Industry Updates: May 2015

Upgrade Your Homestead For Less With | 30 May 2015

South Africa’s largest eTailer,, has through their latest advert made it evident that everyone can upgrade their homestead for less. more

Youth marketing pioneer kicks back! | 30 May 2015

Youth market thought leader. Industry game changer. Risk-taking visionary. Education channel innovator. Liesl Loubser has accumulated these and other flattering descriptors during her along her entrepreneurship journey. more

Brand South Africa takes the Nation Brand Master Class to KZN | 30 May 2015

Brand South Africa has been mandated to build South Africa’s nation brand reputation to contribute towards the country’s global competitiveness and to inspire and instil active citizenship among South African’s, while contributing to social cohesion and nation brand ambassadorship. more

Smart content marketers ride the smart device wave | 01 Jun 2015

Around 23 million South Africans have smartphones. And that number is growing as manufacturers bring in more appealing, user-friendly devices at increasingly affordable prices with ever-improving technology. You get the idea. The only way is up. more

The Writers Write Interview - Alex van Tonder | 29 May 2015

Alex van Tonder was promoting her debut novel, This One Time. Alex works full time in advertising and she has been a successful blogger. She used her experiences to create a social media thriller, with reality TV and advertising playing their part in a terrifying game. more

The State of Digital Location Data in South Africa | 29 May 2015

The physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. Today there is an almost seamless transition from digital interaction to physical transaction – how often do you search on your phone before shopping? more

She Leads Africa Launches 2015 Entrepreneur Showcase | 29 May 2015

She Leads Africa Launches 2015 Entrepreneur Showcase with $15,000 cash prize for winners. The premier platform for young female entrepreneurs looking to grow and scale their businesses across Africa. more

Africa highlighted as high potential market for technology companies | 29 May 2015

Ashish Thakkar, Founder and CEO of Mara Group, gave conference delegates interesting and thought-provoking insights at DHL Global Technology Conference. more

Lost In Translation - Six Ways To Improve Your Business Writing | 29 May 2015

We have 11 official languages in South Africa. Every week I teach between six and ten people on a course. On average, there is only one person who only speaks one language. Most people speak two, three or four. more

Collective security analysis delivers threat visibility | 29 May 2015

Firewalls are often a businesses’ first line of defence, forming a virtual checkpoint to protect computers and other network devices from attack. They act as sentinels, monitoring network traffic and enforcing rules regarding network use. more