Industry Updates: November 2014

The Future Of Celebrity Endorsements | 28 Nov 2014

Trust and celebrity endorsement go hand-in-hand and endorsement is built on a person’s credibility and other intangible benefits. It's this trust that often creates role models out of these famous people more

Decorex Joburg & 100% Design South Africa launch extensive trade programme | 28 Nov 2014

A dynamic shift is about to happen in the interior decoration and design industry with the launch of a new extensive trade programme especially created for the powerhouse exhibition portfolio of Decorex SA and 100% Design South Africa. more

The Media Connection launches a social media platform for community radio | 28 Nov 2014

Community radio advertising specialist The Media Connection has launched Comrad, a social media platform tailor-made for the community radio sector. more

Secure your spot for your 2015 studies, register now! | 28 Nov 2014

One of the problems that matric graduates face is the limited spaces that are available at tertiary institutions. The other is that having been focused on their matric studies and exams, they may have missed application deadlines at the majority of tertiary institutions. more

Do you really know your consumer and their media habits? | 28 Nov 2014

The proliferation of media platforms available to marketers to communicate and engage with their consumers these days beckons the question “how do marketers know which is the most effective platform to choose and when to choose that platform?” more

Are shopping centres keeping your attention this festive season? | 04 Dec 2014

For many consumers, the festive season from November through to February means increased time in the malls either for shopping, entertainment or simply catching up with friends and family over a meal or coffee. more

TB and HIV, a strong focus for the City of Cape Town’s Health Department | 28 Nov 2014

The Desmond Tutu TB Centre (DTTC) has had two different Z-CARD®s produced to donate to the City of Cape Town’s Health Department, which is using them to educate the community about TB and HIV. more

Translation as cost or opportunity – lessons from the journeys of others | 01 Dec 2014

When companies expand into new markets, the decision whether to translate their product interface, support literature or marketing depends on a complex mix of factors. But ultimately it boils down to a simple question: does translation present an opportunity or a cost? more

Telviva hosted Contact Centre platform grows and evolves | 28 Nov 2014

Telviva, Connection Telecom’s market-leading hosted communications platform, has been making massive inroads as the core switching application for hosted contact centres of late. more

To modernise business, digitise | 28 Nov 2014

Technology is now changing so rapidly that consumers are struggling to keep up – you barely have the latest shiny gadget when the 2.0 version is released, more