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BPO sector set to benefit from ISO Quality Management Systems

26 Mar 2010

LCT Solutions and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) have partnered with BPeSA Western Cape to subsidise local BPO&O service providers with the implementation of an internationally recognised Quality and Business Management System which aims to provide ISO 9001accredidation.

A Quality Management System (QMS) can be defined as the company structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management.

According to Fagri Semaar Interim CEO of BPeSA Western Cape, the feedback to the programme has been excellent, at present we have three BPeSA members signed up; SA Commercial, Pixel Faerie and Exigent, and we expect more to follow.

We chose to implement a Quality Management System because we are committed to delivering the best service to our clients. For SA Commercial it is all about business retention, aggressively growing our business and focussing on improved systems, says Renee Keeble CEO of SA Commercial Direct.

Alistair Corder owner of LCT Solutions says, A major benefit of investing in QMS is that it compels companies to look at all aspects of their business, not only the quality aspect in isolation.

The system brings two important criteria into focus, namely customers requirements and companys requirements, says Corder. The entire QMS process is driven towards customer service. It assists a company in understanding what its customers needs are, making it simpler to deliver, while meeting customers needs and expectations.

Studies have shown that as a result of increased efficiency and productivity, certified companies show improved financial performance in comparison to uncertified companies.

Additionally, ISO is recognised worldwide as an authority on quality management. In a global village where companies and particularly those in the BPO&O sector are competing for business, being backed by an accredited independent third-party provides assurance to current and potential customers that certain requirements will be met.

According to Keeble, SA Commercial decided to go with both ISO9001 & SANS990 (South African BPO QMS standard) accreditation to provide the business with a framework to monitor processes and efficiencies in all aspects of their operations.

This will give us a holistic view of the accepted and best recognised quality standards internationally and locally specifically pertaining to the Business Processing/Contact Centre Industry. The direct spin off from this QMS will be greater customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness, better people management, effective control of risks and continuous improvement in our business, says Keeble.

BPeSA Western Cape together with SABS, Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town are now able to offer SMMEs an internationally recognised QMS system at a substantially reduced rate, says Fagri Semaar Interim CEO of BPeSA Western Cape 

With the World Cup coming to South Africa in June, it is important that SMMEs in the BPO space use every available advantage to drive investment to the Western Cape. By becoming internationally accredited SMMEs will be able to compete with larger players both locally and abroad, adds Semaar.

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BPeSA Western Cape is a Section 21 company that promotes Cape Town and its surrounding areas as destinations for national and international investment in contact centres and business process outsourcing. Formed in 2001, BPeSA Western Cape is funded by member contributions as well as by local and provincial governments.

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