Industry Updates: Marketing & Mediums - 1

The Future Of Advertising | 01 Feb 2017

Net#work BBDO and Sinister Studioís are applying technology to advertising in ways that have never been seen before. more

7 words you shouldn’t be using in your writing | 20 Jan 2017

You know what you planned to write about. You set out with great intentions to write a beautiful piece. But then you became lost in a sea of words and descriptions, defining and explaining. more

Big ads, big demands | 13 Jan 2017

Placing prominent ads highlighting specials comes with challenges: the demand for products should increase, but then so should the companyís capacity for providing excellent customer service. more

Four ways marketers can get the most out of customer reviews | 10 Jan 2017

Customer reviews can be a great source for insights about a product or service. But with so many different online channels for feedback available, itís difficult for marketers to determine which insights to pay attention to. more

CopyGate: What has happened to the copywriter? | 07 Dec 2016

A few months ago I was asked to weigh in on a debate sparked by an agencyís vain search for a copywriter who could deliver what a copywriter is supposed to be able to deliver with aplomb. This proved to be more difficult than they anticipated. more

The Importance of Formulating Business-Aligned CSI Initiatives | 05 Dec 2016

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, there are a number of elements that successful CSI initiatives have in common. These include a clear theory of change, quality and depth of information, concentrated effort and expert partnerships. more

'Boardroom Dancing' | 21 Nov 2016

As a strategist and ballroom dancer, I have had the unique and fortunate experience of living a life that (quite literally) straddles two worlds. Two ostensibly different worlds. Yet two worlds that, surprisingly, share a great deal in common with each other. more

Big Data and the Consumer Engagement Model | 10 Nov 2016

Big data is an immense collection of different types of data that can be mined for information. This information can then be combined and analysed by businesses to find ways to improve profit and performance. more

Letters form relationships | 10 Nov 2016

The way in which letterforms are crafted and arranged on a page is our vehicle in the communication of tone and intent. I often see this lost over email and text messages or maybe even this article, purely because of the lack of distinctive typeface choices within digital and online media. more

The digital marketing future is now | 09 Nov 2016

That digital marketing is a constantly evolving phenomenon is a given. Itís no longer changing monthly or weekly, but daily. And companies that are waiting for the next wave to break before venturing into these fast-moving waters will be left high and dry. more