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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy. It’s not just simply a website, or social media, or Google; it’s a full platform that allows people to position their businesses within the communities they’re targeting.

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The NATIVE VML August 2016 Trend Report

Research - Trends and Insights

We produce a monthly snapshot of Trends in Marketing, Storytelling and Digital Culture Locally and Abroad.

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Sure you can paint, but that doesn’t make you Picasso

Business and Marketing Strategy

At some point everyone can admit to thinking “I can do that”, especially when looking at a craft project, piece of furniture, cake recipe or photograph. Yes, you probably can, but what will the end result be?

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Strategy for Success

Business and Marketing Strategy

Maintaining your competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving business environment is key for success – especially when it comes to branding your business and how you are communicating your services and products to the outside world.

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The creative conscience

Creative Design and Copy

This elusive and sought after skill has piqued the interest of researchers and professionals from various backgrounds, locations, industries and expertise for decades.

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The Journey toward greater customer-centricity

Data Intelligence

Accurate Customer Information is the lifeblood of the customer experience – and your customer knows this. They have exchanged valuable personal information with your organisation so they expect a flawless service across channels with your company.

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Where did all the research go?

Research - Trends and Insights

In traditional agencies, research is a nucleus – it’s the alpha and omega of brand strategy. It means a deep, reverberating comprehension of products or services, the people who make them and the people buy them.

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The PR services iceberg

PR and Communications

There is a misnomer that delivering public relations (PR) services is easy - that it is the cheaper alternative to advertising and that determining its value is as simple as knowing what an Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) is.

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Social Media mistakes you need to avoid

Social Media

Various social media accounts are not only necessary for your business but essential. A business owner that goes beyond the call of duty these days is one who sincerely replies to a Facebook comment.

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Industry Updates

It’s About Not Letting Success Slow You Down [Campaign] | 26 September 2016

This June, Zlatan Ibrahimovic launched his sportswear brand A-Z. Some weeks later, he announced his next destination as a football player, making Manchester United his new home. His successful start on the field is already paying off for sportswear brand A-Z. more

Your intellectual property is not immune | 26 September 2016

Even sectors of the economy that have thought themselves immune to cyber attacks – because they don’t traditionally need machines that connect to the internet – are finding themselves vulnerable in this connect everything age of the Internet of Things. more

The Sweatshop Challenge: Unite Against Slavery [Campaign] | 26 September 2016

When people talk about human slavery, those listening often appear completely confused. They say “We don’t have slavery any more. Slavery was abolished 150 years ago. In the USA, a war over this issue was fought. There are no slaves.” more

Giraffe sticks its neck out for job seekers | 26 September 2016

In a country where the official unemployment rate is running at about 26%, finding out about jobs and then working out how to get your head above the crowd of other applicants can seem like an impossible task. more

Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo – 21 Years Of Exhibition Excellence | 26 September 2016

The Mother City’s trendiest home improvement, décor, design and lifestyle exhibition, the Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo, celebrated 21 years in the business and attracted 35 000 visitors over the 4-day period. more

Local business App debuts at APICS | 26 September 2016

A new perspective on business applications has boosted interest in digital solutions from the enterprise sector. more

Business Redefined | 26 September 2016

Cape Town-based communications agency, Communications Services Africa, a division of Celebrity Services Africa (C.S.A.), has been awarded the account to launch and create on-going communications for Kalido™, a South African developed skills and services marketplace app. more

The agile workforce: why HR must take the strategic lead | 26 September 2016

Most organisations are under pressure to evolve their businesses at a faster pace as they try to get in step with rapid changes in the business landscape, technology and customer behaviour. more

Accenture recognised for support of Women-Owned Businesses | 26 September 2016

Accenture’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme (ESDP) has received Gender Mainstreaming Awards’ Economic Empowerment Award, which recognises organisations that foster the development and success of women-owned or women-managed businesses. more

Red & Yellow Set to Launch Its Alumni Association | 26 September 2016

Red & Yellow opened its doors back in 1994 with the aim of producing students who were well equipped to tackle the industry head on. Over the past 22 years, the school has produced a vast number of leaders both within our industry and outside it. more

Our Top Four Future Technology | 26 September 2016

In a recent Facebook poll we asked the question: "Which part of future technology are you most looking forward to?" more

