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Winning customer service companies use the Ask Afrika Orange Index®

10 Nov 2014

Winning customer service companies use the Ask Afrika Orange Index® in their service strategies

Trend spotting widens the window of opportunity. Being mindful of trends enables businesses to understand current and emerging shifts and identify factors that will have a direct impact on their customers, product portfolio, and overall strategies. The Ask Afrika Orange Index® provides customer service trends, insights, and thought leadership based on 13 years of data, now across 32 industries and 155 companies, with representative companies as well as the government sector.

This enables companies to take a long term view of how customers’ expectations and perceptions regarding service and the extent to which they have managed to delight customers along this journey.
Each year Ask Afrika conducts this unique South African customer satisfaction benchmark survey. New winners will be announced at the 14th annual Ask Afrika Orange Index® Awards Conference, in Johannesburg at GIBS on 14 November and Cape Town at the TAJ on 19 November 2014.

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® survey shows that since 2001 there has been a steady increase in the proportion of consumers that perceived the service they received as exceptional. The survey also reveals that some industries are fairly consistent with regards to service standards, while others fluctuate, or are cyclical.

“The Ask Afrika Orange Index® leader board has gone through transformation over the decade with fewer of today’s top ten brands having led the industry in terms of customer service excellence. Consumer expectations be it from public or private sector continues to evolve. It is those businesses that keep their finger on the pulse of changing consumer expectations that meet or exceed service expectations,” says Sarina de Beer, MD of Ask Afrika.

Excellence is achieved by consistently exceeding customer expectations, as opposed to focusing on service within a specified or limited time frame. Businesses recognise the challenge of delighting customers and winners of the Ask Afrika Orange Index® often acknowledge this.

“At GloCell we do everything in our power to make the customer service experience meaningful, but it’s that much sweeter to hear from an independent arbitrator that we are on the right track. The Ask Afrika Orange Index® awards is the benchmark by which we measure our relationship with the most important people at GloCell – our customers,” Alessandro Mariola, CEO of GloCell.

The Ask Afrika Orange Index® model has been tested and validated for the South African market. Its diagnostic value provides great depth of understanding in the South African consumer landscape, which enables clients in various industries to connect with their customers.

“The Ask Afrika Orange Index® has served as a key tool and barometer to help us measure the progress MTN has made and continues to make, in our quest to create a perfect and unrivalled customer experience for all our clients. Over the years, it has consistently surveyed the market to help organisations, among other attributes, to gain better understanding of their customers’ perceptions and views. It has also continuously evolved to ensure that it remains relevant and useful throughout the years in order to align itself to the fast moving competitive landscape of the various South African markets.’

“This is self-evident in the various additions to Ask Afrika’s surveys over the years, culminating, most recently with the call centre benchmark that has just been added to the Ask Afrika Orange Index® in 2014. It is no wonder that today, the Ask Afrika Orange Index® has grown to include 155 companies in 32 industries.’

“At MTN SA, we take the Ask Afrika Orange Index® very seriously and use the utmost care in implementing recommendations, and giving the findings the attention they deserve. This benchmark is key as it helps us entrench our customer centric way of work even further. We have always taken great pride in our untiring aspirations to becoming the organisation that offers the best customer experience in South Africa.’

“We have, as a result, implemented a number of initiatives intended to put the customer at the centre of all we do. One of these initiatives is the Perfect 10 Customer Experience Programme, which looks at all the touch points through which our customers engage with us, be it the Network, the electronic media, the MTN stores or the contact centres. Through this programme, MTN continuously explores avenues through which we can deliver the best experience for our customers at all times,” says Eddie Moyce, Chief Customer Experience Officer at MTN SA.

About the Ask Afrika Group:
Over a period of almost two decades, Ask Afrika Group has grown to be the largest independent South African market research company. The company focuses on local relevance, benchmarked against the global context. Ask Afrika is a member of WIN/Gallup International and ESOMAR. Apart from its large South African footprint, Ask Afrika Group also operates in a dozen African continental territories.

Ask Afrika Group is well known for delivering strategic and large scale field projects and for creating benchmarks for industry. With regards to service excellence Ask Afrika Group is the preferred research partner across industries to co-craft customer service strategies through meaningful research methodologies across the value chain and customer service touch points. 

TGI research, for which Ask Afrika Group  owns the South African copyright, has an annual single source sample of 15 000 locally and 800 000 globally. It has a global geographic coverage of 70 markets, and measures services, products, media, and brands. Ask Afrika’s knowledge of brands is extensive and as owner of the local TGI license, it is the leader in brand expertise in South Africa. TGI can provide a commercial alternative to industry media measurements. It is the perfect vehicle for brand positioning.  

The Ask Afrika Groups’ exclusive product suite includes the Ask Afrika Orange Index®, the Trust Barometer™, Radio Moods™, TGI (Target Group Index), Ask Afrika ICON Brands™ and TGI Township, the Digital Barometer, the Lite Data Collection, the Behavioural Sciences Package and Gateway. Ask Afrika is proud of its exceptional service delivery, with offices based in Pretoria and Stellenbosch. For more information please visit the website:

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