Driving Increased Efficiency for Government Agencies

Progress Corticon Business Rules Engine is proven to drive smarter, faster business automation at many government more

Edcon celebrates its 3rd year as principal sponsor of Casual Day

Edcon, South Africa’s largest non-food retailer today celebrated the 2015 National Casual Day with disability awareness activities at its Edgardale Headquarters in Crown more

Online Shopping Survey Results to be Announced

This year marks the 21st official year of eCommerce globally, after NetMarket reportedly recorded the first ever online transaction by selling a Sting CD online, on 11 August 1994. Since then eCommerce has come a long way globally, and continues to more

Event Professionals Mean Business

South Africa has proved that it can organise world-class events but this expertise is being swamped by thousands of so-called ‘event managers’ who have minimal training or more

IWMF African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) is pleased to announce its first ever cross-border reporting trip to Rwanda/DRC and second reporting trip to Uganda. Ten women journalists will report on conservation and sustainable agriculture in Rwanda/DRC from January 26 – February 12, more