Industry Updates: Thought Leadership

What different research traditions say about Advertising – and Why | 31 Jan 2017

There is a vast array of diverse interpretations when it comes to advertising, with different research traditions studying the subject in extremely different ways. more

Amazing Amazon Slipups: Lessons to be Learnt | 31 Jan 2017

Amazon has an amazing name for great service and being customeric. So much so that ShepHyken lauded them. And I have been an admirer, till recently. Amazon India had many slipups in fulfilling my orders. more

10 Key Marketing Trends for 2017 | 30 Jan 2017

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day, it's getting harder to separate the signals from the noise and discern the insights from the hindsight. more

Enter a bold new era of every-channel marketing | 30 Jan 2017

Chances are, you've heard the buzz about the Open Garden movement ó enchanting omni-channel marketers with the ability to unite silos and provide seamless customer experiences that increase reach, revenue, and ROI. more

Tips & Trends for B2B Marketers | 30 Jan 2017

B2B Marketing Trailblazer Journal: The Latest Tips & Trends for B2B Marketers. When it comes to B2B marketing, innovation is the new black, but we donít often celebrate the growing creativity of B2B marketers. more

Successful Omni-Channel Approach | 30 Jan 2017

Time to get serious about omni-channel marketing. Itís that time. We wake up to a new year full of possibility. We aspire to get better and we set our goals. Itís never too late to aim higher more

From Total Quality to Total Customer Value Management | 30 Jan 2017

The Quality Revolution was meant to be customer focused, instead became process centric and one of record keeping. Nonetheless, Total Customer Value Management can learn from the Quality movement. There is much to learn. more

How to Turn Holiday Shoppers into Year-long Customers | 24 Jan 2017

Smart Retargeting: The Gift That Keeps Giving. If you are like most retailers, the holiday season is a busy time and crucial to your bottom line. more

Connect and manage your data in one place | 24 Jan 2017

Unite marketing at the data level. Get the blueprint for a marketing and advertising ecosystem thatís connected at the data layer. more

The past is but a prologue to the future’ | 17 Jan 2017

While January may not be the start of an organisations commercial year, it is still an opportunity for the commercial manager, to consider the opportunities and threats which a new year might bring. more