Industry Updates: Retail Marketing and Sales

The key to retail success is ensuring a positive shopper experience | 22 Nov 2016

The countdown to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales has officially begun. With experts predicting shoppers will spend double the amount they did in 2015 – this year’s retail shopping bonanza is expected to be bigger than ever. more

Shopper marketing: The path to purchase has changed | 08 Jul 2016

If like most marketers, you believe that retail is the centre of the marketing universe then it may come of some surprise to you, to learn that it’s the consumer who is now that ’centre’. more

Retail leading the pack in digital transformation | 16 Oct 2015

As the physical and digital worlds continue to merge, it is becoming clear that as a retailer it is all about that providing the consumer with that consistent brand experience to strengthen that relationship and help them in their path to purchase. more

The 9 Belts to Sales Assassin Mastery | 02 Sep 2015

The Sales Assassin is the ultimate master of sales passion and discipline, the Sales Assassin Master (aka SAM) of your own destiny; focused on a results-driven willingness to be prepared to control your own destiny. more

Five easy ways to be a safe and savvy online shopper | 18 Jul 2015

When that must-have item comes on sale while you’re browsing your favourite online shopping site, and before you know it, you’ve purchased it – to spoil yourself because you deserve it. more

Sales techniques and tricks used by retailers | 21 Dec 2014

Marketers believe scents do sell, with an increasing number of scientific studies backing such claims, that the whole act spawned a new marketing sub-industry: scent marketing. It reminds us of germ warfare, an unseen weaponry that has your wallet in the crosshairs. more

Retailing: Embrace showrooming to ensure customer loyalty | 25 Nov 2014

As trends like online shopping, smartphones and social media have matured, so has the way in which customers research and purchase products and services. more

SA Online Shopping set to boom in wake of Mall Robberies | 20 Nov 2014

With a spate of armed shopping mall robberies taking place around the country over the past six-months - especially in Gauteng and the Western Cape – more South Africans are set to explore online shopping options in the run-up to this year’s festive season. more

Sales Made Simple | 27 Oct 2014

No matter what your product or service is you have to sell to stay in business. So you might as well make up your mind now to become a winner at the sales game. more

Tips for running a successful sales team | 24 Oct 2014

Any company that wants to run a successful sales team that delivers sustainable results needs to create an environment where employees feel positive, motivated, empowered and confident. more