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7.7 million People recognise the power of Media24’s Sunday Titles

25 Nov 2014

Ads24 ran an innovative competition to re-enforce the message among media agency professionals about the power of Media24’s Sunday newspaper titles, which reach 7.7 million (AMPS2013AB/Effective Measure Aug 2014 – People Measure)  readers each week from varied markets, allowing access to a great diversity of people from different cultural backgrounds. Media24’s stable of Sunday titles includes City Press, Rapport, Sunday Sun, Son op Sondag, and Ilanga LangeSonto.
Ads24 activation teams visited over 300 media planners and buyers in their offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban over three months, bringing with them cups of fresh coffee, in tailor made Ads24 cups printed with insights about the power of Media24’s Sunday titles, and details that gave media agency professionals the opportunity to enter an SMS competition. The prize was a Sunday brunch for four at their favourite restaurant, valued at R2000. Emailers were also sent out to media agencies with these insights, and the opportunity to enter the competition.
Cecilia Glick from the Mediashop, a buyer for Nedbank won the prize.

Caption (left to right): Angelique Barker Nedbank Out of Home; Sandra Cross Nedbank Out of Home;
Julie Burstein Mediashop Planner Nedbank Account; Katharine Liese Mediashop Group Head Nedbank;
WINNER Cecilia Glick Mediashop Buyer for Nedbank; Chantelle King Ads24 Media Executive;
Sharon Segalo Mediashop Strategy Brand; Denise Bolt Ads24; and Sandra Kemp Mediashop Nedbank Planning.

Each of Media24’s Sunday titles reaches a different demographic and thus 7.7 million South African’s are getting their Sunday news in the style and language that they prefer, whether that be in print or online. Research from the All Media Products Survey (AMPS2014BA), and Ask Afrika’s Target Group Index (TGI 2013C) and from the Audited Bureau of Circulations (ABC Apr-Jun 2014) gives a clear picture of each Sunday title’s readers.
City Press has a readership of 1,82 million, and speaks to the discerning higher Living Standards Measure (LSM) Black readers, 76% of readers are LSM 6-9, and 94% are Black. Sixty percent of readers are aged between 25 and 49, 61% are male, and 52% are employed.
Most of the City Press readers (85%) agree that advertising tells them about the benefit of products and services, and 51% pay more attention to advertising in newspapers than in any other medium. The City Press reader likes to look good, 55% bought new clothing or shoes in the past three months. They can shop until they drop, 76% of readers find shopping to be a pleasure. They are financially aware, 78% have a savings account and 66% save by buying in bulk once a month.
Rapport speaks to the older Afrikaans mainly White (60%) and Coloured (35%) readers, and has a total of 1,27 million readers. Sixty-eight percent are 35 and older, the average age is 44, 64% are LSM 8-10, and 65% have a matric or higher. The gender split is quite equal 52% of readers are men, and 51% of readers are employed.

Braai-ing is a big thing for Rapport readers, 40% attend at least one braai a month. Their appearance is also important to them, 53% bought clothing or shoes in the past three months, 50% of readers say that advertising provides them with useful information about products and services. They are financially savvy, and 67% have a savings account, 43% have a funeral insurance policy.

Sunday Sun has by far the largest readership of all Media24 Sunday titles at 2,48 million, and its readers are mostly from the middleclass Black market, 61% are LSM 5-7 and 95% are Black. The readers trend to be younger, 85% are between 15 and 49. The gender bias leans slightly towards men who make up 57% of readers. Forty-five percent of readers are employed, 5% are housewives, 14% are students, 11% are self-employed, and 69% have a matric or higher.

Sunday Sun readers are self-empowered, 80% are household purchasers, and 64% are household decision makers. They love soccer, 63% are interested in the game. More and more of this market are buying cars, 47% own a vehicle, 95% of readers use a cell phone. They know that it is important to save and 74% have a savings account, 59% do bulk shopping once a month. Over half the readers pay more attention to newspaper advertising than any other medium.

Son op Sondag has a very niche targeted market of Afrikaans, mainly Couloured readers (84%) and 57% of the 393 000 readers say that this is the only Sunday newspaper that they read. For once the women dominate and make up 59% of the readership. Seventy-Seven percent fall into LSM 6-8, and 35% have a matric or higher. The age split is fairly even, although it seems that slightly younger readers 24% under 25, and slightly older 58% 35 and older, outnumber the 19% aged 25-34.

Son op Sondag readers are proud of their homes, 50% bought new furniture or appliances in the past year, and 69% are household decision makers. They are careful with their money, 67% have a savings account, and 45% have a funeral policy. Forty-seven percent find advertising to be informative.

Ilanga LangeSonto is for the Zulu reader and has 100% Black readership of 788 000, almost half of whom read no other Sunday newspaper. Sixty-eight percent are in LSM 4-7, and 50% have a matric or higher. The readers tend to be younger, 82% are under 50. Forty-three percent of readers are working.

Ilanga LangeSonto readers are avid soccer fans, 42% have attended a live game in the past year. They are conscious about their spending, 62% make one bulk shopping trip per month, and 68% have a savings account. They enjoy shopping, 74% find it to be a pleasure, and 90% readers are loyal to brands that they know and trust.

With such a diverse and colourful readership, Media24 Sunday titles speak directly to the majority of South Africans.

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