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SA Home Loans’ clients promote the brand through

31 May 2013

SA Home Loans is making its voice heard in the out-of-home advertising space by selecting Unlimited’s to brand its current clients’ cars and drive its message home into the suburbs, so that consumers can keep it top-of-mind as the most cost-effective bond solution.
“Extending their brand into the suburbs where their current clients live, will deliver more than just advertising, it’s a unique word-of-mouth media opportunity for the brand as well, because it promotes discussions from the driver, with neighbours, friends, family and communities,” says’s Jeff Ostrom.
Driver Jared Pillai from Johannesburg says that he gets a lot more people looking at his branded car than when it’s not branded. He also stated that several people have enquired about SA Homeloans as a result of the advertising which gave him an opportunity to engage with them and hand out relevant brochures.

Carl Ruthie a driver from Cape Town adds that her branded car is also getting the desired attention, “People have asked and have said they are interested in getting a bond and asked what SA home loans is like. As we have good experience with them we advise them to contact SA Homeloans directly.”

Drivers had access to unique slogans displayed on their vehicles which they could choose according to which statement most suited their individual lifestyles. Examples included ‘I don’t know why I didn’t consider SA Homeloans before’, ‘Nothing was too much for SA Homeloans’ and ‘SA Homeloans gave me a great interest rate’.
“ has provided SA Home Loans with the unique ability to have their existing clients advertise for them in the form of ‘real people’ brand ambassadors, by only selecting SA Home Loan clients from their extensive database of available drivers.
The campaign targets LSM 7-10 home owners, bond holders and prospective entrants into the property market in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
“SA Home Loans’ high mileage clients were selected to ensure daily maximum exposure for the brand. Their cars also had to be silver, white or black to add impact to the creative execution,” says Ostrom.
“We are very excited that our first financial sector client is a growing, trusted brand in the marketplace. Their reputation and the use of their current clients is generating a credible advertising campaign, with huge impact,” he adds. “As Brandyourcar we are extremely chuffed as to how our database performed when put to the test in terms of selection criteria, and specifically fine tuning the selection to only include current clients of SA Home Loans.”

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The first of its kind in the country, this transit media platform headed by media group Unlimited, connects consumers with leading brands by matching a brand’s attributes with key individuals who personify the brand thereby becoming ideal brand ambassadors. Advertisers are matched precisely with their target markets using’s extensive database of driver profiles. Advertisers pay consumers simply for carrying advertising on their vehicles in key geographic regions, enabling them to earn additional monthly income. Find on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @BrandyourcarSA or visit or for more.
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