Industry Updates: Marketing & Mediums - 3

Six HR trends to look out for in 2017 | 01 Feb 2017

We’re seeing the pace of change in human resources (HR) accelerate as digital technologies change the way we work, as digital natives enter the workplace, as labour law evolves and as competition for the best talent heats up. more

Secrets of the most successful digital supply chains | 24 Jan 2017

Today’s digital customers are looking for unique experiences at a hyper speed, making a super-flexible supply chain as critical as a super-efficient one. However, many organisations haven’t realised the full, value-driving potential of digital technologies. more

Taxi branding in action: A campaign case study | 19 Jan 2017

The commuter market is South Africa’s largest consumer segment comprising over 22 million people. Advertising on taxis should therefore be an excellent way to reach an extensive audience. more

Digital Marketing Trends 2017 | 19 Jan 2017

The South African market seems to be grappling with a major gap between the work of digital marketing agencies and digital business analysts. more

The Rise And Fall - Social Media Trends in 2017 | 18 Jan 2017

Don't panic. Social media is not going anywhere. Last year I looked at blogging trends for 2016. I believe that most of these will hold for 2017. This year, I want to look at some social media trends that are rising and others that are falling. more

Future of Business Survey Global Launch | 18 Jan 2017

As the World Economic Forum kicks off, the OECD, World Bank, and Facebook are releasing on January 17th an update to the Future of Business survey more

5 tips for blogging for your business | 17 Jan 2017

If your business has a website, it should have a blog. It’s not just a great way to connect with your consumers, it’s also a sneaky way to integrate your brand into their lives. If you offer quality content, your posts will come up in their newsfeeds and timelines. more

115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media | 12 Jan 2017

It has only been about ten years since social media really became a big thing. Yes, it was around for a while before then in one way or another, but it just wasn’t on the same scale as we see today. Now in 2016, almost one third of the world population is on social media – 31% to be exact. more

The 2016 Digital Marketing year in review | 11 Jan 2017

South Africa’s digital year was a big one in 2016 as marketing trends in this space continued to improve and grow. Here is a wrap up of the biggest developments over the past 12 months. more

Six technology trends that SMEs should watch out for in 2017 | 11 Jan 2017

Sage Chief Technology Officer Klaus-Michael Vogelberg talks about the role chatbots, collective intelligence and blockchain will play at start-up and scale up enterprises in 2017 more