Industry Updates: January 2017

#ElectionBurger breaks RocoMamas’ records as customers vote | 31 Jan 2017

The sensational growth and success of the RocoMamas brand – both in South Africa and in key, international markets – has seen the franchise grow from three to 50 stores in just 18 months. more

The MediaShop awarded Level 1 BEE | 31 Jan 2017

The MediaShop has reached another milestone in its journey and pioneering values by being the first and only media agency in the country to be awarded Level 1 BEE status. more

Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index for the Korean Market | 31 Jan 2017

Brand Keys, a pioneering leader in loyalty and engagement research, has entered a collaborative agreement with Customers Council, the leading Seoul South Korea based brand research and consulting firm, to offer its services to Korean brands. more

Four Considerations When Choosing Your Career | 31 Jan 2017

The South African matric results were released on 5 January 2017 and the national pass rate was 76.2% up from 74% in the previous year. Although this is a momentous occasion for all that passed, it is merely the start of a young person’s adult life. more

Africa’s largest eCommerce & Fintech Show returns | 31 Jan 2017

Africa’s leading eCommerce & Fintech event, brings together a diverse array of key decision makers in online retail, payments, customer insight and logistics businesses operating across Africa. more

The 2016 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List | 31 Jan 2017

More than a third of the 2016 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List is represented by digital technology, social networking brands, or brands that facilitate digital tech or social networking was the key finding in the 20th annual survey. more

Netflix subscribers still watch (some) commercial TV | 31 Jan 2017

One in four Australian homes now have a Netflix subscription, Roy Morgan’s latest data to the end of 2016 shows. more

Detmold Group Innovates with Complexica | 31 Jan 2017

Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing activities, announced today that it has signed a contract with Detmold Group to explore the application of Complexica’s AI-based computational engine. more

ADvTECH partner to strengthen tertiary education in Africa | 31 Jan 2017

The acquisition of 51% in the University of Africa represents ADvTECH's first tertiary partnership outside South Africa and is in line with its African expansion strategy. more

Building your Brand through the Power of Storytelling | 30 Jan 2017

People love stories and, for as long as people have walked the earth, across all cultures, storytelling has been an important fabric of society. more