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Top Case Studies in PR Guidebook features actionable takeaways from over 40 organizations

31 Dec 2013

In the newest must-read Top Case Studies in PR Guidebook, experts offer the freshest and smartest ideas for handling PR crises, media training, social media do's and don'ts, internal communications and more.

Each case study in this guidebook offers a wide variety of tactics and strategies from which to learn and apply to your own initiatives. Through interviews with PR team members and key executives, our case study editors give you first-hand accounts of how a campaign was executed—soup to nuts.

PR News' Top Case Studies in PR Guidebook is available at

This 200+ page guide delivers an in-depth look at the most successful PR strategies and tactics employed by corporations, nonprofits and agencies. The guidebook includes one-of-a-kind case studies, how-to articles, viewpoints and practical advice for maximizing the effectiveness of your communications initiatives so that you can reach your bottom-line goals.

Top Case Studies in PR Guidebook chapters include

  • Branding & Product Launch
  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Digital PR
  • Employee Communications
  • Events
  • Media Relations
  • Social Responsibility
Digital and print versions of the Top Case Studies in PR Guidebook are available at 

PR News’ Top Case Studies in PR Guidebook, Vol. 6 is an essential resource for PR professionals at any organization as it includes the most creative and effective communications campaigns from corporations, nonprofits and agencies.

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