurship; as well as to spread messages of inspiration and share some of the success stories of young people motivated by these subjects,” says Treasure. 

She adds:  “We want every South African teenager to see the fascinating side of science by having access to HIP2B² magazine.  In order for us to make an even more significant impact on our nation’s youth, we need to increase our reach, which can only be donewith more like-minded partners and sponsors on board.” 

As always, the magazine’s cover reflects its theme with wit, daring design and in this case, generous fear factor:  it’s a danger game board that leads readers through a minefield of falling coconuts, earthquakes and beestings.

“Danger is a real component of the natural world, but if we use Science and Maths to deconstruct and demystify it, our readers can better understand its place in the world ,” says HIP2B² Editor JannaJoseph.   In fact, we want our readers to be part of the process of putting the magazine together. 

The Danger issue couldn’t have been completed without the vital input of learners, who sat around the table with me in an editorial planning meeting.”  A panel of learner editors is selected to join in the editorial process for every issue. “We’ve also already had great feedback about this issue from learners on our Facebook and Twitter platforms says,” Joseph.

HIP2B² Magazine is also available on a subscription basis and for a free download visit their website.

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Issued and prepared by Lisa van Leeuwen on behalf of HIP2B2.
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