Industry Updates: Business and Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Formulating Business-Aligned CSI Initiatives | 05 Dec 2016

According to a recent article in Forbes magazine, there are a number of elements that successful CSI initiatives have in common. These include a clear theory of change, quality and depth of information, concentrated effort and expert partnerships. more

'Boardroom Dancing' | 21 Nov 2016

As a strategist and ballroom dancer, I have had the unique and fortunate experience of living a life that (quite literally) straddles two worlds. Two ostensibly different worlds. Yet two worlds that, surprisingly, share a great deal in common with each other. more

What do your clients say about you? | 30 Sep 2016

Technology and the ability to share information has democratised the perception of brands. Customer opinion is more influential than ever in determining brand perception. more

Sure you can paint, but that doesn’t make you Picasso | 15 Sep 2016

At some point everyone can admit to thinking “I can do that”, especially when looking at a craft project, piece of furniture, cake recipe or photograph. Yes, you probably can, but what will the end result be? more

Strategy for Success | 14 Sep 2016

Maintaining your competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving business environment is key for success – especially when it comes to branding your business and how you are communicating your services and products to the outside world. more

How to create content that connects | 26 Jul 2016

This is the golden age of content marketing and nowhere is this more evident than in digital. Content marketing allows brands to go beyond the product push to entertain, enlighten and seduce audiences with useful information aligned with the brand’s strategy and target market. more

Understand your customer if you want to survive | 11 Jul 2016

Organisations that are not actively mining customer data and using that to support business decisions are missing out on valuable opportunities. They are also putting themselves at risk of not providing their customers with what they actually want and could lose those customers to competitors. more

You need to integrate your business solutions. Here’s why | 10 May 2016

Accounting, payroll & HR and payments are at the heart of any business. By integrating this golden triangle of business processes and systems, organisations can reduce manual administration and free up time to spend on more value-adding activities. more

Shifts in Strategy for 2016 and Beyond (Part Two) | 19 Apr 2016

As organisations grow more decentralised in nature, planning will no longer happen in isolation and our strategies will need to become ever more adaptable and geared towards the present and immediate future. more

Can Content Marketing Replace Traditional Advertising? | 13 Apr 2016

Before I started writing this piece, I did as many others before me and many after me will do – I did research. Or more accurately, I asked the über oracle of the Internet a few critical questions and it replied in its usual fashion. more