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Daily Maverick Team Launches Newswire Service

15 Dec 2012

The editorial team behind award-winning digtial publisher Daily Maverick has unveiled its Newswire and media syndication platform, “Newsfire”.

The BETA version of the service is being made available for free to all publishers and broadcasters, with coverage of the 53rd ANC elective conference in Mangaung. Newsfire will offer breaking news, reports, analysis opinions and multi-media to susbcribers, making it a vital platform for those media outlets and corporate publishers seeking a high quality news source. Free registration is now available at
The Daily Maverick editorial team has had a stellar year, scooping the main publishing accolades at the Bookmarks awards and setting the editorial agenda for some of the year’s biggest stories, including the events at Marikana.

This year has been a tumultuous one, placing South Africa at a firm crossroads and leaving the future of the country in a precarious position.  It is for this reason that founder of the Daily Maverick, Branko Brkic believes in the need for quality in media content. “Publishers and Broadcasters need access to a media syndication platform which provides reliable and quality content and the Daily Maverick is in the best possible position to do this,” Brkic said.
The commercial launch of Newsfire is set for the end of Q1 2013. However, the BETA version will be made available from 14 – 21 December for the Mangaung conference. On this new expansion, CEO of the Daily Maverick, Styli Charalambous , stated: “Due to the economic pressures experienced by both publishers and broadcasters in terms of access to good quality content,  the creation of  Newsfire was a natural evolution for us, to provide a central hub that is able to give access to a variety of quality media.”

The decision to launch Newsfire will bridge the divide between the need for quality content and the ability to access it while still considering the economic pressures faced by those within the media.
Following the BETA launch, Newsfire will be embarking on a massive recruitment drive to build the highest quality editorial team possible to produce the huge range of content on offer that will cater to publishers, broadcasters and corporates moving into the content space.
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