Industry Updates: Kids and Youth Marketing

Generation Z: The New Generation Consumer | 17 May 2016

Marketers have often made use of generations as a demographic and psychographic delineator for specifying and describing their target markets. But what exactly is a generation? And why is this understanding useful to marketers? more

A Youth Lost in Translation | 04 Nov 2015

The youth of South Africa command billions of rands in spending power, directly and through their influence over household consumer decisions. Today’s young adults have more disposable income than the generations that have come before them. more

Marketing to the Youth in South Africa | 08 Sep 2015

n terms of segment size and buying power, the "Youth Market" are of great significance to marketers, with roughly half of South Africa’s population being under the age of 24 and the most recent annual spend for consumers aged 8-23 being estimated at around R111 billion. more

Talking to millennials – are you speaking their language? | 24 Apr 2015

If you’re a brand owner or retailer hoping to tap into the current go-to market – young, influential and aspirational millennials – you need to chuck almost everything you know about marketing out the window. more

Youth Engagement in an ever Changing World | 27 Aug 2014

Young South Africans may account for less than 20% of marketing budgets, but they remain an important market bringing with them the power to dictate trends, parental purchases, fashion and the popular choice of technology. more

New study discovers a ‘paparazzi generation’ | 14 Aug 2012

The breakneck speed at which the modern consumer landscape is evolving has spawned the latest Youth focused study from Starcom MediaVest Group’s (SMG) Human Experience Centre. more

Then vs. Now: How things have changed from 1982-2012 | 17 Mar 2012

Those kids today... you may be the parent of a teenager and wondering what you've gotten yourself into. But do you have it worse than parents of the past? We all know that kids will be kids, but how much do they change over the course of a generation? more

Millennials in America - How They Spent Their Summer – Ypulse Report | 12 Sep 2011

While high school and college students are heading back to classes, the past two months have consisted of a lot of time off with family, a fair amount of work, and a little bit of romance, according to surveys by Ypulse, a leading authority on youth. more

In Youth Marketing, More Is More | 03 Aug 2011

With the explosion of new media in the past decade, youth marketing took off on tangents in all directions. We tried social marketing, experiential marketing, flash mobs, street teams... But to reach youth in the ways they want to be reached, marketers need to be doing all that and more. more

Back to School Shopping, Mother Knows Best | 22 Jul 2011

Even When It Comes To Teen Fashion! For high school students in particular, mom is the style gatekeeper. more