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01 Apr 2014

Become part of a Global Customer "Value Creation Movement."

The Value Creation Journal mission to develop a global reference for customer value creation, is well underway with the development of our inaugural issue.

As we build awareness for the Journal, we need to ask for other front-line customer centric professionals, like you, to help and support at a regional and country level.

Jim Carras
Many say building customer value is the primary responsibility of all company management. CXO's need to understand the relationship between the company and the customer is an exchange of value. They also need to understand that without creating customer value there will be less profits and more value destruction.

In the past few decades, value creation has become synonymous with shareholder value. Like you, we believe that it is through customer acquisition and retention that the company creates value and profits. Without customer value creation, shareholders will not be well served. 

We are on a quest, and have a passion, to make the customer the center of a company's focus, recognizing that it is through engaged employees that we create customer value, and that when employee and customer value are maximized, shareholder value increases.
Virtually all companies make some statement about how important the customer is and their dedication to the customer. However, internally, many of these same companies know that this is just lip-service.

Customer value creation is played out individually with each interaction the customer has with the company and also through interactions with others who have had good or bad experiences with the company. Companies should know (and measure) the emotional triggers and traits of their customers in order to know how to create value for them.
Help join our growing volunteer team to organize around the concept of value creation and raise the awareness to senior management so company strategy and culture will be properly aligned.
Our nonprofit Value Creation Journal team is planning to conduct surveys, round tables, conferences' and a strong content management website.

If you have a customer centric passion and would be interested to take part of this movement and help with a number of support areas, please contact Jim Carras, who is helping to coordinate the support teams or you can also email:

Some of the areas where we need your help are
  • Marketing / Branding
  • Surveys
  • Newsletters and Communications
  • Events Management
  • Regional / Country Coordinators
  • Editorial Review Board
  • Sponsor Building
  • Product/Services Research
I know your time is very limited but working together with your peers will expand your knowledge, and provide a global appreciation for helping companies and their leadership deal with the paradigm shift they could be faced with when creating value for their customers. 

You will engage and network with new professional contacts to make a difference in the customer centric space. You will demonstrate to others your commitment, dedication, and interest to your profession.

You also might just want to 'pay forward' and make a difference by helping, as others have helped you in your career. Looking forward to hearing from you.

What are we looking for in a good article?
For the Value Creation Journal, we are looking for thought provoking articles that will cause managers to sit up and take notice.

They can be cutting edge in terms of new ideas (bad profits), innovative ways of looking at current ideas (conscious capitalism), or they can discuss the implementation of an idea from one industry to add value in another industry (CFS2).

They must all cause managers to consider the possibility of doing things in a different way. Based on the new information, can they take action?
The articles must be able to describe why they are ground breaking.
That is, why the techniques discussed will make a noticeable difference in the way we look at value creation.
  • What are the necessary tools to measure the difference?
  • Why hasn't this idea been implemented before?
  • What have been the previous obstacles, and how have they been surmounted?
  • What is the relevance of the topic to value creation and will it make a difference? How do we define Value Creation?
  • What are the basic building blocks?
  • Value Creation is defined not only by rational thoughts, but also by emotional thoughts.
  • How can we measure these components? 
  • What is the innovation and the relevance to the various stakeholders? How do we create value for employees?
If you can answer some of these questions, then we are interested in your article!
  • If you want to make a difference in how management views value creation, then we are interested in your article!
  • If you want to make people question the status quo and to promote their views on value creation, then we are interested in your article!
  • If Value Destruction keeps you awake at night, and you want managers to stay awake worrying about it as well, then implement a value creation program. We will then be interested in your article!
  • Your article should address ‘what is new’, ‘what is the relationship to value creation’, and ‘what is the data, case study, or research supporting your article’.
  • Features can be 500 - 2,000 words long and Articles can be about 1,000 words long
Help us make a difference! Submit your article before the July 1, 2014 Deadline.

Submit your manuscript for the Value Creation Journal Inaugural Issue
We are excited to announce the call for manuscripts and for you to be part of the inaugural issue, Volume 1, Issue 1, of the Value Creation Journal. 
  • If you have a passion for improving value to customers, then this journal will be an ideal platform for you to share your insights, experiences and advice.

  • Publish and be part of the solution to reach the leaders and practitioners of companies and organizations around the world.

  • The journal will publish relevant customer value creation articles from all functional areas of business management, and perspective articles on evolving trends, insights and philosophies in creating customer value.

  • Published articles will undergo a double blind peer review process and pass two fundamental criteria – relevance to the journal’s theme while creating management awareness to the fundamental change required to achieve creating value. 
  • We will also publish feature articles with opinions, fresh new perspectives and ideas, interviews, case studies, and stories that demonstrate where value creation is central to management strategies.
The Value Creation Journal has developed its vision to inspire executives and business leaders to generate increased value for employees and customers, thus driving success for the organization and its stakeholders. 

We aim to support executives in understanding and implementing Customer Value strategies, recognizing it as a vital component of long term success and profitability.

We strongly encourage you to publish your research, case studies and other Value Creation materials through our journal so that together we may convince managers and business leaders to obsess and "lose sleep" over customer data just as they do over financial data. 

Share your passion and experiences with global readers. The Deadline for submitting articles is 1 July 2014

Some Topic Suggestions

  • Building Firms of Endearment
  • Best and Next Practices Globally
  • Book Reviews
  • Customer Value and Employee Value
  • Customer Value and Partner Value
  • Customer Value and Unions
  • Customer Value and Shareholder Wealth
  • Converting the company into a Customer powerhouse
  • Transforming staff managers to line managers by focusing on Value Creation for Customers and Employees
  • Corporate Consciousness and Values create Value
  • Customer Value and Marketing
  • Customer Circles and its role
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • Chief Value Creator
  • Customer Value by business and non-business segments
  • Case Studies
  • Delivery of Customer Value, Customer Experience and Customer Service
  • Measuring Customer Value and Customer Value Added, NPS, Satisfaction
  • Market Research on Customer Value and Analytics
  • Role of CEO, CXO, CCO and others in Customer Value and Value Creation
  • Value Creation and Organizational Transformation
  • Values and Pricing
  • Who is responsible for the Customer?
We will consider any topic where the impact on Value Creation for the Customer (directly or ultimately) is demonstrated. 

Fresh new ideas are especially welcomed

The journal aims to connect to the management community—academia, businesses, public institutions, NGOs, and the Government—by way of research and publishing rigorous, clear and widely accessible articles concerning business management and broader society.
Don't Miss This Opportunity to be Heard
Step 1.  Send an email, with any questions you might have along with your contact information, indicating your interest to write an article. Also, include a one paragraph synopsis that highlights your topic to:
Jim Carras, Article Coordinator - Value Creation Journal - Email: or / 1+ (903) 705-5792 cell
Step 2.  Email your completed article along with a signed Disclosure Form to the Article Coordinator above before our July 1st deadline for the inaugural issue.

Email Jim Carras with any questions you might have or if you would like to become involved with the Value Creation Journal program.

Disclosure Form click here
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Additional information is available at

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Additional global leaders are also involved with the VCJ program and offer valuable insight.  If you would want to be considered to serve on the Editorial Review Board, please contact Jim Carras - Email: or