Industry Updates: Sponsorship Marketing

Sport Spectators Expect Freebies and Sports Stars from Advertisers | 10 May 2012

Free gifts and seeing favorite sports icons on advertising among a list of things that sports spectators in South Africa see as "great value", during major international sporting seasons more

Local Engagement Key to Captivating Sport Spectators in Australia | 10 May 2012

30% of sport spectators see "great value" when advertisers and sponsors engage with local sports groups to promote sportsmanship over major international sporting season more

Sports Marketing Set To Boom In 2012 | 14 Oct 2011

Fuelled by the hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the South African sponsorship industry experienced significant growth from 2006 through to 2010. more

Sportainment: changing the pace of limited-overs cricket in South Africa | 18 Aug 2011

This study addresses the need to deepen the understanding of sports marketing in an emerging market context. The in-depth case study of Standard Bank Pro20 Cricket explores the strategy, execution and results of the successful launch of a new cricket format in South Africa. more

Getting Formula One Sponsorship Back on Track | 21 Mar 2011

Formula One is a massive sporting event, attracting a global audience of over 500 million people and reportedly generating revenue of $3.5 billion per year. more

Vodacom launches fully integrated campaign to leverage rugby sponsorship | 21 Mar 2011

Vodacom has embarked on an ambitious and far-reaching fully integrated marketing campaign to leverage its sponsorship investment in South African rugby. more

Sports Sponsorship | 21 Mar 2011

The key is not to view sports sponsorship as classical advertising, but as a marketing tool in its own right. more

Breakthrough Sponsorships: An International Perspective | 21 Mar 2011

Sponsorship is the business link between commercial companies and events or activities, through the provision of funds and services to achieve a predetermined marketing and communication objective. Primarily this tends to be the corporate or brand exposure via the media and in addition, superb PR, promotional and business returns, which benefit the sponsor's internal and external relationships more

Investigating Sports Sponsorship and Merchandising | 21 Mar 2011

The use of Sport in your marketing program (through sponsorship and merchandising) is one of the communication vehicles available, which, if used appropriately and consistently, will aid a long-term relationship with your consumer. more

The Dynamics of Sport Sponsorship and its Role in the Marketing Mix | 21 Mar 2011

Sport is an inextricable part of the South African culture and fabric. The defeats and triumphs of our national teams and athletes affect our national mood and self-perception. more