Industry Updates: August 2014

New urban and street culture marketing conference | 29 Aug 2014

- breaks down the barriers between brands and culture.
Brands are looking for ways to build cultural relevance and currency. Culture creators are looking for ways to engage with brands and build cultural industry. more

ABF gets much needed sponsorship from OMG | 29 Aug 2014

The ABF is currently in its third year of hosting the annual Cape Town golf day. As sponsorships are critical to the success to these events, the ABF would like to acknowledge Omnicom Media Group (OMG) for generously sponsoring the dinner. more

Recruiting Excellence for Africa remains key for organisations | 30 Aug 2014

Multinational, regional or local employers attending the Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit in Johannesburg. more

Modernisation: Revamp your systems and raise your bottom line | 29 Aug 2014

At first glance, the Indian branch of famous global footwear brand Bata and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) banking system seem to have very little in common. Yet there is a common denominator between them: both Bata and the banks of the DRC have been undergoing the equivalent of an enterprise make-over: modernisation. more

DMA Counts Down to DMA2014 Annual in San Diego | 29 Aug 2014

As autumn approaches, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is counting down the top 10 opportunities and events featured at DMA2014, The Global Event for Data-Driven Marketers — held October 25-30 in San Diego. more

Interest in computer science dwindling | 29 Aug 2014

In a country already fraught with a lack of adequate IT skills, it is alarming to see that interest in science and maths at school level seem to be at an all-time low, says Richard Firth, Chairman and CEO of MIP Holdings. From 2009 to 2013, maths uptake dropped 21% and science fell by as much as 20% on a national level. more

Fast Company SA Appoints Contributing Editors | 28 Aug 2014

Seasoned industry editor and journalist Louise Marsland and consulting brand manager Anneleigh Jacobsen, have been appointed Contributing Editors to FAST COMPANY SOUTH AFRICA which launches in October in South Africa. more

The Importance of Being an Amateur | 28 Aug 2014

Professionalism is a key perception we like to project in our world of selling. And, for that matter, in any other profession, be it medical, legal, accounting. One of my favourite lines in the fantastical reality of American Beauty is Annette Bening’s OCD Carolyn, the estate agent’s emphatic assurance that “To be successful, one must project the image of success at all times.” more

Nedbank’s Home Loans Payment Solutions website offers guidance | 28 Aug 2014

Nedbank remains committed to helping clients facing financial hardship. In addition to traditional communication channels like branch and telephony, Nedbank Home Loans also provide a website that aims to educate clients about their options if they fall behind on the bond repayments. more

Top 10 risks worth considering when expanding into Africa | 28 Aug 2014

Africa’s emergence as a growth area is attracting interest from businesses all around the globe. South African businesses are showing particular interest as they are on the spot and might be supposed to have a built-in advantage. more