Industry Updates: Marketing & Mediums - 2

How SME’s are using YouTube for Marketing Success | 27 Jan 2017

The YouTube community accounts for two thirds of the premium online videos watched on devices by millennials. Despite this, only 9% of small businesses use the platform. more

The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide | 18 Nov 2016

It's not a new craze sweeping the nation – it's just a rock-solid, time-tested method to keep your customers hooked and coming back for more. With the help of this epic infographic, you are about to witness how effective email marketing statistics can truly change your business. more

A guide to mobile app community management | 10 Nov 2016

By now, most businesses understand the true purpose of an app within the business mix – apps should align with the objectives of a business to achieve an end goal. more

Mobile banking: the next revolution? | 07 Oct 2016

Mobile banking is no longer a “business opportunity” for banks. It’s an imperative. With over 1 billion users already transacting across the globe in 2015 (according to IDC), demand is set to continue to grow – cutting across both developed and developing economies. more

The new competitive advantage in mobile | 24 Aug 2016

In a mobile-led world, it would be natural to assume that digital innovation or technical prowess is enough to get ahead of the competition. more

Customer Experience Management means nothing without measurement | 18 Aug 2016

Customer experience management is not a trend. It also is not something that only affects those in customer service or in a call centre. more

Direct Selling for Better Insurance Business | 06 Jul 2016

In a tough economy when businesses are slashing budgets and wanting a clear ROI on every Rand spent, there’s nothing like direct marketing to validate your marketing investment. more

Generation Z: The New Generation Consumer | 17 May 2016

Marketers have often made use of generations as a demographic and psychographic delineator for specifying and describing their target markets. But what exactly is a generation? And why is this understanding useful to marketers? more

Media sales teams under pressure from a multichannel world | 11 May 2016

Media sales representatives are under pressure to improve their consultative selling skills, understanding of technology, and ability to access and absorb relevant data to remain competitive in today’s multichannel environment. more

How to get maximum ROI of your Email Marketing Strategies? | 05 May 2016

Even today, sending email is very much in trend amongst marketing strategists. By building strong email list and maintaining its hygiene, one can say it still rules the marketing as one of the most optimum medium as compared to other marketing channels. more