The Definitive Guide to Marketing Planning

Pearson EducationAuthor: Angela Hatton

Pearson Education Limited, 2000
ISBN 0273649329
Reviewed by: The HILL School for Business

The book is described as the fast track to intelligent marketing planning and implementation for executives and is presented as an easy to follow process for strategic and operational planning. As such the book follows a pragmatic approach which flows logically from the initial rationale for marketing planning to the ultimate implementation and control of marketing plans.

However, be warned, the book sequence sometimes travels at an almost frenetic pace as the author has ensured that almost every aspect of marketing planning is contained within the 258 pages contained in the book. The book also contains a list of key symbols that are used to highlight specific aspects of importance, which I found to be extremely valuable and should be particularly helpful to new managers and students of marketing planning.

One of the more important aspects of this book lies in the continual emphasis throughout on an integrated approach to marketing planning, and the fact that marketing cannot succeed in isolation from other functional areas of a business organization. For an organization to be successful marketing managers must ensure that all facets of marketing planning are totally aligned to the corporate and business objectives of the organization.

There is nothing really new in terms of marketing planning and the marketing planning process, however the writer has succeeded in integrating all aspects of the marketing planning process and emphasizes the importance and benefits that can be derived from effective marketing planning. Readers who are searching for the glamourous aspects of marketing, such as creative and innovative strategies may be disappointed, for the writer focuses on the practical step-by-step approach to marketing planning and does not deviate from this thrust throughout the book.

Emphasis has been placed on the tools of marketing management, which is a fresh, practical, and much needed approach for marketing managers. I believe that the tools, if used effectively by marketing managers, can form the basis for the required creative process of marketing strategy. It is my personal opinion as a marketing practitioner, that this book is an invaluable tool for those marketers who are looking for the basics from which to create and plan an effective marketing strategy. There are numerous templates included throughout the book , and these can be utilised and adapted to suit the marketing planning needs of a variety of marketers and marketing planning situations.

The author admits that there are numerous additional academic books available, which provide far greater detail of the various tools available to marketers and in-depth analysis of their value. However, this is not the purpose of the book and potential readers must be aware of the difference in approach undertaken by the author. An objective criticism could be that in the attempt to include all aspects of marketing planning, there are areas of marketing planning that could have been covered in more depth and contained more details from an example perspective. However, in the final analysis, the book makes a valuable contribution to those marketers interested in a pragmatic approach to marketing planning.

The HILL School for BusinessBook Name: The Definitive Guide to Marketing Planning
Author: Angela Hatton 
Subject Matter: Marketing

Reviewer: Billy Coop






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Reviewer Profile: Billy Coop
Billy is the owner of Interlink Marketing, a specialists marketing consultancy and focuses on marketing strategy facilitation, branding and also market research. He also lectures in the associated fields of marketing strategy and branding at both undergraduate and MBA level. He has worked in various business and industry sectors including financial services, the motor industry amongst others.

He has a Masters degree in Marketing and is currently busy with his doctorate in branding. He has extensive experience in all aspects of marketing strategy facilitation and development and is also highly experienced in the methodology of Action Learning and its facilitation. Billy is a member of The H.I.L.L. School for Business faculty network.

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