Industry Updates: Call Centres and Telemarketing

Big Data and the Consumer Engagement Model | 10 Nov 2016

Big data is an immense collection of different types of data that can be mined for information. This information can then be combined and analysed by businesses to find ways to improve profit and performance. more

Non-voice technologies save contact centres time, money | 17 Aug 2016

Non-voice channels within the contact centre are rapidly edging into the territory once dominated by voice interactions. more

Omni-Channel - Do's and Don'ts | 24 Mar 2016

With more customers owning smart mobile devices, companies are facing an ever increasing need to communicate and respond to customers using channels, other than a simple voice call. more

Ten critical questions a telesales test campaign can answer | 11 Mar 2016

If you’re in the business of developing and distributing insurance products, then you know that telesales should be an indispensable part of taking your products to market. more

Outsourcing telesales makes business sense | 15 Feb 2016

The 2014 Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) SA Bancassurance survey shows that call centres are one of the key channels for bancassurance distribution and the majority of banks rely on outsourced call centres to handle their insurance telesales. more

Finding new revenue streams for your Telecomms Retail Store | 27 Jan 2016

What does a grocer, landscaper, bookseller and telecommunications business have in common? Staying profitable in an extremely tight economy. Offering customers something they can’t get at their rivals’ businesses and a reason to come streaming through their doors. more

Leveraging Technology to improve customer satisfaction | 27 Nov 2015

Call centres of today should allow customers to use their preferred means of communication, easily identify issues impacting response time, facilitate personalisation and feedback, and must also be cost effective. more

Four steps to manage peak periods in academic call centres | 29 Oct 2015

Without doubt, South Africa’s academic institutions are following the global trend toward digitisation – and as such are becoming increasingly sophisticated and streamlined in their offering. more

Is your call centre a take-away joint or a fine-dining experience? | 14 Apr 2015

It doesn’t start and end with marketing and branding. If you want to build a base of loyal, returning customers, the promises your brand makes need to carry through into the experience people have after they have become customers. more

Telecoms call centres must create a learning culture | 30 Oct 2014

There are few workplaces that are as stressful as a telecoms operator’s call centre. When a telecoms subscriber phones in, he or she is often already disgruntled because there’s a problem with his or her service or bill. more