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Customers are gold, give them red carpet treatment

25 Jun 2014

Customers are gold, give them red carpet treatment, the Ask Afrika Orange Index® shows how

Society is more and more consumer centric and excellence in service delivery is central to retaining and expanding a brand’s customer base. Fairness is paramount to building consumer confidence and this has been added to this year’s Ask Afrika Orange Index®, the largest and most widely-referenced service excellence benchmark in South Africa. This research will give brand owners guidance on how to make each customer feel like a VIP.

In preparation for the celebrated Ask Afrika Orange Index® awards ceremony in November, where South Africa’s top companies in service delivery are given a ‘gold stamp of approval’, two methodology workshops are being held on 27 June 2014.

These Ask Afrika Orange Index® methodology workshops provide insight into how the research was done and why this kind of in-depth survey is essential to brand owners. The methodology workshops include the background to, and an outline of the research, unpacking the research methodology, and an explanation of new additions to the survey this year. These workshops have been held annually over the last decade, allowing measured companies to get a “behind-the-scenes” look into the survey. Please find registration details below.

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® was launched in 2001, and as such, has a tracking history of service in South Africa for the last 13 years, based on robust sample sizes. Its longevity is testament to its relevance to both public and private sector with regards to providing a reliable yardstick for service measurement in South Africa.

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® model evolved from extensive international literature, it was adapted, tested and validated for the South African market and is frequently updated. This year, the survey has been expanded to include additional industries such as building retail, security and armed response companies, private hospitals, and funeral and burial services. In total, 31 industries are covered.

In this year’s survey, “treating customers fairly” has been added to the service elements that determine whether service is perceived as good or bad, which also include, “first call resolution”, “propensity to recommend or promote”, and “customer effort”. This fairness attribute is particularly important for building customer confidence in a product or service offering.

 A call centre benchmark has been added to the 2014 Ask Afrika Orange Index®, and will provide invaluable service insights with regards to this touch point. Excellent service delivery needs to be consistent through all the various touch points, face-to-face, telephonic, and email. Getting independent feedback on how each of these touch points is functioning in a business can make a huge impact on its reputation and on the bottom line.

The gold that comes in the form of the Ask Afrika Orange Index® is the direct relevance that it has to business performance and therefore these research insights translate into commercial value for companies. Another gold nugget is the Ask Afrika Orange Index’s® trending value, 13 years of data across nearly two dozen industries. This includes representative companies and the government sector. Only half of the available information is published annually, the deeper insights are available to companies.

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® has diagnostic value providing a multi-disciplinary analysis of service within a business environment, thereby giving great depth of understanding in the South African consumer landscape. This enables interested companies in various industries to connect with their clients.

South Africa is known for the quality of its gold and likewise the local relevance of the Ask Afrika Orange Index® is statistically proven. It has been specifically designed for the South African market, by a market research company with vast knowledge of the global consumer landscape.

As players in a global consumer environment, local brand owners are required to see the bigger picture, and the Ask Afrika Orange Index® facilitates industry specific and cross industry learning. It creates an opportunity for companies to mine the gold from other top-performing service industries.

The finer details in the gold dust are found in the Ask Afrika Orange Index’s® consumer profiling, which investigates mass consumer changes in South Africa over time. This enables companies to adapt their service delivery tactics accordingly, remain relevant, and ensure they get to walk on the Ask Afrika Orange Index’s® red carpet at the awards.

To register for the Ask Afrika Orange Index® workshops on 27 June please contact Sandy Drew on 012 428 7400,

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® conference will be held on the morning of 14 November 2014 at GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science) showcasing this year’s companies with the highest standards in service delivery.

About the Ask Afrika Group:
Over a period of almost two decades, Ask Afrika Group has grown to be the largest independent South African market research company. The company focuses on local relevance, benchmarked against the global context. Ask Afrika is a member of WIN/Gallup International and ESOMAR. Apart from its large South African footprint, Ask Afrika Group also operates in a dozen African continental territories.

Ask Afrika Group is well known for delivering strategic and large scale field projects and for creating benchmarks for industry. With regards to service excellence, Ask Afrika Group is the preferred research partner across industries, to co-craft customer service strategies through meaningful research methodologies across the value chain and customer service touch points.

TGI research, for which Ask Afrika Group  owns the South African copyright, has an annual single source sample of 15 000 locally and 800 000 globally. It has a global geographic coverage of 70 markets, and measures services, products, media, and brands. Ask Afrika’s knowledge of brands is extensive and as owner of the local TGI license, it is the leader in brand expertise in South Africa. TGI can provide a commercial alternative to industry media measurements. It is the perfect vehicle for brand positioning.  

The Ask Afrika Groups’ exclusive product suite includes the Ask Afrika Orange Index®, the Trust Barometer™, Radio Moods™, TGI (Target Group Index), Icon Brands™ and Township, the Digital Barometer, the Lite Data Collection, the Behavioural Sciences Package and Gateway. Ask Afrika is proud of its exceptional service delivery, with offices based in Pretoria and Stellenbosch. For more information please visit the website:

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