5 Ways to Make an Exhibition Stand Memorable | 26 September 2016

Our client was asked to be the headline exhibition stand for the 35th World Cup of Geosciences at the International Geological Congress (IGC) in Cape Town. more

LSM’s unique graduation ceremony at the O2 arena in London | 26 September 2016

The London School of Marketing graduation ceremony is quite a remarkable occasion as it is an event where students from numerous nationalities meet in London to celebrate their educational accomplishments. more

DRS, Intel Security share their expertise | 26 September 2016

Longstanding partners DRS, a Cognosec company, and Intel Security, will be hosting a roundtable to discuss information security and the issues and challenges it raises for financial services organisations, and other businesses in South Africa. more

Gemalto releases findings of first half 2016 Breach Level Index | 26 September 2016

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, today released the findings of the Breach Level Index revealing that data breaches increased 15% in the first six months of 2016 compared to the last six months of 2015. more

Post clinches top honours | 26 September 2016

The 2016 PriceCheck Tech & E-Commerce Awards showcased pioneering new entrants and visionary e-commerce innovators, alongside major brands in the industry. more

Barclays Africa L’Atelier book celebrates 30 years of artistic heritage | 26 September 2016

Last night Barclays Africa launched a celebratory commemorative book that pays tribute to the winners of the prestigious L’Atelier art competition since its inception in 1986. more

Bruce Duckworth Announced as this year’s D&AD President | 26 September 2016

Each year D&AD appoints a President from the Board of Trustees to lead the charge and shape the conversations for the year ahead. The job of the President is to galvanise the creative communities and bring them together to inspire and celebrate the finest in design and advertising. more

SA digital agency Creative Spark launches new look | 26 September 2016

Creative Spark, an award-winning digital agency within the M&C Saatchi Group of companies, announced today a new corporate identity (CI) to reflect its culture of innovation and creative force as a business. more

Family ethos at core of GrandWest’s hiring success | 26 September 2016

A company’s core values remain the building blocks of employee retention and profitability as witnessed by GrandWest’s effective implementation and retention of its 1 300 staff and their long service achievements more

CNBC Africa unveils new advertising industry series | 26 September 2016

CNBC Africa, the continent’s leading business and financial news network, has unveiled its latest content series: Marketing.Media.Money. more

Social media indispensable for SA marketers in 2017 | 23 September 2016

In 2017, social media will become an indispensable tool for South African marketers and politicians, artists and activists, reporters and media personalities alike. more

Play time: where Aussies buy their toys and games | 23 September 2016

The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that play is high on the agenda for the 2.6 million Australians who buy toys and/or games in an average four-week period. more

Huawei and Leica Camera Establish New Research and Innovation Center | 23 September 2016

Huawei and Leica Camera AG today announced they have expanded their strategic collaboration with the establishment of a jointly operated research and innovation center, the ‘Max Berek Innovation Lab’. more

Webtickets launches first 'One-Click' Mobile Ticketing App in SA | 26 September 2016

Webtickets, South Africa’s market leader in integrated online ticketing solutions, recently launched the first integrated, one-click ticket purchasing app in South Africa. more

Moving Tactics lights up Mall of Africa with Digital Signage | 23 September 2016

With total retail space of 131,000m2 and gross area of 550,000m2, the Mall of Africa has lived up to its name and boasts more than 300 shops, many of which are flagship stores for local and international retail brands. more

The Importance of Customer Centricity | 26 September 2016

Unless you have been fortunate enough to miss leading news headlines over the past few months, you are all too aware of the crisis affecting the South African economy. more

Holidays waiting to happen | 23 September 2016

With the Christmas holiday season gradually coming into view, it seems an opportune moment to remind members of Australia’s paid workforce that they have 133,737,000 days’ worth of annual leave accrued between them more

The cash flow conundrum: How visual reporting can help | 23 September 2016

There are several reasons why 80% of small businesses in South Africa fail within the first three years, the greatest reason being cash flow. more

Close all domestic and international ivory markets [Campaign] | 23 September 2016

As world leaders convene in Africa to decide the fate of endangered species, the vast majority of people across North America, Europe and Australia, unaware of legal ivory trade in their countries, call on politicians to finally close all ivory markets. more

Accenture in South Africa receives Prestigious Workplace Diversity Award | 23 September 2016

Accenture has received the 2016 Diversity in the Workplace Award, a part of the 13th Annual Top Women Awards, presented by Topco Media and Standard Bank. more

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