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New zero sugar energy drink hits the market

10 Nov 2011

In today’s crazy world few of us have the time to stop and take a breath, so extra energy is something that we can all use, especially when we’re out at night and don’t want to crash early.  Hunter’s eXtreme alcoholic energy drink was launched, to much acclaim, to meet this demand nine years ago.

It is evident that the sugar content of energy RTD’s currently on the market is way too high. As a result, Hunter’s eXtreme has introduced the first zero-sugar added RTD (ready-to-drink) in eXtreme Zero.     

eXtreme Zero’s bold tagline is ‘max-energy zero sugar’ and it means what it says.  It has all of the same energy-boosting qualities of the original Hunter’s eXtreme, but is completely guilt-free since it is the first zero sugar-added RTD in South Africa.

“Going on the success of Hunter’s Dry as the mother brand, and the extension of eXtreme, we have no doubt that our local markets will love this drink as a guilt-free alternative to the alcoholic energy drinks on the market,” says Richard Lawrence, Marketing Manager, Hunter’s Global.

Hunter’s eXtreme Energy and Zero are both apple – based alcoholic drinks that combine the intense energy of Guarana, Taurine and Caffeine to deliver an all-day boost that refreshes like nothing on earth. Unlike other alcoholic energy drinks which use strong spirits, counteracting their energising ingredients; Hunter’s eXtreme is made with the same refreshing 5% alcohol cider South Africans know and love.   Hunter’s eXtreme Energy and eXtreme Zero will keep you ready to party all day and right through the night.

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